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The Ford Family Foundation only accepts requests for funding through our online application process.  

STEP 1: Read about our Grants. Determine if your project or program fits one of our programs and meets our guidelines.

STEP 2: Make sure  your organization and project or program is eligible for funding.

STEP 3: Read our Frequently Asked Questions and Tips, then read Prepare to Complete Your Grant Application. Finally, review the Tool Kit, which lists required attachments. 

STEP 4: Select the appropriate application link below and complete your application.

Program Grants Application

Use the Program Grants Application to apply for these grants:

Application: Public Charities »    
Application: Governmental or Tribal Entities » 

Postsecondary Success Grants »

For more information on funding opportunities, call the Postsecondary Success department at The Ford Family Foundation: (541) 485-6211.

Application: Public Charities »    

Application: Governmental or Tribal Entities » 


Good Neighbor Grants - for unexpected and simple projects
Application: Public Charities » 
Application: Governmental or Tribal Entities » 

Technical Assistance Grants - to help build organizational capacity
Application: Public Charities » 
Application: Governmental or Tribal Entities » 

Login to Your Existing Grant Account »    
Use this link to:

  • Open an in-progress application
  • Access a saved application
  • Submit Reporting Requirements
  • Manage your Account (change user name or password)  

here are Tips for applying:

  • Prepare. Read "Prepare to Complete Your Grant Application." This PDF covers all the questions you will be asked in the grant application. Read it before you start an application to make sure you have all the information you will need.
  • First time applicants will be prompted to create an account using a valid email address and password. The account maintains copies in-progress and submitted applications and grant requirements, which you can access any time.
  • Save confirmation emails of the email and password you used to create your account, and the link to access your account (to return to your saved application, to view your submitted application or future reporting requirements). 
  • You will be required to attach several documents to your application (refer to the Tool Kit). These documents must already be saved on your computer before you can browse and upload them.
  • Verify the information is correct. If you make corrections, click the “Update” button to save changes. Hit "Review & Submit" when completed. Once your application has been submitted, you will not have an opportunity to make changes.

Still have questions? Check out:
FAQs for Applicants »

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