Be Quiet, Be Heard

The Paradox of Persuasion

An easy-to-read guide to managing business, family and relationship conflicts. The book teaches concrete skills for a wide range of communication challenges.

187 pages. ©2006.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted August 23, 2018


This is a great book on communication that generalizes to all settings of life and relationships. This book gives immediate tools that can be used to dramatically increase the quality of communication and thus leadership.


Review posted July 29, 2018


This is a very good book for all


Review posted July 1, 2018


Good information, especially on gratitude.


Review posted June 21, 2018


This book focuses on improving communication skills. One aspect was about building trust through conflict. The authors discuss the fear of confrontation both in personal situations and in the workplace. Many people fear criticism and uncomfortable conversations, and choose to stay quiet instead. Another topic in the book focused on micro-behaviors during communication that can change the meaning of words and make what you say come across as condescending or belittling, especially to friends and coworkers. The authors came up with a model for discussing delicate issues: start with an opener using I-Feeling Language, pinpoint specific details, acknowledge your own part (how you’ve contributed to the problem), and finally agree on a solution. Overall this book definitely gave me some good tips on effective communication and how to deal with conflict in the workplace. I feel that there will always be conflict of some sort, no matter where you work, so I am happy to have new methods of solving it rather than sweeping it under the rug.


Review posted June 21, 2018


A useful and informative read.


Review posted May 30, 2018


Really one of the better offerings on's book list. Easy read, includes practical examples.


Review posted May 12, 2018


I had great hopes for this book and it didn't disappoint. Be Quiet Be Heard introduces techniques in an innovative way that was easy to understand and was enjoyable to read. I'm already hearing myself communicate differently with those around me. The tools to communicate more effectively are valuable and effective. I recommend this read to all who desire to improve communication in their personal or professional lives.


Review posted May 4, 2018


The book was very informative in areas and ways and ideas I had not considered. I am excited to implement considering the intent and impact, perceptions, compliments, and positive thinking. The ideas of how powerful it can be to just sit, be quiet, and listen to get a truer understanding in the areas of communications and relationships. I am particularly interested in family and friends, yet involved in different organizational groups that this was an eye opener to. Thank you for this community reading program! I have been telling others about it as well.


Review posted April 30, 2018


This book created tangible tools to create better communication. The book was easy to read and did not feel overwhelming


Review posted April 30, 2018


Very insightful and brings to light a lot of things that we have forgotten in Humanity.


Review posted April 29, 2018


Practical, useful, insightful. Breaks out of the typical self-help book model by offering fresh and usable "scripts" for everyday change.

Michelle Munro

Review posted March 22, 2018


I found this book very helpful and gave me new ideas on communicating with others.


Review posted March 15, 2018


Nikes’ “Just Do It” slogan skips the first 3 of 4 feeling stages (pg 25); phony, uncomfortable, and comfortable (4th being natural). No wonder I couldn’t get behind that sentiment, they expected us to all be "natural". Be Quiet Be Heard shows you how to achieve permanent change.


Review posted February 12, 2018


Quite useful. Some very good information.


Review posted January 20, 2018


This is one of the great books that have been read and will be recommended for the youth.


Review posted January 12, 2018


It could be renamed the mindfulness of communication. It contains many examples of strategies for becoming a good listener and a good responder.


Review posted December 30, 2017


This book focused on the importance of listening. There were some interesting points, but I did not end up finishing it...

Kelly Clayton

Review posted November 30, 2017


My favorite part of this book addressed the fear of speaking in public. This was reframed as "the juice". The juice was defined as what the body provided as fuel for facing an audience, meaning the speaker was alert, centered, prepared for anything. The elaboration regarding the fear of fear is priceless.


Review posted October 9, 2017


This book has opened my eyes to how sometimes not saying something can be the best way to understand a troubling situation. I would recommend this book to everyone, because whether or not he/she is having conflict issues, it can help one become better at managing even the simplest situation.


Review posted August 7, 2017


One of the greatest books I have ever read!!!! I have a hard time not being heard!!! I wanted to learn a way that I could be heard but in a quieter form and this book gave me easy and understandable tools to be able to do that successfully !!! Thanks very much for this book, I will be passing this one on to a few of my other friends to read also!!!


Review posted August 4, 2017


I enjoyed this book as it taught me some new tools and also helped with some reflection and self evaluation


Review posted August 4, 2017


Be Quiet Be Heard takes head on assumptions about leadership, influence and group coordination. With concrete tools applied to real professional and personal situations, this book demonstrates how and why Glasers model of communication is effective.


