Between the Listening and the Telling

How Stories Can Save Us

Mark Yaconelli is well known and much beloved in rural Oregon and Siskiyou circles for his powerful community storytelling events with The Hearth, based in Southern Oregon. He distills his learnings and experiences and beautifully weaves them with story in his latest book Between the Listening and the Telling. This work explores story as a connector of hearts, people, groups and communities. Many books “tell”, some “show,” and precious few actually lead to transformation. This one does all three. Mark invites vulnerability by being vulnerable, courage by being courageous, tears by revealing heartfelt truths, and laughter by being very funny. Beautiful, inspiring, timely.

206 pages. ©2022.
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Reader Reviews for this Book

Lowell Greathouse

Review posted September 16, 2022


Mark Yaconelli's book Between the Listening and the Telling reminds us of just how central stories are to our personal and collective well-being. Part of the magic comes from the telling and the inevitable remembering that is involved in storytelling, and part of it comes about because the community is broadened and deepened by the sharing of stories. Yaconelli reminds us that without stories, we will simply dry up spiritually. Early on, he says, "Every human being longs for a good question and a listening ear," and then he provides the reader with a number of examples of why this is so. In these difficult and divisive times, we need each other and the stories that give meaning to our lives in order to heal, become more civil and understanding, and learn how to listen once again. I found Between the Listening and the Telling to be a very helpful aid in how to survive these times. I'd highly recommend this book to others. It is a balm for the soul and Yaconelli is an able, experienced guide. Through stories we may yet make our way back to kindness and understanding, but as Yaconelli says, "we have to move at soul speeds" if we want to do this.


Review posted September 15, 2022


There are some really nice stories in this book. My husband used some of them in a speech he wrote.


Review posted September 7, 2022


I did not know what to expect from this book and it was very heartfelt and will be one that I will be recommending quite frequently to others. It reminded me that we are definately gifting someone so significant when we lend our ears and join them in their stories.. that we are not what we appear to be at surface but each of us carries a story that is asking to be heard. This is hands down one of my newest fav to read books to suggest to others.


Review posted September 2, 2022


This book is a wonderful reminder of the power of storytelling as a way of not only connecting with one another, but a catalyst for healing. As a therapist, I highly recommend writing as a mechanism for promoting healing and growth. The process of being seen by sharing our experiences needs to be reconsidered as an effective tool in the classroom for learning and promoting of social and coping skills.


Review posted August 29, 2022


simply, a powerful message, powerful for our time right now.


Review posted August 29, 2022


Another great addition to the lending library. This book brings the humanitarian perspective to the social strains of negotiating understanding.


Review posted August 28, 2022


Mark Yaconelli's book "Between the Listening and the Telling: How Stories Can Save Us" guides us away from noise and hear truth.


Review posted August 27, 2022


Having recently read several books on storytelling, including The Moth’s How to Tell a Story and Gareth Higgen’s How Not to be Afraid, I wondered why spend time reading another on the topic. Anne Lamott’s forward drew me in. The author’s having a diploma in spiritual direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary and experience with Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary intrigued me. While his points are in communion with other authors, his experiences and stories are uniquely from his own life experience and listening to others tell their stories. I loved this book & value the author’s work! It’s well written, engaging, and moved me over & over again.