What Do You Stand For? For Kids

A Guide to Building Character

A self-help book that encourages kids to recognize the importance of values in everyday life. Each chapter contains activities to help cultivate positive character traits. For Grades 2-6.

165 pages. ©2005.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted December 7, 2017


Great book for teaching on character.


Review posted September 15, 2017


This is a great book for 8-12 year old kids; just when they are really ready to think about these concepts. I ordered the book because I thought there might be some activities I could do with my team. I got some great ideas to adapt for adults, and as a bonus, I'll share it with my elementary age grandkids!


Review posted September 6, 2017


I started reading this to my 6 year old and while I knew I liked the material, I was amazed at how interested he was in the content. the way the book is set up is easy to read and kept my son captivated! Well done


Review posted September 4, 2017


I really like the quizzes that allow the child to evaluate themselves on each character topic. I feel like we can use this book over and over and examine growth in these areas as my kids age.


Review posted August 31, 2017


This was a very good book. There were several real-life stories that encouraged a lot of thought and would be a great conversation builder with children. It is applicable to most people and situations, but it wouldn't be the best for somebody with a very conservative stance. However, there are enough scenarios, that it would be great for everybody to read.


Review posted August 18, 2017


A good book with useful strategies to help children.


Review posted June 27, 2017


This book was easy to read and well organized. I provide clinical supervision for a job. I am going to take some if the ideas and activities from this book, modify them and use them with my team.

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Review posted May 16, 2017


This is a great resource for teachers and parents who want to enhance character development. The book has practical activities to use with children, as well as work sheets, additional resources, and discussion starters. This is a resource that should be on every teachers shelf.


Review posted March 3, 2017


I thought this book was great however, the age rating for grades 2-6 to be a little over my 8 year olds head. I find my daughter did not comprehend the information well enough but I am keeping the book to review again when she is a little older.


Review posted February 9, 2017


Love this book!


Review posted January 6, 2017


I liked the format I just wish you had an adult version.


Review posted October 31, 2016


This was a great book to help with ideas and building my elementary school leadership program.


Review posted October 5, 2016


I ordered this book to hopefully help my daughters to grow, and become women of good character. It is a great book/tool that any parent can go back to with their children as needed. My girls are still young but if you break it into small pieces and talk about what you have just read it really seems to make changes. Children want to learn and they want to be "good" people. I was surprised at how receptive they were to this. I want them to know that possessing good character traits is the best way to get ahead in this world. Those are the people you want out there making a difference.


Review posted August 7, 2016


This book allows adults to begin conversations with kids about very important personal qualities like honestly, forgiveness, cooperation, responsibility, and more. The book allows adults to have discussions with children rather than act in authoritarian ways to teach the qualities.


Review posted July 19, 2016


I ordered this for some fifth grade girls who found the book to be a pretty boring read. I think this is better suited for adults to use as a teaching/group guide, rather than as a "self-help" book for young people to use on their own.


Review posted April 11, 2016


Aimed more at teenagers so not perfect for my young children. Building character is not something that is emphasized in schools today, so this will be a useful guide for me to work through with my children when the time comes.


Review posted February 23, 2016


I ordered this book to use with my two boys that I home school. We enjoyed reading through the story examples of what other kids are doing in the communities and the What If..? questions were good for starting conversations or role playing. There are a good amount of extra resources listed for a range of age levels that we have looked up as well. I am using this book for lessons, but it also sits on the kids book shelf and they will pick it up and read parts of it independently as well.


Review posted December 8, 2015


My kids and I read it together. We really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

ashley advocate

Review posted November 23, 2015


I love that there are many activities and it is easily adaptable to individual needs.


Review posted November 16, 2015


My daughter took this book from me and is using it for herself.


Review posted October 13, 2015


I have worked both as an elementary school teacher and also as a non-profit executive director. I used this book with my daughter to engage conversation at the dining table. My daughter is 11 years old the questions, topics and activities in the book gave us wonderful jumping off points. If I ever return to the classroom, I would definitely use this book.


Review posted October 12, 2015


This is a fantastic book that's great for educators, parents, and pretty much anyone who works with children. Children are able to gauge where they're at by taking a quiz, which helps them to understand their strengths as well as character traits they can work on. With my daughter getting older (and her school encouraging particular character traits), I'm always looking for ways to convey messages in ways that she can easily understand. Being half Korean, I really appreciated the section on respect, which details how Sowan Bahk respected her elders by obeying them and not talking back to them when they did not permit her to pierce her ears. I didn't expect to have a book that can help children see things from the perspective of other cultures as well! This one's a keeper for sure.


Review posted June 29, 2015


Workbook for kids.. It has good info on having a good foundation in character


Review posted May 14, 2015


great book for kids!


Review posted April 12, 2015


I work in an elementary school as an educational assistant. One of my responsibilities is working with kids with behavior problems and poor decision making. This book has some GREAT ideas I can put to immediate use. I highly recommend it to anyone who works with young children.


Review posted March 31, 2015


I recently read a book that encouraged parents to write out characteristics they wished to see in their children when they were grown adults. Things like to be caring, kind, compassionate, etc. The idea was to use what you wrote as a kind of road map to guide you in intentionally raising your children. It was a great idea, but how as a busy parent do I go about doing that? When I discovered What Do You Stand For? For Kids, I knew I had found my road map. My kids are 8, 4 and 2 and all boys. We starting sharing the book over dinner and then I would follow up over the course of the week as we focused on just one character trait at a time. All 10 traits have a definition, a true story about how a child embodied that characteristic, ways to develop that trait and a section of what if questions. While my kids are still pretty young to really absorb all that the book has to offer, it has been a wonderful jumping off point to start the conversation about what it means and why it is important to be a person of character. I would highly recommend this book and know that it will be one that I will be revisiting throughout the years as my boys continue to grow.


Review posted February 5, 2015


Loved this Book Thank you!


Review posted December 29, 2014


I really enjoy the hands on examples this book gives of how to encourage positive behaviors from kids. I am a counselor and plan to use this with my adolescent clients and their parents.