A crisis in our country

June 1, 2020: At this time of crisis in our country, we feel the pain of a nation. Our Foundation works to create opportunities for every person to succeed. We work to remove the obstacles that face those who are disadvantaged due to poverty, race/ethnicity, and geography. We strive to change the conditions that fray the fabric of our society. This is a time to reiterate what we, as an organization, believe. We developed our statement of beliefs more than a year ago, but its message rings even more true today. It reads in part: 

We believe that the future of rural Oregon and Siskiyou, Calif., depends on finding common cause and mobilizing collective effort. Communities and their residents are diverse. We believe that healthy communities harness the strength that comes from those differences and create a sense of belonging and commitment to the greater good…. Creating a vibrant future is a complex task. It needs all of us – together. 

Read the full “What We Believe” statement.

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