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Independence, Oregon, a community served by The Ford Family Foundation

The Ford Institute supports rural residents and local organizations as they take the lead in building their community’s future. The Institute's work is guided by  these Community Building Principles and Practices. Learn more about the Community Building Approach.


Connections »

By increasing Connections, communities foster more inclusive, trust-based relationships and start to explore priority community issues.  

capacity »

Capacity is the ability to move community work forward efficiently and effectively. Acquire a new skill set, use data for decision making, have enough and the right people-power, or expand the ability to access and develop funding and other resources.

Community-Led action »

Action is often the most visible form of community building. It can create powerful results when done inclusively and in alignment with community values and vision. Sometimes it is tried and true. Other times there are risks, experimentation and innovation. Community-led Action can be done through a small project that links to something bigger, or it can be a comprehensive project. 


COMMUNITY BUILDING GRANTS »  Grant application by invitation

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