Review posted August 2, 2017


This book offers a comprehensive approach on how to communicate well. I was surprised to even find some great tips on how to calm the nerves when speaking in public! Overall, I enjoyed the book and know that I will utilize the tools that were taught in it. A must-read for anyone going into leadership roles! Who would have thought that you lead by listening well?!


Review posted July 18, 2017


Good guidance for communication. I am guilty of many of the things we should not do. This gives me things to work on.


Review posted July 8, 2017


As an introvert, this book is helpful not only to learn how to speak to others but to realize when I may feel offended it's not on purpose but just a lack of knowledge on communication. They give you tools you can use and are honest about the work you'll have to out into becoming a better communicator


Review posted July 6, 2017


This was an interesting read, however it was not the book I was thinking of. I initially thought this was about 'quiet' people, those who tend toward introversion, but it was more about being quiet so that you can listen to others. It talked about leading by listening, great stuff, just not what I had in mind.


Review posted July 3, 2017


This book was truly enlightening. I've always known that words are powerful and should be chosen carefully. And even with the best of intentions, words can be misconstrued. This book made me understand that just rephrasing your words, can get more favorable outcomes.


Review posted June 15, 2017


This is an awesome book for anyone interested in communicating effectively and leading change. Very practical with examples from various areas of life, workplace and home. Do yourself a favor and get it, read it, put it into practice. Then give it to a friend.

Suz Ybarra

Review posted June 12, 2017


Summary: It's about effective communication, being in relationships, and letting go of fear. Particularly instructive is the chapter on "Courting Conflict and Criticism". For example, consider this truism, "The consequences of battling or deflecting criticism are far worse than experiencing the initial discomfort of learning to cope with it and, indeed, to welcome it."


Review posted May 26, 2017


Excellent information that is presented only the way the authors themselves could. Highly recommend the audio book as it is so much like having them right in the room with you.


Review posted May 16, 2017


While I enjoyed hearing the Glasers speak, years ago, I was disappointed by this book. It seemed overly simplistic and was unhelpful. I didn't find that it offered anything beyond the obvious. I ordered the audio version and felt that it was presented as if to kindergarteners--very condescending.


Review posted May 9, 2017


Well written and quick read and didn't put it down once I started. I find myself looking at conversations with those I work with in a different light. I am explaining myself better, letting those who are working with me grasp the concept I am expressing easier. I also found myself expressing myself more clearly on conference calls on a national board I am on. That actually was the reason I got the book to begin with. All other interpersonal conversations were just made easier. I highly suggest reading this book even if you feel you are a good communicator. I believe everyone one...including my husband and family members could use these simple skills. Glad I picked this book up!


Review posted April 16, 2017


Be Quiet, Be Heard is an excellent framework for how to work through disputes and conflict resolution. The ideas that the Glaser's list (listening to criticism) seem very simple but in reality are very hard to do because we are trained from birth to act in a defensive manner. This book offers a way to break through the barriers we put up to achieve understanding.


Review posted April 13, 2017


Very good read for those of us who tend to be on the quiet side of interactions. It also discusses the importance of being quiet in the midst of many loud and outspoken managers.


Review posted March 31, 2017


It was a very helpful book!!!


Review posted March 13, 2017


This book is outlined linearly and is easy to understand. It walks you through the steps to communicate clearly in all types of situations including work and/or personal conflicts. Some of the information feels basic but has made me more conscious of my non-verbal cues and communication patterns.


Review posted March 10, 2017


Glaser & Glaser do an excellent job of presenting the contextual, underlying psychology of their approach plus sharing practical skills that can be practiced and mastered. There is a rationale for everything they teach. I also appreciate that the concepts and skills they share are relevant to broad swaths of human interaction, and not specific to particular relationships or environments. Widely applicable teachings.


Review posted March 6, 2017


I think everybody should read this book. It carries new insight on communication that enables the listener to really hear what the other person is trying to say. I will use these techniques in my personal as well as professional life.

Jan Hooper

Review posted February 28, 2017


Much of the material seemed to echo years of seminar, lecture, and in-service training. However, I found "Chapter 5: Who Woke The Dogs Up" to be particularly interesting. It covers the philosophy and management of conversations about difficult subjects.


