Blue Zones

Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest

With the right lifestyle, experts say, chances are that you may live up to a decade longer. What’s the prescription for success? The author has traveled the world to uncover the best strategies for longevity found in the Blue Zones: places in the world where higher percentages of people enjoy remarkably long, full lives. He blends the unique lifestyle formula with the latest scientific findings to inspire easy, lasting change that may add years to your life.

320 pages. ©2010.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted February 15, 2023


This book gave me a lot of insight on how to live a longer life and showed me a whole different meaning to life. I loved hearing all the stories from people all around the world.


Review posted February 13, 2023


A decade later, this book is still applicable. For those who seek wellness through knowledge, bio hacking, etc.


Review posted February 7, 2023


I was really interested and excited to read this book. As a public health professional, blue zones (and green zones!) are integral parts of creating healthier people and healthier communities that thrive. The book provides several core lessons/values that people who live in blue zones hold, and how doing so results in a better quality of life. I am being careful that I do not spoil it for you - I highly recommend reading it and for you to learn about blue zones and whether you are able to incorporate it into your own life!

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Review posted December 27, 2022


I ordered this book so I could understand the local movement. It was really fascinating! I look forward to incorporating what I learned, and joining the community endeavor.


Review posted December 23, 2022


Beautiful book and very informative for longevity of life in a time where taking care of ourselves is on the back burner :(


Review posted December 1, 2022


I thought this book was really interesting and helped me contextualize life expectancy in the face of a very politicized landscape regarding medical information and what is good and what is bad advice for living with wellness. I found the tone to be hopeful.


Review posted December 1, 2022


My work recently participated in a Blue Zones-inspired healthier living project, and that made me want to read this book. I found this book easily accessible, easy to read, and enjoyable in terms of hearing stories of people who've lived long and fulfilling lives. I think a lot of the information provided on how to live longer was common sense, but I think this should be read with some critical thinking skills and only adapting the parts of it that make sense for you personally. Some of the advice offered was not for me (for example, recommending to be a part of a religious community--I do not think that would make my own life happier/longer). Overall, I enjoyed reading this, and will likely strive to implement some of the advice offered, but not all of it.


Review posted December 1, 2022


Great book! I appreciate the recommendations and that they go beyond just diet and exercise.


Review posted November 10, 2022


This book was extremely helpful in understanding what certain personality types of children need from us to feel our unconditional love. Enjoyed very much!


Review posted November 7, 2022


The original book was published in 2012 but remains of interest because it reports science and facts of communities in which people live long because of their healthy habits including having a positive outlook.

Kate A. Wilkinson

Review posted November 6, 2022


Very interesting read with some good ideas about how to improve your health and life expectancy.


Review posted October 18, 2022


I find the Blue Zones books and information very insightful. It all about getting back to natural foods, finding community and friends who support or live the Blue Zones principles.


Review posted October 6, 2022


This book is filled with such useful information, given from different perspectives. It really made me think about what’s important!! Here’s to a long, healthy and most important, fulfilling life!


Review posted July 27, 2022


This book shows some very inspirations ideas on how to be healthier in your life and your community. It was an excellent read and really came to me just when I needed it.


Review posted July 20, 2022


Turning 50 switched on a light of desire to learn more about living well, repairing the choices made by a youthful me, that had no cognitive grasp on the realities of aging. This book has opened up many avenues of choice I wish to pursue to live the remainder of my life in a more mindful, present and intentional way. Thank you. I have passed this book onto the first of my 4 children and hope to have them all read it too.


Review posted July 11, 2022


This is a great intro into the study of Blue Zones, or where the healthiest people live. I enjoyed reading about the different locations and seeing how their tips and tricks differ from and relate to each other. The website will send you into a rabbit hole, but a good one. There are other books to accompany it as well and I'm now reading the Blue Zones Challenge by the same author. Lots of great information about how to live a healthier lifestyle, directly from those who do it. The only reason I don't give it a 5 is because of the advice to drink wine every day. As someone who struggled with addiction, I think there are other ways to benefit our bodies than promoting alcohol on a daily basis. Also as a vegan and advocate of animals, people, & planet, the suggestion to continue eating meat, even in low quantities, still harms the animals themselves and our planet. If you can look past those parts, all is well. Thanks for the book!


Review posted June 23, 2022


A series of stories of those living into their 100's is a great reminder of ways to maintain healthy habits and lifestyle. My favorite was ikigai - the reason for waking up in the morning, a sense of purpose. I really enjoyed all the places the author went to meet with these folks and tell their stories.

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Review posted May 15, 2022


I found it to be interesting.


Review posted May 2, 2022


Well written, well found small details that can lead up to a happier, healthier life. Some ideas are difficult to put into modern American life practice, but the sole of the book full of positive things one can try.


Review posted April 17, 2022


Amazing! Super easy to get a book


Review posted March 31, 2022


This was an interesting read on a topic I had not given much thought to. I liked that the ideas are not pushed on you but rather you can pick and choose which, if any, are right for you. And it is backed up with years of research and study of areas that naturally live these ideas. It isn't about creating habits, that are likely to be dropped, but rather lifestyle changes for the long run. It needs to be natural.


Review posted March 28, 2022


Great information that is backed by a lot of basic knowledge.

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Review posted March 4, 2022


As an elder I am always interested in tweaks I can make to live a quality life. Coming from a family where the maternal side all lives into their 90s and 100s and are vibrant, I was interested in the Blue Zones research. I ultimately like the book which I did not expect to. However, I found it rather simplistic and generalist. Also I'm not sure that the conclusions are correct. Eat well, exercise, have a belief system, have close family and friends can apply to the developing world in general. Interesting read but don't be prepared to learn anything new or have any "magic" bullets included.


Review posted February 18, 2022


The captivating simplicity of a lifetime of purpose and balance of healthful living among centennials is tremendously instrumental in gifting ideas for how people may choose to rethink and recreate their current lifestyles, often bombarded with unhealthy distractions and gluttony. A pleasant and helpful read to revisit time and time again.


Review posted January 25, 2022


Blue Zones is a necessary read for anyone wanting to relocate to where the healthiest old folks live in the world. I picked up the book because I saw a Blue Zone logo in a town near my home. Unfortunately it was mentioned in the book.


Review posted January 4, 2022


Inspiring read!


Review posted December 26, 2021


Very interesting read that gives easy ideas and motivation to make positive, long lasting changes to your life that can directly affect your physical and mental health. I liked the story telling aspect of the book. Although I would have enjoyed a little more scientific and fact backed explanation to why the life style choices of these groups lead to longer longevity.


Review posted December 22, 2021


WOW, I am having my staff read this too. Great content, meaningful.


