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Capacity, or the ability to move a community work forward, is required for community building. Increasing capacity can take the form of acquiring a new skill set, using data for decision making, having the right people power, or expanding access to funding. 

By increasing capacity, rural communities increase their power to shape their future.


  • Organize just-in-time learning: Learn a new skill at just the right time. This effort may include targeted trainings, workshops, forums or learning exchanges that will help the community take action.  
  • Branch out: Bring new and diverse leadership and participants into a project or effort. This effort may include planning for succession or encompassing more sectors. 
  • Access expertise: Engage local and/or external expertise to facilitate, coordinate or coach community-building efforts. 
  • Use data and stories as learning and working tools: Assess, collect and interpret the data and stories needed to make well-informed decisions, monitor progress, be responsive to new conditions and document your journey.   


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