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The North Curry County bioswale class project

Leadership classes (2003 - 2015) selected a project that they worked on together and completed within one year of the class. The project helped focus the course content on a real-world situation. The Institute provided up to a $5,000 match in support of the project. If your project does not fit this category, check out our other Current Funding Opportunities.

Final Report Requirements

The following information is included in the grant agreement signed by the grantee for the class project.  

Within 60 days after project completion, a final report including the information list below is due to the Ford Institute:

a. The actual outcomes made possible, including a profile of who was helped, how many persons benefited directly, and the level of success (or failure) achieved.

b. Project impact (results related to desired change or improvement)

c.  A financial statement detailing how all project funds were expended, including specific information on how the Foundation funds were applied.

Final Reports can be mailed to The Ford Family Foundation, 1600 NW Stewart Parkway, Roseburg, OR 97471, or to Yvette Rhodes, yrhodes@tfff.org.  

Please include the class name and cohort number, project title and request ID (found on the grant agreement).

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