Review posted December 21, 2021


This was a fabulous book. I had heard about the Blue Zones, but the author took a wonderful deep dive into how each area became a Blue Zone. I will reread this book several times and have already passed it on to friends.


Review posted December 17, 2021


The Blue Zones is an interesting, captivating book to read! To learn some life lessons about centenarians in several blue zones. And the bonus at the end that there is a guide to incorporate these valuable health hints into your own life!


Review posted November 4, 2021


This book was validating and encouraging for one who is health and life conscious: I found the book offering extra facts on healthy eating and motivation to take a look at my own life and how to counter the harmful American cultural aspects on our well being

Vicki L Gale

Review posted October 8, 2021


I wanted to read this book to find out how to have a better quality of life, not necessarily to live to be 100 years old. It was interesting that the five blue zones were all very different (although they were all in warm climates), but they all had simplicity as the core. The thing that stood out to me was how important our mental health is in living a long and happy life. And how much we need each other. Our society is heading in the exact opposite direction, which is sad. One thing that I was surprised about was that genetics didn't play much of a role in living a long time. Maybe because this book has been around awhile (2008), not much was new to me. But all the suggestions on making our own blue zones were doable and practical, and the best part is, I already do most of them! The book was written in an interesting narrative, without a lot of extraneous science facts. It was easy to read and thought provoking. I enjoyed it.


Review posted September 13, 2021


this is a great book

Kathleen McCann

Review posted September 3, 2021


I enjoyed the ratio of scientific to sociological data in this book. there is much to ponder in the locations that were Blue Zones. There is also different aspects of the various cultures that don't make it to US studies of Living Longer. Community, Family and Faith practice seem to improve lives all over.

Oregon Karen

Review posted August 27, 2021


I loved this book and passed it on. I wish the United states could be more of a "Blue Zone" where is was easier to get healthy food and create communities that care about one another.


Review posted August 4, 2021


Very intriguing & insightful. Enjoyed.


Review posted July 30, 2021


Very good information. Intriguing.


Review posted July 29, 2021


It took me awhile to get really into this book. I put it down a couple of times until I got into the actual Blue Zone sections and the stories about visiting each Blue Zone, then I couldn't put it down. It is very inspiring and is making me look at small changes I can implement or restart in my lifestyle to improve my overall health and enjoyment of life.


Review posted July 23, 2021


I loved reading about each specific individual and their journey. Positive ideas to help on my own journey and to read all the 9 encouragements. Amazing studies with lots of time and effort put into finding truth about longevity. Thanks!


Review posted July 13, 2021


I was skeptical when I started reading this book, but ended up enjoying it. The Blue Zone is where they found people who live longer lives, what they do, eat and how they live factors into this. I found this easy to read, and kept my interest.


Review posted May 28, 2021


Relevant to the community and Blue Zones Project in the Umpqua. Buettner explains his logic and travels in an engaging, convincing manner. Easy to read and there's lots of tips on how to live longer, better. Each of the power 9 are interwoven and he does a good job connecting them all together. Some parts might seem a little far fetched or conjecture, but overall great tips and case studies on how to live a healthier life.


Review posted May 22, 2021


It wasn't quite what I was hoping for. There is more story telling and narrative as opposed to the more concrete information I expected.


Review posted May 19, 2021


This book was an interesting read with some ideas that can help people on their journey in life!

Cherie Hall

Review posted May 19, 2021


This book has changed our lives. Sound advice backed up by research. Easy to read and full of encouragement. We are now eating much less red meat, less volume, and more vegetables! More walking instead of sitting around. And we FEEL BETTER! Can't wait to read the next book, "Thrive."

Paula Jenssen

Review posted May 14, 2021


I was a little skeptical as the cover recommendation was from Dr. Oz, however, this book did not disappoint. It was an interesting read. I found myself drawn in by the personal stories of the centenarians. It resonates with my own life experience at half their age to find fulfillment in my life by focusing on giving to others and to practice having a healthy diet, regular exercise, a routine of good sleep habits and an overall positive outlook. These are keys to feel like my best self. I recommend this book.

Jennifer D

Review posted April 12, 2021


Well-written with inspiring examples of people who have lived long and healthy lives. Many of the nine power principles common to the areas of the world can be easily incorporated into our modern lifestyle; others will require re-evaluating our assumptions about what makes a good life and perhaps making some dramatic shifts in our attitudes and actions. Highly recommend the book to peak your interest. If it speaks to you, I would look for additional resources and support within our local Blue Zones Project - Umpqua to join with other community members in this journey.


Review posted April 7, 2021


I enjoyed traveling the world and experiencing up close the lifestyle of these centenarians. Most of it is common sense but is presented as if these are new or novel ideas. First of all, most humans could care less if they live an extra 5-10 years. Thus, the title is misleading and might even deter prospective readers who care more about better quality of their later years, rather than simple longevity. Especially if they feel that mortality has divine purpose and meaning, above endless doctor appointments, procedures, medications, and wilting at nursing homes. More emphasis needs to be placed on the whole food plant based diets that are ever present in those centenarian cultures. This completely debunks the low carb myth. American chronic illness of affluence stems from overconsumption of meat, dairy and animal products. The countries that eat the most carbohydrates are the leanest and suffer from the least amount of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. I liked how the book emphasized social networks, and the need for seniors to stay integrated in family & community. They need a sense of purpose and belonging. We would do well to know our neighbors, slow down, and share our learned lessons with the younger generation in a way that attracts them to us in return. Thank you for allowing me to read this inspiring book. I appreciate your efforts to put together this valuable program. -Cordell Smith


Review posted April 7, 2021


Very interesting read. I am used to reading fiction, so I thought this book would be a slow read. There were enough stories about the people interviewed that I found it easy and relatively quick to read. The author did a good job of summarizing the findings in a way that we can all incorporate into our daily lives. I am passing it on to other family members and encouraging them to read it.

Brenda Jackson

Review posted March 28, 2021


Thank you for this informative book. The highlights into aging in different areas of our world and suggestion for leading a longer, healthier life are food for thought and action.


Review posted March 15, 2021


Enjoyable read and interesting stories. Small way to add value and healthy longevity to life. Healthy longevity is more than just living longer, it is about living longer and being healthy.

[email protected]

Review posted January 31, 2021


I found the study fascinating and noted similarities in each zone. I have referred this book to several people that have enjoyed reading it as well


Review posted January 22, 2021


This book is an amazing combination of travelogue, cultural anthropology and practical health advice. Visiting the places in the world where people live the longest helps us learn how we can all be healthier.


Review posted January 7, 2021


It was a good book, very informative.


Review posted December 14, 2020


Excellent book! I found this book very informative and encouraging to move forward in living a long and healthy life. I would highly recommend it!


Review posted November 29, 2020


This book is a must for people who are interested in tips about living a longer, healthier and more satisfying life.


