The Ford Institute Leadership Program

The Institute's primary method for achieving community vitality is through a series of training classes called the Ford Institute Leadership Program. The program is based on the belief that vital rural communities develop from a broad base of knowledgeable, skilled and motivated leaders, a diversity of effective organizations, and productive collaborations among organizations.

The Ford Institute Leadership Program for rural communities in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California, was first offered in 2003. The Institute selects four new communities to enter the program each spring and each fall. The series of trainings typically unfold in this sequence:

Year 1: Leadership Development (class 1)
Year 2: Effective Organizations
Year 3: Leadership Development (class 2)
Year 4: Community Collaborations
Year 5: Leadership Development (class 3)

The Leadership Development classes are repeated to draw in new participants. An overview of each training can be found below.

Leadership Development Overview
Leadership Development – Spring 2015 - Apply Now
Effective Organizations Overview and REGISTRATION 
Community Collaborations Overview and REGISTRATION
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Request for Community Leadership Cohorts
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