Hallie Ford Fellowships in the Visual Arts

The Foundation awards up to three unrestricted Hallie Ford Fellowships in the Visual Arts per calendar year, each in the amount of $25,000, to Oregon mid-career visual artists who have demonstrated a depth of sophisticated practice and potential for significant future accomplishment. These fellowships honor the late Hallie Ford, co-founder of The Ford Family Foundation based in Roseburg, Oregon who left a legacy of a life-long interest in and support of the visual arts. She believed strongly that others should have the opportunity to realize and fulfill their talents. The Hallie Ford Fellowships in the Visual Arts are one way in which the Foundation Board intends to sustain her contributions and founding role by actively supporting the people she grew to know and respect for their work during her lifetime.

General Information & Eligibility

Recipients are chosen based on the evolution of their work, the quality of their existing work, and the promise of future potential. They are chosen by a panel of arts professionals familiar with the work of Oregon visual artists, the national contemporary art discipline, and who are experienced in fellowship selection processes.

The Foundation contracts through the western States Art Federation (WESTAF), a non-profit arts service organization, for access to the web-based CaFE (www.CallforEntry.org) application system to both accept and jury applications.

The panel reduces the initial field of applicants to a pool of semi-finalists and then convenes as a group to collectively review and discuss the merits of each before reaching consensus on the final three recipients. The Foundation confirms eligibility and compliance with award terms and will contact references before awarding the fellowships. Panelists' names will be disclosed simultaneously with the announcement of the Fellowship awardees.

The Foundation recognizes that advancement is being made in a broad array of visual arts mediums and, therefore, does not want to be unnecessarily restrictive. With the exception of film, video and animation, the Foundation will accept applications from any visual arts medium. However, it will emphasize the more classic disciplines in the early years of this program, in keeping with Hallie Ford's interests and experiences.


Application is open to any Oregon mid-career visual artist meeting the following criteria and actively producing new work in the fields of contemporary fine art and craft:

  • be a practicing visual artist currently producing works of art;
  • be a full-time resident of Oregon for at least 36 months prior to the application deadline and remain a resident through the duration of the grant period;
  • maintain Oregon as their primary residence if they participate in an out-of-state residency program or they will not qualify;
  • be 30 years of age or older at the time of application;
  • evidence, through appropriate documentation, seven (7) or more years of active professional participation in his/her medium, and
  • not be enrolled in a degree-seeking program, either part-time or full-time at the time of application or during the successive grant period. 

Finalists will be required to provide legal proof of residency in the form of a valid Oregon drivers license, voter registration card or documented payment of residence-related costs such as taxes, utility bill, etc. before Fellowships will be awarded. The Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, disability or religion.

Application & Selection Schedule for 2014
FAQ for Fellowships

Hallie Ford Fellowship Application.  This application will open again in 2015.  Oregon mid-career visual artists may apply for one of the three $25,000 Hallie Ford Fellowships in the Visual Arts.  Please visit CallforEntry.org to apply.

Tips for Applying

♦ Before you begin, you may find it helpful to review the CaFE “how to apply”document.  

♦ As part of application you will be required to attach photos of your work; they must be in JPG format and sized appropriately. You may find it helpful to review the CaFE document on preparing and sizing your images - 
Image Prep    

♦ For general information on the CaFE application system, visit the help section of the 
CaFE website