Review posted February 22, 2017


I selected this CD set after attending the Enrichment day in Eugene recently. I am in the car A LOT with work and school so thought the CD would be a better option for me. It was. And it is amazing. They are so knowledgeable and their communication skills has already helped me in school, work and even with my family!! This CD , I give a very high recommend. At first I thought it was going to be more for the corporate world but ended up being something I REALLY enjoyed and can use in my HDFS field. . I have even listened to it TWICE!!


Review posted January 1, 2017


This book is a useful, easy to read framework based on decades of research on effective communication.The Glaser provide a straight forward explanation of what one needs to do and why in order to be persuasive in any communication. The techniques are easy to remember and can be put to use immediately. Rather than impose a "correct way" to communicate, the reader is encouraged to understand each recommended step to create their own style of communication.


Review posted January 1, 2017


This book had me pause and evaluate my own thinking process. I realized that communication skills required more than stating goals and expecting good results. i am revising my approach to my employees and am hopeful my change of thinking and tactics will be appreciated. The guidelines included were clear and very helpful in revising my approach


Review posted December 21, 2016


I found the book helpful for looking at conversations (written, verbal, non-verbal) differently and making sure to understand the perceptions we have. Also there were simple steps to follow to help in interpersonal interactions. I also enjoyed the part that gratitude is a two way street....and instead of saying something like "it was no problem" in response to praise we should reply with gratitude for the praise.


Review posted December 12, 2016


Loved this book. Very wise and informative.


Review posted November 29, 2016


I liked the step by step scenarios of how to effectively communicate, but other than that, it wasn't helpful. The chapter on public speaking seemed kind of thrown in there. Public speaking seems like it should be it's own book instead of being crammed into this one.


Review posted October 22, 2016


Being someone who has always been a more passive individual, this was a refreshing reminder about the voice that lives inside. Great read, thank you Ford!

Josephy Center

Review posted October 11, 2016


I liked the approach this team brought to the table. As I read through the book, I realized how simple and wise this technique is. I'm going to give to my whole board to read because we should be adopting a lot of these communication techniques.


Review posted September 23, 2016


Good book with lots of tips but I feel I need the practical to make the ideas stick.


Review posted July 25, 2016


Excellent book with practical, easy-to-understand tips on enhancing communication. A fresh look at an ordinary topic.


Review posted July 12, 2016


Good book with useful ideas.

DeAnna Pearl

Review posted June 30, 2016


This book had a profound impact on my leadership style. I have been searching for words on how I wanted to accomplish a change from sage on stage to guide on the side. Thanks


Review posted June 22, 2016


Very helpful in negotiating conversations of importance.

onalee Mansor

Review posted May 24, 2016


I give this book a 5 star rating. Recently I was experiencing personal and professional relationship problems. This book helped me in a very practical way to resolve these conflicts and reminded me of some very basic communication skills.


Review posted May 22, 2016


In Be Quiet Be Heard, the authors use concrete research to explain the importance and methods of real, effective communication. They discuss communication barriers like criticism, differences in perception, and anxiety, as well as how to overcome them. This book is helpful for communication in all avenues, from personal relationships to workplace acquaintances.


Review posted May 11, 2016


Great concept. Instead of out talking everyone it can be just as important to listen first, think, then respond.


Review posted May 3, 2016


It is a good read


Review posted April 12, 2016


I got the audio book and enjoyed it. Great insight and tips on how we communicate with each other. So often we think we are communicating clearly when we are not, this book helps explore this.


Review posted March 11, 2016


This book echoed my thoughts on the subject, and offered validation and further insight as to various situations. a very helpful and stimulating read!


Review posted March 3, 2016


Very good read, I enjoyed the lesson on quieting the mind so you will be able to actually hear what others are saying instead of always trying to find a rebuttal while they are talking.


Review posted February 25, 2016


Great book on communication and how to really listen and approach issues/conflict.


Review posted February 25, 2016


This is a great book with many useful tips and trick. Love everything from the Glasers!


Review posted February 21, 2016


I appreciate the local and relevant resource. I know that the authors have been involved in Ford Family leadership trainings and think that is admirable.


Review posted February 21, 2016


This book presents the skills of actively listening and responding to others in an engaging, practical format. I feel that the suggestions for inclusive, positive meetings with equal opportunity for all participants to share and feel safe are valuable. I will be sharing this book with other members of the nonprofit organization I volunteer with. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Select Books.