Review posted October 16, 2020


This book was very informative. I thought it was thought provoking with regard to the various aspects that can influence health.

Sarah D Butler

Review posted October 9, 2020


Blue Zones contains a number of easy doable lifestyle changes anyone can implement to have a happier healthier life. The writing style is conversational and easy to keep up. An enjoyable and informative 5 star read.


Review posted September 27, 2020


Good tips and neat information from around the world


Review posted September 15, 2020


Great to read what are community is up to and how it works!


Review posted September 10, 2020


This book caused me to become involved with the Blue Zones project. It's very accessible and allows for discussion of the topics with almost any age group.


Review posted August 28, 2020


Great book loved all the info about living longer.


Review posted August 27, 2020


I had high hopes for this book, however I was not able to engage in the book.


Review posted August 8, 2020


My wife and I have participated in the U. C. Veg / Blue Zones program in Roseburg, Oregon and are following the lifestyle changes in our eating habits. The Blue Zones book was very informative and interesting. It was good to see the different centenarian cultures and their practices which contribute to their longevity and happiness. Throughout the book I reflected on things that I wanted to keep doing or change to enjoy life to the fullest (i.e. - slow down, spend more time with friends, make sure I always have a life plan - a reason to get up each day, strive to incorporate being physically active in my daily routines - keep "exercise" as a separate routine to a minimum, smell the roses as I go through life - enjoy the journey!, and continue to keep the Sabbath Day holy and follow my religious beliefs and practices. This book was a good read.


Review posted July 10, 2020


I found this book to be extremely enlightening and relatable. Author Dan Buettner did a great job with storytelling, sharing the vital information about the lives of individuals across the globe's Blue Zones in such a way that I could relate it to my life and piece together how to best make health changes in my day-to-day lifestyle. The book itself is segmented nicely and easy to read through in day or two.


Review posted June 17, 2020


Already working a plan. Wonderful information. And an easy read with large print.


Review posted June 17, 2020


This was an eye-opening look at the commonalities of longevity around the globe and what factor/processes we can incorporate into our own lives.

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Review posted May 24, 2020


I am currently in the middle of reading this book. I have enjoyed learning about the different Blue Zone communities and what makes them unique.


Review posted May 9, 2020


I really enjoyed learning about the secrets of the world's longest lived people and what commonalities they share. I think it would be easy for anyone to incorporate these ideas into their lives if they are motivated to live longer, happier lives! I know i am! Excellent book...


Review posted May 4, 2020


Excellent book, so much to learn from non western countries

Purple Crayon Consulting

Review posted April 22, 2020


For people new to the concept of a healthier diet, more frequent exercise and good sleep, this book is a great motivator for change. For people already committed to a healthy lifestyle and conscious consumption, it might be redundant. Even though it was inspiring, I skipped quite a few paragraphs looking for new-to-me information.


Review posted April 20, 2020


Well written and gleans interesting insights into the factors that contribute to longevity. I enjoyed the stories about the people he interviewed. I appreciated the last chapter that provides guidance on how to incorporate the information into your own life.


Review posted April 11, 2020


FABULOUS! Love the stories rich in history, engagement, and heart! So descriptive that it makes me Wish I was there.


Review posted March 23, 2020


Such a great tool on the importance of implementing community-wide health promotion and disease prevention.

Mark Gronso

Review posted March 19, 2020


Blue Zones - 9 Lessons For Living Longer from the people who’ve live the longest. The book by Dan Buettner was a very informative and educational book. I’d recommend it to anyone interested how they might possibly want to change to a happier, longer and more fulfilling life, Of particular interest was how the elders from Sardinia, Okinawa, Lima Linda, CA, Costa Rica and Greece nearly all had a daily meeting of some sort with longstanding groups of elders in a social setting to “touch bases,” laugh and have fun. Diet much much different than the average America’s obviously helps the folks living in these Blue Zones to live longer more productive lives. Red meat is eaten in nearly all of them other than in Lima Linda, CA where the group studied consisted of Seventh Day Adventist’s who according to their doctrine abstain from eating meat. Overall there is many and more variations vegetables eaten in the Blue Zones than in the average American’s diet. Exercise relating to the workin people in these Blue Zones has most definitely extended the lives of these people’s. The older Shepard’s in Sardinia climb up and down the steep slopes daily to tend their flocks. Folks in Okinawa spend hours tending their home gardens bending and stooping. Beneficial also are the types of vegetables grown, eg. Bok Choy. The interaction between the young people of these Blue Zones to the centurions was fascinating. There is a much greater respect and understanding between youngsters and their great grandparents than is seen overall in the United States as a whole. Rather than cataloging and shuffling the older people off to nursing homes the elders are highly valued for their wisdom and stay an active part of the family unit. Which truly adds to each family making them more diverse and respected. Mr. Buettner has been all over the world knowing and working with other experts doing excellent research much published for National Geographic. I truly enjoyed the book and the chapter of my own Personal Blue Zone made me see where my inadequacies lie if I expect to live to 100. At 69 I feel where I really have done wrong is in my diet and social interactions with others. Possibly I can use what I learned to stretch out a few more good years! Thank you for such a good read! Sincerely, Mark Gronso PO BOX 1945 Pendleton, OR 97801


Review posted March 19, 2020


This book was so eye opening. I admire the people who did all of the research about centurions around the world so that we can use their life skills to better our own lifestyles. I am glad that Roseburg is part of the Blue Zones project!


Review posted March 2, 2020


I've always been interested in Blue Zones as I formerly lived in one. This book was just what I needed to gain an understanding of the primary variables which lead to the existence of such high concentrations of centenarians. Although each blue zone is separated by vast distances across the world they each share common linkages in diet, some form of spiritualism, community, and physical activity.


Review posted February 23, 2020


I first heard of Blue Zones at my local pizza place. The book covers different people from regions around the world. The telling of those people reinforces what i already knew, your lifespan is tied to yor heritage. What you eat and how you live is handed down generation after generation. You cannot simply change your lifestyle to mirror someone that has a family dispostion to live long productive lives. What was reinforced and helpful is MODERATION. That is probably the best lesson to a long and happy life, mixed in with a good sense of humor.


Review posted January 21, 2020


Who doesn't want to learn how to live longer? This book is nonfiction and tells the reader about research across the globe into communities that have people who live longer than anywhere else - the so-called Blue Zones. This book was highly readable and really interesting. I came away with lots of scientific knowledge about how I can live longer and lots of practical ideas I can apply as well. Really good read, highly recommend.


Review posted January 17, 2020


great read


Review posted January 14, 2020


Wonderful book, worth the read. Very interesting and good values to live by.


Review posted January 10, 2020


"Blue Zones" is not only a window into healthy, long-lasting life, but also provides a set of tools to apply this wisdom to everyday life for those of us who do not live in these special demographic areas. The lessons learned from observing long lived individuals provide insight on the core values of healthy living that are universally across all cultures.


