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The Ford Family Foundation supports efforts to increase the health of underserved children through funding nonprofits that provide improved access to health and dental services, preventative services and education. 

Focus Areas

We are interested in supporting: 

  • Youth dental and medical services

  • Health and dental clinics serving as critical access points for youth 

  • Preventative services for children including prenatal care

  • Health and dental behavior education for youth 

  • Professional recruitment, training and incentives for medical and oral health care professionals to serve youth

We give priority to organizations that can demonstrate how grant funding will create clear results and increased capacity, and those that show integration of "promising" or "evidenced-based" best practice; efforts to increase access for very young children, ages 0-10; and those efforts with evidence of strong regional collaboration and coordination. 

We generally do not support capital funding for large hospitals and medical facilities.

Funding Opportunities

Grants: Open.  

Focus: We look for requests that align with the Access to Health and Dental Services Focus Areas (see above) and that: 

  • Provide a clear assessment of need and a plan to address the need 

  • Provide a realistic timeline and budget

  • Show strong community support as evidenced by donations, in-kind and partnerships, and 

  • Explain how success will be measured

Typical Grant Size: $25,000 to $150,000 per year. While there are exceptions, we prefer to fund no more than one-third of a proposed project. Single and multi-year proposals are accepted.

Types of funds: Programs, projects, operating requests, capacity building, and capital projects. 

Timing: Should the request be approved, funds will be released in no less than 60 days and may take six months to a year, depending on the project scope and review process.

Geography served: Rural communities with less than 35,000 in population not adjacent to or part of an urban or metropolitan area.

Population served: Children (0-18 years). 

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