Review posted February 9, 2016


This book is a great eye opener as to how to change the way we communicate to more effectively engage in work or personal relationships. It is great for altering stagnant relationships with different approaches. Some of techniques seem uncomfortable at first, but help to put the end goals up front. The book identifies ways in which communication breakdowns occur and how those are detrimental to the flow of business. It would be helpful to write down some of the approaches for reference sheets. The book is quite dense, so it is good to read it, employee the techniques and then refer back to them. The subtle shift in communication is helpful and proves to be a stress reliever.


Review posted February 8, 2016


This was an enjoyable read with practical tips for improving your listening. I have already applied some of the suggestions with my family and at work, and have seen good results. It's a different, more practical approach than the "active listening" I have read about elsewhere, which I appreciate.


Review posted February 4, 2016


Be Quiet, Be Heard provided some practical exercises that are extremely helpful with regards to workplace conversations (and likely in other areas). I ordered this book with some specific scenarios in mind that I was hoping to address, and the tools discussed were helpful. In particular, the authors give a step-by-step guide to having conversations around delicate issues. I found this particularly helpful as this is an area where I need to grow professionally. B addition to providing guiding language, the authors also provide a list of emotions and feelings for the reader as a way to jumpstart conversations or ensure that one is properly representing emotions. All in all, a good read with specific tools provided to help support better communication and difficult conversions.


Review posted February 1, 2016


Good book with lots of common sense. I liked how it really encouraged you to see it from the other person's point of view. Definitely a MUST in communication skills. My kids even listened to some of this with me. Down side --I ordered the book on CD. It was difficult to listen to the authors at times --seemed like they went a little overboard at times trying to be entertaining. If they narrate another book again --maybe they could narrate all of it but have 2 different people be the voices for demonstrated conversations.

Margaret Tomlinson

Review posted January 30, 2016


This is a well-written book, easy and interesting to read, about how to listen well in a variety of contexts. Although it discusses the importance of being quiet and really listening, it also talks about how to respond so that the person you've been listening to feels confident of having been heard. This is a book I will keep and reread more than once.


Review posted January 24, 2016


This book offers many pros and cons of communication styles. Great approach recommendation in this read.


Review posted January 21, 2016


This was a fabulous book. It was well-written and an easy read. The content was applicable to work, community engagement and home life.


Review posted January 20, 2016


Enjoyable book to read with information that is easy to understand as well as simple to convey to others when sharing. There are a few visual representations of the skills discussed that have been helpful as a reminder when practicing or sharing. Great leadership book.


Review posted January 6, 2016


Super engaging, useful, well written and great, universal book for our professional book club.


Review posted December 31, 2015


This was recommended for a discussion group at my library, Business Readers. I found it to be a practical guide that I hope will be helpful for those interested in improving business skills, and I think it can go far beyond the workplace. If you're looking for a communication book with straightforward, concrete advice you can put into practice to improve communication, this would be a good selection for you to try.


Review posted December 20, 2015


If you are looking for a book with very tangible examples and even actual language to use in various interpersonal relationships I strongly encourage you to read this book. Not rocket science but especially useful for high potential team members seeking to advance in their careers.


Review posted December 15, 2015


EXCELLENT book! I had trouble putting this book down. It had some amazing information in it to help support communication strategies.


Review posted December 15, 2015


This was a great read! It flowed easily from page to page, chapter to chapter, building upon previous chapters and filled with great examples. I am sure that this is a book I will revert to often over the years, constantly finding new ways to improve the way I connect with others. I would recommend it to anyone who is truly interested in improving the effectiveness of the way we communicate with one another.

Kandy Marling

Review posted December 4, 2015


Be Quiet Be Heard is an excellent read. The concepts used throughout the book continually provide those "aw ha" moments when learning new techniques and skills. This book is one that should be in everyone's library!


Review posted December 3, 2015


This book had good practical advice and techniques for increasing communication with reflective listening skills. It is a beginning level technique. It also introduces the concept of Motivational Interviewing which was why I chose this book originally.

Katherine Bretl

Review posted November 17, 2015


The Doctors Glaser did a good job here. Their communication tips are clearly laid out and easy to apply directly. For example, they tell the reader what to do to apply a communication change followed by telling the reader what they should expect to feel in doing so. By reminding the reader that it will flow through the process of being very uncomfortable to more comfortable to ultimately a habit reassures that it will be OK so long as you just start.


Review posted November 10, 2015


I really needed this. Now to implement it....


Review posted November 4, 2015


Being the world’s biggest “extravert who secretly is an introvert,” I was drawn to this book and was not disappointed. “Be Quiet, Be Heard,” is amusing and personal. I appreciated the ease in which one can incorporate communication strategies on both a professional and personal level. I would also recommend this book for those people who have strong communication skills naturally, as there are some great reminders as well. It should be a requirement in college!