Review posted January 10, 2020


Very intriguing review of locations and habits of those who lived many years. The case studies and good takeaways- laugh more, eat less meat, and move your body!

[email protected]

Review posted December 16, 2019


Really like the idea of this book but for some reason had a hard time getting into it. A lot of diverse stories.


Review posted December 8, 2019


Worth the read. Worth the find


Review posted December 3, 2019


The Blue Zones 9 Lessons for Living Longer was incredibly insightful and offered a world of information, some seemingly obvious but some is all new and fresh information. All very useful and applicable though. I love how the books takes short journeys into some specific people and enlightens us, inspires me to live a healthy, longer, and more robust life. It really forced me to take a step back and look at my life and make some serious revisions to my list of priorities.

Christen Mansuetti

Review posted November 17, 2019


With my grandmother approaching her 100th birthday I was intrigued by the data collected in The Blue Zone. A must read for anyone who is cares about their longevity and the longevity of those they love. I felt a real connection to the lifestyles of the centurians interviewed because I have watched and learned from my grandmother who practices many of the rituals concluded in this book for a long and healthy life.


Review posted November 4, 2019


This book was a fabulous story. Most of the content wasn’t a surprise, and much of the data is widely reported. However, the writing and the personal stories of centenarians across the globe were fascinating. I recommend to anyone interested in health and longevity, and a few different cultural perspectives on aging.


Review posted November 4, 2019


This gem of a book provides not only inspiration to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, but the individual stories from centenarians was reaffirming. The author, Dan Buettner, made a project out of seeking out areas in the world where lifestyle is keeping a notable number of people especially healthy into their later years. The emphasis here isn't on solely living longer, as the subtitle suggests, but far more important is living longer in good health, which was also exemplified in the stories.


Review posted October 28, 2019


The book gives you a look into the lives of centenarians who live all around the world. You learn about what they eat, how they live, what matters most in their lives and what unique characteristics are common among them all as the writer travels to each of their towns. In many ways this book is a travel adventure into the lives of people in other cultures. It is a close up look at how they thrive. This book has inspired me to eat healthy, reach out into my community, find my purpose and prepare to grow my own food. It demonstrates how the simple things along with hard work really are the essentials of a great life. The challenge is to create this in your own hometown and not to go and crowd these amazing towns across the globe as we might do because we seek to have what they have found. It is to build it and find it within the place you currently live because you have the power to do it.

Hannah McKay

Review posted October 21, 2019


The Blue Zones book is an insightful read that shows us important take-aways from our ancestors and how we can improve in the times to come. The book brings back the concept of simple living, friendship, solitude, and eating from the earth...And how much better that makes life here!


Review posted October 20, 2019


I wanted to read more of Dan Buettner's publications after reading the National Geographic special edition "Blue Zones - The Science of Living Longer". The Umpqua Blue Zone presented the project at my work, which was my first exposure to the concepts of the Power 9, and it appealed to me so much that I've wanted to learn and adopt all I can! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to receive this book through the Ford Foundation! I've been overwhelmingly thrilled by the intimate personal stories of these amazing elderly people around the world! In particular, that it's been found that their good health is partially due to plant-based lifestyles and continuing to be active, moving, contributing people! I've been mostly plant-based for 7 years and especially value how this book gets the word out about the importance of eating more plants, and very little animal proteins. I'm also impressed by the emphasis on the importance of face to face interaction with friends and family, and the importance of honoring and taking care of our elderly. The 9 concepts explained and encouraged in the book are an inspiration to anyone that is seeking to push back on the common unhealthy lifestyles of these times we live in, to instead live the healthiest, longest life they possibly can!


Review posted October 12, 2019


Interesting to read. It covers many areas of living right. Bringing together all the research from all these different people and cultures, and finding the similarities in the habits of people living over 100 in areas around the world, was really informative. Having a tribe, a sense of purpose and belonging takes this past the usual health and nutrition book. Plus, it has a plan readers can use to put it all into practice that includes meal planning and preparation. Very thorough, enjoyable read.


Review posted October 8, 2019


I thought this book was incredibly well thought out and useful in terms of understanding simple ways to live a better, stronger and healthier lifestyle. Since reading this book, I have become involved in Blue Zones Umpqua


Review posted October 2, 2019


Amazing book about the choices we can make to live a longer and healthier life. We can make a blue zone in our own lives if we make the changes. Really enjoyed reading this book and has got me thinking about things I can do to prolong my life.


Review posted September 17, 2019


As I age it becomes increasingly important for me to take the wisdom of aging from those people whose lifestyles have proven to be successful in this arena. This book is a nice journey within this arena.


Review posted September 17, 2019


Very interesting book. A real eye opener!

Christy S. Wurster

Review posted September 4, 2019


This book details the lives of centenarians around the globe and their "secrets" for living a long life. It was inspirational reading on an interesting subject. I could not put the book down! I am eager to do more research on how cities can take this research and apply it throughout their individual communities--mine included. Two thumbs up!


Review posted August 15, 2019


I am always drawn to books that speak to how to add quality and “quantity” to life. This book really made me think about how little time each of us are given and the importance of using this precious resource to the fullest both as individuals and as productive members is society. The book is full of interesting scenarios and ideas

[email protected]

Review posted August 12, 2019


Though this book has been around awhile now, the contents were highly informative, offering all of us a fairly consistent roadmap to living a longer and more fulfilling life. Personally, I think of this often, especially as I near retirement and consider my lifestyle into my elder years. I am sharing this with my colleagues and clients, many who are in their senior years, and trust they will take these ideas into consideration as well.


Review posted August 6, 2019


Such a great book! I was aware of the importance of eating a more whole foods plant based diet rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts and beans and adding more movement to my life. What I learned was the value of such things as self-care, family and community. Important lessons...


Review posted August 6, 2019


I knew very little about Blue Zones before I came to Roseburg and learned about the local organization. I read the book so I could put the local efforts into perspective, and now I better understand the objectives of our local group. The book was easy to read, and I especially enjoyed learning about specific people in the blue zones that were identified.


Review posted July 23, 2019


The book opened my eyes Big Time. I leaned that Stress is a big factor when it comes to longevity. Take life one day at a time. It helped me see that I can change how I live and still enjoy or maybe even enjoy life more. I have started to make changes to what I eat and how much I eat.

[email protected]

Review posted July 2, 2019


Excellent book! Discusses what truly creates health and holistic wellness. Focuses on happiness and what creates this, community and how it affects overall community and individual health.


