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How to download, navigate, and take notes in PDF/Board Book using GoodReader on iPad (Video) »   (PDF) »

How to submit electronic Consent Document. New Procedure! Open the Consent document in Adobe Reader, click in boxes to type, and click Submit at bottom right when completed.  Note: Tablet users must use the Adobe Reader application to submit online.

Dropbox (File Sharing)

Dropbox Help (Website) »

Evernote (Note Taking/Sharing/Syncing)

Evernote Website »
iOS Guide for Evernote (Website and Video) »

GoodReader (PDF Viewing and Annotation)

GoodReader Manual (PDF) »
GoodReader Video (YouTube) »

Apple iOS

iPad User Guide (PDF) »
iPad Basics (YouTube) »
iPad tutorials (Website) »
iPhone User Guide (PDF) »
iCloud & Photostream (YouTube) »

Secure your iOS device

Secure your iOS via PassCode (Website) »
Setup Find my iPad/iPhone - Track and Erase if Lost (Website) »
Locate your lost Device (Website) »

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