The Wisdom of Communities

How the Ford Institute helps rural people achieve their own vision of vitality

By Tom Gallagher: Former Ford Institute Director Tom Gallagher traces the Institute's history from an idea through program creation. Gallagher covers the development of the Institute's leadership program, its refinement and growth, and lessons learned.... 40 pages. ©2013. | Available formats: Book

Toward One Oregon

Rural-Urban Interdependence and the Evolution of a State

By Michael Hibbard, et al.: The evolution of Oregon’s economy has followed two distinct tracks—the rural path and the urban one. A series of essays examines this history from varying viewpoints. 175 pages. ©2011. | Available formats: Book

Trauma Stewardship

An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others

By Laura Van Dernoot Lipsky: A practical book that addresses compassion fatigue. The author, a trauma social worker and educator, helps others who work in the trauma field find balance and ways to sustain themselves. Readers are gently guided along a path of... 264 pages. ©2009. | Available formats: Book, Audio CD, Kindle eBook

Volunteers Wanted

A Practical Guide to Finding and Keeping Good Volunteers

By Jo B. Rush: The author, a leader of volunteers for 30 years, draws upon her experience to craft some practical guidelines for finding and keeping your most valuable resources. 136 pages. ©1999. | Available formats: Book

We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live

By Cassandra Coblentz: A set of catalogs featuring the art of the 2010-2013 Hallie Ford Fellows in the Visual Arts. This set accompanied a traveling exhibition of the artists' work. They capture in photography and words how 12 accomplished Oregon visual artists... 125 pages. ©2014. | Available formats: Book

What Do You Stand For? For Kids

A Guide to Building Character

By Barbara A. Lewis: A self-help book that encourages kids to recognize the importance of values in everyday life. Each chapter contains activities to help cultivate positive character traits. For Grades 2-6. 165 pages. ©2005. | Available formats: Book

What Kids Need to Succeed

Proven Practical Ways to Raise Good Kids, 3rd Edition

By P. Benson, et al.: Based on a nationwide study, the book presents 40 assets children can achieve, with over 900 ideas for building upon them in your own community. 258 pages. ©2012. | Available formats: Kindle eBook

What Matters

Investing in Results to Build Strong Vibrant Communities

By Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Nonprofit Finance Fund: This book features a collection of 56 essays by 80 leaders working on social programs, community development and other anti-poverty programs. Their collective message advocates for a shift toward outcomes-based funding of social... 493 pages. ©2017. | Available formats: Book

What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick

By Ann Kuklierus, RN; and Gloria Mayer, RN: The book contains information for managing more than 50 common childhood illnesses and health problems, including earaches, fever, vomiting and nosebleeds. It describes the condition, what can be done at home, and when to... 181 pages. ©2008. | Available formats: Book, Spanish

What's Math Got To Do With It?

By Jo Boaler: This engaging book shows —rather than tells — the reader what terrific math instruction looks like. It's for teachers and parents who want to improve children’s mathematics learning. The author presents advice and research findings through... 272 pages. ©2015. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook