Volume XVII | Issue 2 | Fall 2017
Cover Story

Blue Zones Project: making healthy choices easier

Klamath Tribal Health and Family Services employees are practicing the healthy strategies that they teach. The wellness committee there recently implemented strategies that include standing or walking meetings to encourage movement throughout the day; the installation of health-friendly equipment, including standing desks, wireless headsets and exercise balls; and the posting of upbeat messages throughout the offices. Employees also get 30 minutes of “wellness time” every day for activities such as working out in the weight room or walking on a nearby nature trail.

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Blue Zones Project

Well-being initiative  Klamath Tribal Health and Family Services employees are practicing the healthy strategies that they teach. The wellness committee there recently implemented strategies that...  Read More

Girl builds a robotic device

Learning communities

With just 1,500 residents, Wheeler County in north central Oregon is the least populated in the state. Four hours from Portland, it’s home to the John Day River, the state’s largest deposit of...  Read More

Community members select donated produce.

Battling food insecurity

Tailgate parties are big in Siskiyou County, Calif.  Every month from May through October, Great Northern Services throws a big party in four Northern California towns. What do they serve? Truckloads...  Read More

Potlucks build community

On the second Sunday of this month, neighbors in Southern Oregon’s Upper Cow Creek area know what they will be doing for dinner. It’s the same thing their parents and, in some cases, their...  Read More

Board members retiring

Karla Chambers, a 16-year veteran on the board, and Allyn Ford, the son of the Foundation's founders, will retire at the end of this year.  Read More

For the children

At the end of December 2016, the Douglas County foster case system reported 419 registered abused and neglected children. Two months later, there were 485 — an increase of more than one new foster...  Read More

RAIN: Nurturing innovative start-ups

The efforts of creative business entrepreneurs hold great promise for the economic health of Oregon, particularly in rural communities, but they can’t do it without help. “It takes a community to...  Read More

Education for Job Readiness

It should come as no surprise that an integral part of the Eastern Linn County Pipeline, an industry-directed job-training program, is education. After all, the goal of the initiative, led by...  Read More

Baker Technical Institute

Adjacent to Baker High School, the Baker Technical Institute announces its mission with a bold sign: “Next generation education for thriving communities.” The Institute began four years ago with a...  Read More

Planting seeds of service

Brandy O’Bannon loves living a life of service. “Working alongside friends, colleagues, donors and volunteers in my community has brought a tremendous amount of joy to my life,” says Brandy O’Bannon...  Read More

Long and healthy lives

Every few years, it seems a story pops up in the newspaper about the oldest man or woman in the world, and readers eagerly parse their words of wisdom for something they can apply to their own lives...  Read More

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