Review posted October 17, 2015


Great book expressing the necessity to listen to others. You can learn more from how a person is explaining something to you, than you might from what they are actually saying.

Lynne Patrick

Review posted October 9, 2015


A useful book to listen to. I found the first half the most useful. Sure it's all common sense, but it helps to hear it and think about it. To be able to start using their suggested techniques I think I will need to listen to it a few more times.


Review posted October 5, 2015


Great resource for working with different types of persons/ personalities and how to reach them.


Review posted October 1, 2015


This is a very easily understandable book about communication. I particularly liked the part where they said to Be a "Compliment Messenger". "One of the most effective ways to create a positive culture is to fill one's environment with a pipeline of good news." The authors filled the book with suggestions and examples that anyone could follow. If only they would.

[email protected]

Review posted September 21, 2015


Wow this was a great book with such good insights. Thank you for the specific language and examples. I enjoyed the audio version, listening to the authors role play situations. I've tried some of the techniques and it's changed the tone of hard conversations. Thank you!!!!

[email protected]

Review posted September 18, 2015


This book was difficult for me to read. It looks like it is full of useful information but quickly lost my attention. I blame the format; maybe too many situations to draw from?


Review posted September 6, 2015


Reading this practical book helped me break down the components of communications practices in a way I get it! I began to accept the messiness and vulnerabilities that are asked of anyone attempting to collaborate because fears and beliefs creep up. Because not everyone wants to jump on board to solve problems, it helped me to pull back and know that just me trying to model the way I want to communicate is still worth it. It gave me that hope.


Review posted September 3, 2015


I appreciate the variety of settings and situations that these techniques could be used in...both at home and work. This is a clearly written book, and easy to understand.


Review posted August 27, 2015


I found this book to be helpful and improve concrete communication skills


Review posted August 25, 2015


Be Quite, Be Heard starts out with some remedial information about non-verbal communication. While I didn't find this introductory information new or useful the subsequent chapters provided very useful tools on persuasion, managing through conflict and providing positive feedback. The authors provide step by step models and approaches that can be practiced to develop skills in these areas. Later chapters in the book included team building and public speaking.

Katy Yoder

Review posted July 14, 2015


This book covers communication techniques for business and family life. I chose the audio book and would have preferred a physical book for reference. It has given me new tools to handle interpersonal relations for meetings, decision making and communicating effectively during stressful situations. I highly recommend it!


Review posted July 8, 2015


This was a good resource and gave me valuable skills for both the workplace and personal communication!


Review posted July 7, 2015


Quite a good book. It all makes sense when you slow down to think about it: getting permission to broach sensitive topics, being a good listener, probing for details, etc. But these are the things it's so easy to blow right by in the emotion of the moment. It takes discipline and practice to hone communication skills. The Glasers give the reader a good guide, but you don't finish the book knowing a dozen handy phrases that will get you through touchy conversations. I don't give the book 5 stars because I found the figures in the book wanting. The Glasers may be fabulous oral communicators, but their book could be improved with better (consistent) graphics that lay out each of the models.


Review posted June 28, 2015


Extremely simple and great detailed information on how to fully communicate within all relations. I found the sections on giving and receiving criticism to be very insightful. The images laying out steps alongside of the more descriptive and detailed examples was useful. A book I shall read over and over through life.


Review posted June 25, 2015


Between the work, volunteer,and personal interactions I have regularly, I found that I was doing it all wrong! Well, not wrong, but sub-optimal. I have started using some of the suggestions already.

Sandi Richard'

Review posted June 23, 2015


Be Quiet Be Heard – The Paradox of Persuasion. Building Trust Through Conflict. By Susan R. Glaser PhD & Peter A. Glaser, PhD This book has an excellent collection of communication skills for any setting – business, church, families, etc; anywhere people and together and need to make decisions. I especially like the Glaser’s style of giving steps to achieve and become proficient in a particular skill. For example, to raise a concern which a group has not addressed, one can state their point, in tentative language. “I’m concerned that we haven’t considered LMN”. Then give an example. “When XYZ did this, they had difficulty with ABC”. Then summarize one’s position. “That’s why I think we should consider LMN. This seems like a great skill, which I have begun using in group settings with good results. Also very helpful is the chapter on overcoming anxiety and fear of public speaking. One needs to welcome the anxiety and rename it the “juice” which will make this a great talk. Breathing, thinking ones self into the feelings when one is competent and relaxed, and making eye contact with those in the audience who are very focused and positive is a great help. Overall, this is a valuable resource, and one which I will listen to (audio book) again and again.

