Volume XIV | Issue 2 | Fall 2014
Cover Story

Childhood trauma leads to adverse health, mental and other issues later on

What happens in early childhood matters. Those of us who have dedicated our careers to early childhood issues know that the early years of life are crucial not only for individual health and physical development, but also for cognitive and social-emotional development. But attention to the importance of happy, healthy childhoods — and the devastation that results when they aren’t — really entered the mainstream with the publication of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.

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Major study raises the alarm for children

What happens in early childhood matters. Those of us who have dedicated our careers to early childhood issues know that the early years of life are crucial not only for individual health and physical...  Read More

Oregon responds to the ACE Study

Oregon is starting to apply the lessons from the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.  Read More

A little girl blows seeds from her hands into bright sunshine.

Bringing light to a dark subject

The statistics are startling. More than 10,000 Oregon children were confirmed victims of abuse in 2012. Of those, about 1,500 were sexual abuse. Nationally, experts estimate one in 10 children are...  Read More

A young woman and man wearing cap and gowns hug.

Giving school a second shot

Just a few years ago, Robert Johnson says he was spiraling out of control. Barely 20 years old, he was sleeping in an old Buick Royale he bought with his last $100 and parked next to a Fred Meyer...  Read More

Split image: Urban light rail train and wheat combine

We're not as split as you might think

Ever wonder how your opinion stacks up against those of your fellow Oregonians? A new survey offers the most comprehensive glimpse yet of what residents from all regions and walks of life think about...  Read More

Orange cover of the book "Do What You Are"

Let your personality point the way

Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can help you discover your perfect job  Read More

The four main characters from the Wizard of Oz

The MBTI helps us understand ourselves better

The MBTI tool is an invaluable aid to understanding the types of careers that we are suited for. It is the most widely used psychological testing instrument in the world.  Read More

A young woman reads a book to two toddlers.

Getting ready for kindergarten

It may be summertime, but one room at Yoncalla Elementary School is alive with the sounds of children — young children. They are in the Family Room, a space where parents and their children can...  Read More

Actor Forest Whitaker congratulates Kaylee Graham.

A 14-year-old leads the way

Kaylee Graham, 14, initiated an annual citywide day of service in her town that has motivated more than 3,000 residents to work on community improvement projects, raise money for charity, donate food...  Read More

An aerial view of Florence

It’s all happening in Florence

When a group of Florence friends heard there were students who didn’t have enough to eat on weekends, they wanted to know if there was any truth to the rumor. They were stunned to find out the extent...  Read More

A screen capture of the Ford Institute Community Facebook page.

Join the conversation on Facebook

When two Ford Institute Leadership Program classes chose bike racks as their project last spring, organizers took to Facebook to glean ideas. Photos were posted, RFPs offered up, links shared. For...  Read More

Dictionary page showing the word "entrepreneur"

Unleashing entrepreneurs

"Energizing Entrepreneurial Communities," takes a fresh new approach to invigorating communities through the energy, imagination and economic promise of their most talented citizens. It’s a...  Read More

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