Artists-in-Residence Request for Proposals

Application opens August 9, 2017

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The Ford Family Foundation offers funding support for Oregon Artist-in-Residency programs to support Oregon visual artists.
Application now open.  

Through the Visual Arts program, the Foundation supports organizations throughout the United States that offer Artists-in-Residencies. The Foundation’s preference is to dedicate resources within Oregon to "Golden Spots," in-state locales that are defined by their distinctive environment that artists repeatedly find particularly compelling and stimulating.  

This funding opportunity provides annual grants of $25,000 each to four "Golden Spot" residency programs in Oregon that offer opportunities for artists to explore and conceptualize new work. Funding will be provided to organizations for a two-year period (for a total of $50,000). Under this program, 50 percent of the grant funds are to support the organization’s residency program and the balance is to provide stipends to the selected artists to help offset life and work expenses while attending the residency. 

Through the Visual Arts program, including this component, the Foundation is particularly interested in supporting Oregon's visual artists who meet the following requirements:

  • Practicing visual artist currently producing works of art; 
  • Full-time resident of Oregon for at least 36 months prior to the application deadline and remain a resident through the duration of the grant period; 
  • 30 years of age or older at the time of application; 
  • Provide evidence, through appropriate documentation, seven (7) or more years of active professional participation in his/her medium, and 
  • Not enrolled in a degree-seeking program, either part-time or full-time.  

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a viable facility for artists in residency programs and have a proven track record for operating residency programs.
  • Must have current 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the Internal Revenue Service, or be a governmental entity, or be an IRS-recognized tribe.  
  • Priority for funding requests for this component will be awarded to qualified institutions that currently have no open grants with the Foundation. If your institution has received a prior grant, but has completed its work and the required reporting, then your request will be competitively reviewed with all other requests.



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