Following the lead of the community on the path to rebuilding

Rebuilding our communities after the 2020 wildfires calls on our collective power as rural residents. As a foundation we are committed for the long haul.

Our response to date

  • Awarding grants to affected areas for immediate relief (over $1 million allocated)
  • Meeting with leaders in impacted communities
  • Representing rural on the governor’s Wildfire Recovery Council
  • Interacting with state and federal agencies to support community-based response
  • Working with other grant makers to develop the 2020 Community Rebuilding Fund
  • Supporting networking and learning opportunities for affected communities

Four principles ground our work

  1. Follow the lead of the communities. Local residents and leaders know their communities best.

  2. Center the needs of the most vulnerable. Philanthropy and systems must focus on the voices of the least-heard residents.

  3. Rebuild better. Community building helps us build back more equitable and resilient communities.

  4. Weave together efforts. A cross-sector, collaborative spirit helps us go further.

What’s next? 

We have designated more funding for short- and mid-term recovery. The majority of the funds will be used for community-based responses, including funding to organizations that support undocumented residents and the Latinx community. We are reaching out to organizations and partners that are well positioned to support their communities, and we are inviting them to apply for funding.

Leaning on relationships will be critical as we rebuild our communities and envision brighter futures. Rebuilding vital rural communities is a task that takes all of us — together.

We are honored to be in this effort with you.

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