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An art gallery in Joseph, Oregon, an area served by The Ford Family Foundation


In 2015, The Ford Family Foundation will embark on a new program of work that will focus on supporting rural communities as they take action to improve local conditions. The Foundation will be open to providing grants and other supports to communities that define a plan of action for community betterment, with a priority on increasing employment and economic vitality. This work is meant to complement the work of the Ford Institute for Community Building, which helps to build the capacity of rural communities and their residents. This program intends to support the action steps that follow once communities have built their own capacity and made a commitment to take on a community improvement agenda. 

Focus Areas

This is a new and emerging area for the Foundation, and applicants are encouraged to check back here as we define this work more specifically. 

In general, we will be seeking to support community development activities that aim to improve outcomes for children, youth, families and adults, and/or to improve social, economic and physical conditions in rural communities where:

  • A representative cross-section of the community has come together to identify and work on a problem, and has identified the assets that the community can be built upon.
  • There is strong evidence of community engagement and commitment to the work .
  • The plan and anticipated work is cross-sectoral and brings together public, private, nonprofit and civic actors.
  • The outcomes that are sought are clear and are linked to vision of long-term community wellbeing.
  • The community is committed to sustaining the work over time.

Funding Opportunities

At this time, by invitation only.

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