The Wisdom of Communities

Former Ford Institute Director Tom Gallagher traces the Institute's history from an idea through program creation. Gallagher covers the development of the Institute's leadership program, its refinement and growth, and lessons learned. Short feature articles  bring the statistics to life. Organizations and individuals who are creating their own community-capacity program will benefit from this inside look at what transpired over a decade at the Ford Institute.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

A landmark study demonstrated strong links between Adverse Childhood Experiences and a host of adult problems. In this 16-page report, author David Mandell explores how the study is informing work with children and families in Oregon.

What Kids Need to Succeed

Based on a nationwide study, the book presents 40 assets children can achieve, with over 900 ideas for building upon them in your own community.

What Do You Stand For? For Kids

A self-help book that encourages kids to recognize the importance of values in everyday life. Each chapter contains activities to help cultivate positive character traits. For Grades 2-6.

How Children Succeed

Character, not smarts, makes children successful, argues Paul Tough. The good news is that character can be taught. He tells us how in a series of real-life examples.

Creating Innovators

This book offers a strong argument for developing an innovation-driven economy. Wagner looks in depth at what we all — parents, employers, teachers — must do to encourage our youngest citizens to be creative, a necessity for the growth of innovation. A review of the book is available.

Toward One Oregon

The evolution of Oregon’s economy has followed two distinct tracks—the rural path and the urban one. A series of essays examines this history from varying viewpoints.

The Town That Food Saved

For a group of young agri-businessmen in a small Vermont town, buying local could be a ticket to economic stability. The book describes their efforts to nurture a healthy local food system, which has drawn national attention.

Local Dollars, Local Sense

Michael Shuman explains how moving your money from Wall Street to Main Street is a sound business decision –– not just for the investor, but for the future and vitality of our communities.