[email protected]

Review posted May 26, 2015


Lots of good ideas and far more interesting that most "you need to listen more" talks.

[email protected]

Review posted May 8, 2015


This book is incredibly accessible and helpful. Just today I used a structure the book calls "perception checking" in a potential conflict with our church. They had asked for increased monthly contributions to support a new priest, and we obliged. Then we got a letter in the mail, not thanking us as I first thought, but asking for us to give a little more -- as if our contribution wasn't enough. This had the potential to really anger me, because we had to really think about how much we could give and gave what we could the first time. Plus it's already a sensitive topic of mixing money and God. Anyway I used the "perception checking" tool that the book offers -- I wrote an email asking if it had been a form letter. The pastor wrote back right away thanking us for our contribution and saying yes it had been a form letter. I think of how that conversation would have gone if I hadn't read the Be Quiet book and perish the thought!!! Thank you. That is only one gem -- the book has so many more useful tools and scripts. I would recommend this to anyone not just people in a workplace setting. Thank you!!!!!


Review posted April 29, 2015


Really great read on communication. I love how the authors use clear examples of how these skills can be successfully applied in all kinds of situations - volunteer community organizations, businesses, and at home. Was very easy to read, not too academic at all. Thank you for this book!


Review posted April 28, 2015


Be Quiet, Be Heard was a wonderful resource for the leadership work I do. I found it provided many tools to add to my toolbox and began using them immediately. I also shared with my team members as a communication training opportunity. I would recommend this book both professionally and personally. Thanks!


Review posted April 7, 2015


This book is well written and easy to follow. The examples that are given are relatable. As I was reading the book different situations in my workplace kept on coming to mind. I can't wait to practice the models with my team!

[email protected]

Review posted April 5, 2015


Good book to learn how people communicate with you and how you communicate with them.


Review posted March 25, 2015


Good lessons on patience


Review posted March 23, 2015


Everyone should read this book. It is well written and offers practical strategies to improve communication skills. Techniques can be applied to personal and professional relationships. I highly recommend.

[email protected]

Review posted February 20, 2015


Be Quiet, Be Heard (audiobook version) was a great introduction to becoming a confident communicator. Although the dialog between the two authors/ narrators seemed forced at times, the content was informative enough to continue. Invaluable lessons teaching communications skills that can be used at the office, at home and in your volunteer endeavors. Highly recommended for those commuters and working parents who do not have the time or energy to stay awake at night to read.


Review posted February 20, 2015


This book was very useful in learning about communication and conflict. I especially liked the chapter on the perception-reality gap. I would recommend this book.


Review posted February 17, 2015


The book has very easy to use and understand models. I ordered it on cd so I could listen at work which was very helpful.


Review posted February 2, 2015


I've really enjoyed this book


Review posted January 29, 2015


This audio book was helpful in verbal and non verbal cues on communication with others. I work with the public in retail so I chose this title. The authors of the book was the readers, and used example s that are clear.


Review posted January 6, 2015


Very informative and this about sums it up: "Instead of dreading criticism and conflict, we must recognize them for what they are- opportunities for generating creative solutions to problems, for gaining new perspectives, and for enhancing personal and professional relationships." page 63


Review posted January 2, 2015


This book goes deeper than a standard "how to talk so people will listen" and goes deeper into what exactly is going on with the people you are talking to. There is information that you have to go back to again and again so that you can practice. This is not about manipulating people to get them to do what you want. It's about understanding how to really relate to people in a purposeful way. I give it 5 stars. It is unique and well written.


Review posted December 30, 2014


Be Quiet Be Heard is a MUST read...and then study book! There are GREAT lessons shared within this book for every person...especially if you are a leader...want to be a leader or are part of a TEAM. I've read and studied leadership for many years...this is a MUST read book!


Review posted December 16, 2014


thought provoking


Review posted December 11, 2014


This is an absolute MUST read for today's business professional. Clear, concise information regarding communication being a key element in cooperative and effective functioning. This book offers refreshing ideas to develop the necessary skills to maintain long lasting relationships. I am very excited to begin implementing these creative strategies in my own personal and professional life! Thank you Ford Foundation, Susan R. Glaser, Ph. D., Peter A Glaser, Ph. D., and Arlene Matthews!!


Review posted October 18, 2014


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