Review posted June 19, 2019


Blue Zones is an interesting, conversational book that is a much faster read than one would guess from its 300+ pages. It is a book that is good for beginning conversations, either internally or with others. Is it a book that can tell you how to live longer? Probably not-- in fact, it might be a book that is ultimately more about living in the moment. This book made me less concerned about how long I might live and more concerned about how I will spend my moments in the near future.


Review posted June 5, 2019


Not only did I enjoy a thorough conversation of what I expected - studies on lifestyle, cultural, geographical and belief habits that create pockets of longevity, I ALSO came away with approachable, simple changes that I can make for myself and my family. I was surprised by the practical application.


Review posted June 4, 2019


Interesting way to share information on health and well being. Discover things that cultures across the world do to promote personal and community health. Final chapter brings the lessons to a personal level.


Review posted June 1, 2019


I learned about the Blue Zones during classes in a whole food/plant based diet group. Their lessons had already convinced me about all of the scientific reasons for eating a plant based diet, so I didn't need the science lessons to be repeated, but I kept them in mind while reading the Blue Zones book. It was nice to see communities who had always followed the health lessons we were taught in our classes. The author shared many stories and I enjoyed his sense of humor, such as when he ordered oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, when he could have had yummy pancakes dripping with butter and syrup. I laughed out loud when he described a "kid" riding his bike over to visit his mama. I really enjoyed the book.


Review posted May 11, 2019


Encouraging and practical with no gimmicky, one-size-fits-all approach. The interviews with centenarians (people over 100) were entertaining as well as enlightening. You get to peak inside the lifestyles and history of folks from widely different cultures. The author identifies nine "lessons" that all their lives seem to have in common to one degree or another. Each chapter is a highlighted Blue Zone with a summary at the end. The final chapter is the most helpful, where the reader is encouraged to apply each of the Blue Zone lessons learned to one's own life thereby creating our own personal Blue Zone.


Review posted May 8, 2019


This book is very informative as its filled with practical tips to help you live a longer life! He discusses each area in the world where people live the longest and how science, lifestyle, and food effects that and how we can incorporate those things into our lives. I'd recommend this book.


Review posted May 7, 2019


A journey around the world, I can only imagine the sights and sounds the crew experienced, the pure joy of discovery. I love to travel and meet new people, the interviews were very interesting to me. In the last 120 days I have made an earnest effort to cut cholesterol and sugar from my daily diet. This included 30 days in Paris, France - land of many ethnic cuisines - life enriching, high fiber, and ever so tasty. The Blue Zones research is an inspiring read and has encouraged me to live another 65 years. Thank you FFF for making these gems available.


Review posted May 7, 2019


Wonderful read!!!! Excited to spread the info about healthy choices and a long and prosperous life.


Review posted April 25, 2019


Excellent. Very enlightening. A "how to guide" on how to live a long and fulfilling life. Definitely worth the read.


Review posted April 25, 2019


I enjoyed this book. Learning about the different cultures and how simple, healthy, and happy their lives are was interesting and eye opening. They serve as a model for what life could and I would argue should be like. We are attempting to implement some of the practices into our community, but it is not easy. In the United States life has become so complicated that it is difficult to clear the clutter and focus on what is really important in life - faith, family, health, social connections, purpose, etc. Things that are identified in the book that make up the “power 9” which are keys to living longer, healthier lives like the people in the world’s “Blue Zones”.


Review posted April 10, 2019


I loved this book! I gained so much useful knowledge and it was entertaining to read!!


Review posted April 10, 2019


love the book, and the weekly emails.


Review posted March 18, 2019


This book was the best read I have had so far from the books I have received on Select Books. Blue Zones is very informative, providing facts and statistics on these particular areas in the world that have the longest life spans and are living the highest quality of life. Instead of us having to travel to these places, the book gives us an idea of how these people live and some of the practices that the have instilled into their daily lives that we are able to then put into practice in our own lives. Such a good read, I would suggest it for anyone that is wanting to improve their quality of life and is interested in learning steps on how to do that.


Review posted March 13, 2019


Amazing book, have shared it with my husband and we have taken some ideas to leading a healthier lifestyle


Review posted February 25, 2019


The book was very informational. It is a book with good practices for daily living. Getting a community to conform to this way of thinking is a great task, but one worth working towards.


Review posted February 12, 2019


Reading "The Blue Zones" was like being on a treasure hunt as the author searched for centenarians in various cultures. What am I doing differently after reading the book? A few examples: silently saying to myself before eating the "hara hachi bu" adage (eat until you are 80 percent full), eating more fruits and vegetables, using smaller plates to encourage eating less, and going outdoors anytime the sun appears (Vitamin D). Thought this book would be academic; fortunately, it was filled with meaningful life stories and gave examples of what individuals do in their daily lives to live to be over 100-years old.


Review posted February 11, 2019


I liked the novel format, as the book reads like stories from different places with good imagery and descriptions for healthy living. The tips are a little redundant, but the advice is easy to follow. Good information for anyone wanting to improve their health with understandable terms.


Review posted February 7, 2019


Once I got into reading this book, is was a very easy reading book. A lot of information, but in a understandable format. Good usable ideas I can incorporate into my daily life.


Review posted February 4, 2019


Blue Zones is a must-read for anybody interested in obtaining a long life, full of enjoyment. The pillars of longevity in this book are a real treasure chest. A real blessing of a book.


Review posted January 29, 2019


The Blue Zones gives you advice on how to live to be 100 years and older by looking at five spots across the planet, where people live the longest, and drawing lessons about what they eat, drink, how they exercise and which habits most shape their lives.


Review posted January 28, 2019


I loved reading the stories they are detailed perfectly as to feel as if one can see the people being portrayed


Review posted January 2, 2019


I found the book to be very interesting. Dan Buettner’s work is so vital to our cultures ability to live healthy productive lives. The lesson strategies outlined for how to put the Blue Zones to work in my own personal life are clear in outlining doable steps to enhance my life and those close to me. Since reading this book I have had the opportunity to hear Dan Buettner speak and have read other books written by him, along with watching videos of him visiting the Blue Zones. I am soon embarking on a trip where I will be in the Costa Rican Blue Zone and look forward to experiencing this culture.

Lori Harch

Review posted December 30, 2018


Though somewhat long winded, the author gives good advice for living longer and better. He supports most of his assertions, and has an easy-to-read writing style that includes many personal stories.


Review posted December 17, 2018


Great information on societies across the globe that have naturally healthy lifestyles that not only allows them to live longer, but live higher quality lives. It's more than diet and exercise. This book has a 9 components that you can work on to increase the quality of your life. One of those is imbibing with some red wine. It's a great read.


Review posted December 13, 2018


I particularly like that there is a chapter for creating my own Blue Zone personal plan. The Steps provided are easy to assess and determine what will work in your own life, and to build new habits or lifestyle in small increments. This is a book to come back to often, and is a very easy read.


Review posted November 21, 2018


I really enjoyed this book and will be lending it to friends to read. I heard about this book here in Roseburg and will be practicing these techniques and am very grateful that the Ford Family Foundation has created this Select Books program. I highly recommend this book!


Review posted November 17, 2018


I chose this title after a friend introduced me to the concept of Blue Zones. I enjoyed learning about what makes for a long, healthy life and it's interesting to learn about other cultures. I think the author added maybe 20% more fluff than my ideal, but I appreciate the take away points and lessons.


Review posted November 9, 2018


This is a fabulous book. I highly recommend it! Very informative, helpful and healthful!


Review posted November 3, 2018


Book: The Blue Zones. Very well written and comprehensive.


Review posted October 28, 2018


Great book for the individual, the community, and for everyone who cares about both.

[email protected]

Review posted October 20, 2018


Amazing! In addition to being a glimpse into several other cultures and ways of life, the health improving habits outlined in the book are great food for thought. I have already found myself thinking about the ways in which I can improve my health and longevity by tweaking little things in my diet, environment, and outlook. An easy, but fascinating read.

Darcie Belle

Review posted October 18, 2018


I loved the research base of this book. We have the Blue Zones Project in our community, and this book helped me to understand their purpose and the data that they rely on to create their path for better community health.


Review posted October 17, 2018


Really interesting findings. Love the personal bluezones options to begin adding healthy steps and the self assessments available online for more ideas of self improvement.


Review posted September 30, 2018


I learned a great deal from this book. I agreed with what I was reading and in doing other research I feel the Blue Zones ideas are spot on with reaching a healthier lifestyle. This is a book I will go back and read again and again. Great information.


Review posted September 27, 2018


I ordered this book after we discussed the Blue Zones study in several of my master's courses. It's interesting and worth a read if you have any interest in health/nutrition around the world.


Review posted September 17, 2018


This was an easy and enjoyable read. It is so interesting to read about the research that is involved to find these longest living people of the five zones--Sardinia, Okinawa, America, Costa Rica and Greece. I also really enjoyed the chapter called Your Personal Blue Zone--a how to guide on incorporating the practices of these zones into your own life. Thank you to the author for his research and the writing of this book.


Review posted September 5, 2018


Interesting read, interesting subject.

David Soder

Review posted September 2, 2018


Excellent book, well written, well researched. Blue Zones and the recommendations discussed could well be a basis for a longer and healthier life.

Gina Kelley

Review posted September 1, 2018


I would like to give a good review but since i never got my book i can't. I called to let her know that i did not get it and she said she would mail another one but i have not got that one either.

[email protected]

Review posted August 23, 2018


This book will be a great addition to my library.


Review posted August 23, 2018


Highly recommended read! Good information on how to live healthier for individuals, families and communities.


Review posted August 18, 2018


Absolutely love it ! I ordered this book after attending a blue zones meeting and it was absolutely satisfactory!! I’m hoping to be able to implement some of the tips into my family’s way of things to better things for my daughters future !!


Review posted August 16, 2018


I first read about Secrets of Living Longer in a 2005 edition of National Geographic. So when I heard about the extension of this investigation called Blue Zones, I was intrigued. The book suggests various practices prevalent in communities where people live longer. I have adopted some of these practical tips and feel they will continue to help me live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for this book gift!


Review posted August 8, 2018


Interesting book with common sense ways to live longer going by how those in the Blue Zone; Okinawa, sardinian, Costa Rica..... live. Each shows what they eat and avoid, exercise, natural supplements and other ways to enhance their lives like giving, getting out, laughter and more. Pretty much live an active life with purpose and watch what you eat. The book was interesting to read about different star characters but didn't give much more than what is already known.


Review posted July 27, 2018


This is a wonderful, insightful read for those wanting to explore the realities of how our surroundings shape our everyday lives.

Pamala Joy

Review posted July 24, 2018


Wow! What a wonderful resource of information on healthy living. I loved reading this book, which was written in a style that draws the reader into the lives of both the centenarians and the researchers. The reviews at the end of each chapter are a rich summary of the lifestyle choices which seem to make a difference in people's lives. Although I already make a lot of healthy choices in my life, reading this book gave me some new options for even better choices. Thank you! I am very grateful to have this in my reference library and to loan out to others. I wish everyone could be influenced by the findings in this book, to transform our less than balanced culture into one that really supports a healthy long life.


Review posted July 17, 2018


I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing book. The different journeys of the people met with life experiences. Little lessons such as "Hara hachi bu"...from the Blue Zone in Okinawa or "Plan de Vida" from Costa Rica. Eating healthy from your own garden to exercising daily...but enjoying life while celebrating with others can never put out your reason to live.Having less in life sometimes make us appreciate more and want to share with others our life lessons.

Wednesday Martin

Review posted July 11, 2018


I have learned a lot of things about living longer that I would like to incorporate into my life. I have contacted the local Blue Zone project manager and will be meeting with him tomorrow to see if we can get the Blue Zone project into my worksite.

[email protected]

Review posted July 9, 2018


"Blue Zones" is incredibly inspiring. We can all live happier, healthier, and more content lives. I felt motivated to make changes so that I can make the best and most of the one life I have to live.


Review posted July 8, 2018


This book is Amazing! It helped me better understand bluezones and had so much more details than the what National Geographic summarized in their magazine. I highly recommend to anyone interested in the project.


Review posted June 30, 2018


The Blue Zones is a rather easy and enjoyable read. I would say that nothing in the book came as a big surprise in terms of the lifestyles carried out by those in the Blue Zones. The typical western lifestyle is full of processed food, sedentary behaviors, stressful living conditions, over-eating and so forth. While the habits of those in the Blue Zones may not have come as a surprise, the book was thoroughly enjoyable to read given the glimpse we get into the personal stories of some remarkable and some not so remarkable centenarians. The writer framed the lifestyle and personal choices of these individuals using a format that read like a story (or several short stories) rather than using a more scientific or non-fiction approach. On the flip side, I would be interested in learning about any substantive research associated with the "findings" revealed in the book as the book and findings appeared to be heavily anecdotal rather than scientific.


Review posted June 27, 2018


I'm a HUGE fan of the Blue Zone principles and found the lessons shared in the book to be encouraging and full of inspiring information! We all have an opportunity to live in such a "zone" with mindfulness. A great quick read full of enlightenment!


Review posted June 18, 2018


This is a great book if you are interested in living life fully and staying healthy as you age. The author provides a very engaging narrative of the story behind the concept and research of Blue Zones and wraps up each chapter and the book with a handy guide to the "take-away" lessons gleaned from each of of the research "zones."

Melissa Cribbins

Review posted June 14, 2018


Great explanation of Blue Zones!


Review posted May 29, 2018


This is a very good book to have…especially if you want to live to be 100+ years of age. Not only is it possible to have longevity in your life, but you can also learn some ways to improve the quality of your life. The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest by Dan Buettner is a book that reminds you about well-known habits to incorporate into your daily life such as eating your vegetables and making time to be physically active every day. Buettner also points out the not-so-obvious ways to live a longer life such as doing things in your life that make your heart sing. Doing things that you find to be interesting and that challenge you, that help get you excited about moving into your day. The Blue Zones in the world are so-called due to circling the places on the map with the densest population of centenarians with a blue pen. The Blue Zones takes the reader to five different Blue Zones in the world where the population of centenarians is quite a bit more than in the rest of the world: Sardinia, Okinawa, Loma Linda (Yes! The USA does have one Blue Zone!), Cost Rica and Greece. Each of these Blue Zone areas have some commonalities, but they also have a few differences that are specific to their areas. Ultimately, there is a recipe for longevity and it has to do with having what is considered a healthy lifestyle. This healthy lifestyle has just as much to do with the foods you eat, the things you drink, and the amount of exercise you do as it does with the community you build, the passions that you have in your life and the ability to unplug and relax at least one day a week. As you read this book, consider some of the suggestions found there as possibilities you may be able to incorporate into your own lifestyle in order to live a longer, more meaningful and healthy life.


Review posted May 20, 2018


I enjoyed the mix of practical tips and stories of people and how they are living the strategies. This was very helpful in understanding the intent of the Blue Zones Project and efforts in Josephine County.


Review posted May 17, 2018


Our county in Oregon was recently selected for the Blue Zones 3-year project. This book has be helpful in explaining more about the BZ process and how it came to be. Highly recommended!


Review posted May 11, 2018


If you're interested in either self-help or travelogues, you'll enjoy this book! An interesting exploration of those living the longest with the highest quality of life around the world. Both an entertaining read, and full of suggestions for little modifications for your own life.

Christi A Clark

Review posted May 6, 2018


On the positive side, read this when I needed inspiration to make healthy choices. On the negative side, the 9 lessons for Living Longer are common sense.


Review posted April 30, 2018


Fascinating information about lifestyles that promote longevity. Very applicable to our everyday lives.


Review posted April 22, 2018


Great information


Review posted April 20, 2018


Excellent read. Well written with easy-to-follow layout.

Lacey Lay

Review posted April 18, 2018


This was a fun and informative read combining both health and anthropology. I would recommend to anyone interested in either of those things


Review posted April 5, 2018


This book was all that I was told it to be by others. Since reading it, several others have borrowed/shared the book. Several of us are making life changes to be better aligned with the Blue Zone benefits. Thank you for the opportunity to obtain these books.


Review posted April 5, 2018


I'm so busy with home and family and work and everything else that it's easy to forget to take care of myself. Worse yet, I say "no" to things because I feel like I don't have time or I'm too stressed. This book focuses heavily on diet, but also includes ideas to reduce stress and built healthy habits that make me more productive. I paired this book with a couple of motivational apps that prompt me to build healthy lifestyle habits like drinking more water, waking up earlier to walk my dog before getting the household up and ready for work/school, and drinking green tea in the afternoon at work.


Review posted March 30, 2018


An inspiring read. An easy to follow guidebook to good health, with vivid interviews with those who are living long and healthfully.

Margene Clyde

Review posted March 13, 2018


This book was very inspiring and convincing to follow a purpose driven life-style. The nine steps are good guidelines to think about and adapt. Would recommend to everyone. Margene


Review posted March 7, 2018


This book is great. I heard about Blue Zones through my small community that is initiating Blue Zones and thought I should educate myself on it before getting involved. It's interesting to see so many different perspectives around the world and I think this would be a good book to stick in one of our roadside libraries when I'm done!

Richard LaPlante

Review posted March 6, 2018


Very inspirational. I had just started to make some life style changes concerning my health and the stories of the people researched by the author really helped to motivate and launch me into my program. A real imparting of keys and a drive for life that we should all experience every day.


Review posted March 3, 2018


Loved the book. Learned a lot about the way the people in the healthiest areas in the world are eating, drinking and moving naturally. I strive to live life as full as they do.


Review posted February 20, 2018


I enjoyed reading this informative book, which was surprisingly an easy and quick read. I especially tuned in at the chapter end 'Blue Zone Secrets' which punctuated the highlights. There was great research conducted for this book, which I appreciate, however, much of the information seemed logical in my personal experience. Being unable to navigate the Blue Zone website for the Vitality Compass was a bit disappointing and hence, I was unable to do a personal longevity test. However overall, I would recommend this book as a wonderful resource for healthy lifestyles.

Lisa K Jordan

Review posted February 9, 2018


This is one of the best books I have read in a long time! It not only gave great advice for a balanced life, it introduces you to many very interesting individuals and cultures. Well worth the read and valuable as a reference or book to re-read.


Review posted February 5, 2018


I completely enjoyed this book and have gone on to get the other Blue Zones books. Lots of information to simplify your life to be more enjoyable and livable. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a change in the course of their life journey.


Review posted January 29, 2018


Author Dan Buettner sticks to the facts and first-person anecdotal evidence in describing healthier lifestyle alternatives that may add to one's personal longevity. While global in scope the motivated reader will undoubtedly try and duplicate these approaches with changes in diet, cultural, and social habits. I took solace in knowing that I currently engage in many healthy lifestyle choices but have the opportunity to do better. And I don't have to move to Sardinia or the Greek Isles although my fascination is heightened after reading The Blue Zones.


Review posted January 27, 2018


While reading this book I feel its important to include ALL the reasons for the Blue Zones, not just the foods, but the lifestyle as well!


Review posted January 26, 2018


A smooth read, this book is great for all adult level readers to include some teens. The author creates a personalized approach throughout, making this book read more like a story. And a catchy story at that! It certainly persuades the reader to join in on a healthier life journey. A life journey that appears to be quite reasonable. I highly recommend adding this book to your collection, especially with Umpqua Valley now involved in the Blue Zones Project.


Review posted January 19, 2018


Very good information. It has really gave me an understanding of the Blue Zone project that is taking place here. It has helped my wife and myself to change our life styles.

Kevin Wright

Review posted January 8, 2018


This was such a fascinating book for me! I am 57 and it helped answer some questions for me and gave me some helpful information. I think any age adult could find this book helpful!

Nancy Ashley

Review posted January 2, 2018


While the book highlights elements of well-being, they are presented in a way which may not always resonate with the reader. Of the five Blue Zones discussed, only one is a “first world” community – that in Loma Linda, California. The rest of the people described are living second- or third-world lifestyles, which the reader may be glad not to be living. Some of us may find that a low-carb diet works better for us than the carb-dense, plant-based diets universal to the Blue Zones. The author comes close to suggesting that we first-world people who retire from careers are less likely to have a sense of purpose, to which I object. I have just retired, and have a new and very motivating sense of purpose in helping to form community social connections by running a Meetup site. Most of the Blue Zone people are closely surrounded by family, whereas many first-world people wind up living far from family members. I am a happy widow, glad not to have children or grandchildren. The author does mention, very briefly, that having any kind of social connections, not just family connections, is associated with well-being. But one can finish the book wondering – is the author saying that each of the ways in which I choose to differ from the described elements of well-being constitutes one more peg in an early coffin? I doubt that is his intention, but I do hope that further writings on this topic will explore people living well with first-world lifestyles.

Brady AE

Review posted December 30, 2017


I find it an important topic. Where are people living the longest in good health mentally, physically, etc. The book was not as in depth as I would have liked. It is an entry into the concept that the environment, the foods, and the way we live are worth paying attention to so we can have a greater expectation of long term health. I like the things that delineate where we are not victims by authors of our own wellbeing.


Review posted December 29, 2017


I particularly enjoyed two features of this book, Blue Zones around the world and the quick references in the gray boxes. The book more than met my expectations.

Dick Dolgonas

Review posted December 25, 2017


I have been familiar with the Blue Zones, so was interested to read the book. I was a bit surprised to see the quote from Dr. Oz on the cover, mainly because now he seems more like a TV star rather than someone addressing health. But the book itself is good as well as easy to read; it is written as a series of stories about the people and communities, which makes in interesting. While the phrase “correlation does not imply causation” comes to mind when reading the book, most of the concepts put forth are somewhat familiar. Perhaps the greatest take-away is recognizing this is not about personal resolve, will power, etc., but rather how communities can change based on the “Power Nine” to make it easier for residents to make the healthy choice the easy choice.


Review posted December 6, 2017


So many great life lessons. I plan to make changes for a more positive lifestyle.


Review posted November 29, 2017


AMAZING! I cannot put this book down. Such an interesting book and program.


Review posted November 15, 2017


good book easy to read

Dana Brown

Review posted November 1, 2017


This book presented a close up view of some very interesting people and places. The study team then stepped back to show the big picture of how many components fit together to make a culture of healthy longevity. The last chapter offers some very practical suggestions for steps we can take to shift our lifestyle and culture in that direction. I am super excited about the new Blue Zones Project Umpqua starting here!


Review posted September 28, 2017


Excellent blueprint (had to use that!) for communities, but also for personal wellness improvement. Highly recommended.


Review posted September 15, 2017


i just cracked this book but so far it is a very easy read. lessons that have been gleaned from people living in these so-called blue zones are shared. the author notes that you don't have to adopt a perfect lifestyle but can pick and choose which changes are realistic for you in your life. pretty neat!


Review posted September 7, 2017


Life changing!


Review posted September 4, 2017


This book tracks some common longevity factors found in small, usually remote, parts of the world where average life expectancy is very high and there are a large number of people over 100. At the end of the book, it offers suggestions on how we can incorporate some of these factors into our own lives. There's nothing earth-shattering here, but the observations of different cultures makes it an enjoyable read, and it has some potentially useful information.

Kon Damas

Review posted August 26, 2017


Very helpful read about how a variety of places around the world are experiencing exceptional longevity. The author has a conversational style which works to keep the reader curious and eager to hear the factors which may preserve health over 100. I will recommend it to people who I like.

[email protected]

Review posted August 22, 2017


I enjoyed this book about the Blue Zones. It is easy to read and interesting to hear about the areas around the world where people live in such a way that they are healthier than the average population. Many of these ideas are adaptable to the average person. I hope our communities and country adapt more of these principles.


Review posted August 13, 2017


this is one of my very favorite select books so far. so much information in this book validated thoughts and suspicions that I had about longevity. I like how the author points out that its not just one aspect of improvement (diet, exercise, environment, etc), but a combination of all to improve our lifespan


Review posted August 9, 2017


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author did a great job of telling the stories of the centenarians, helping the reader to feel a connection with their lives. This book also gave me great steps to apply in my own life to live a longer, happier, and healthier life. It was a pleasure to read and I will be passing the book onto my coworkers for their enjoyment.


Review posted July 29, 2017


I just finished reading The Blue Zones and I can't help but being inspired by the book. I'm convinced that that is not the places (the so-called blue zones) that make it feasible for healthy longevity, but rather the life styles and attitudes imbued in the culture of those regions that become the determining factors. This is a good read that I recommend.


Review posted July 21, 2017


This is a great book to help me understand the framework as we get ready to introduce this initiative in our community. There are some redundant portions, but worth the read.


Review posted July 15, 2017


We studied this subject in our Adult Development class so when I saw this book on here I was very excited to further my knowledge of the subject. This book is a good read and gives the reader something to think about as far as living a long, healthy, happy life. This hits home as a college student it is easy to forget about the things that REALLY matter not just the studying and finals I am currently surrounded by. This book was an excellent mind reset and I highly recommend.


Review posted July 10, 2017


A readable account of communities with a higher concentration of centenarians. Mostly anecdotal, with some research sprinkled through. Getting a peak into their everyday lives kept the pages turning.


Review posted July 7, 2017


Great book. Blue Zones are those areas in the world where large numbers of residents live statistically longer lives than the rest of us- typically residents live to be over 100 years old. What is different about those people? What do they do that we can emulate? Not surprisingly, diet, exercise, and attitude have a a great deal to do with happiness and longevity of life. The specific types of diet and exercise may surprise you. I have changed many habits based on the messages shared in this book. Definitely worth the read!


Review posted June 28, 2017


Fantastic read!


Review posted June 28, 2017


As a person who is trying to get healthier, I found this book very helpful. The author studied places where people live long, healthy lives, and found commonalities that he shares in this book. The one thing I'm going to work on is developing a broader, deeper social support network. I remember learning in FILP that our social network needs to have lots of weak connections. I've worked on that, and now I find that I have lots of weak connections, but my deeper, stronger connections need attention. My health--and yours--depends on it.


Review posted June 12, 2017


I was happy to find this book an easy, relaxed read, more like a poignant travelogue than a dry text. Buettner's personal anecdotes and detailed observations added an intimacy that begged the reader to make subtle non-judgmental comparisons to their own lifestyle and health habits. While I've known for 40 years that I will live to see 100 years, this book gives good reminders about what habits will make the remaining 50+ years full of life. I particularly appreciated the reflective questions, which might lend themselves to meditation or conversation topics with other BZ tribe folks. One suggestion would be to broaden the concept of 'religion' to a more inclusive descriptor of 'spiritual practice' to allow more readers to find commonality in this aspect of the Power 9s.


Review posted May 30, 2017


Easy read about the concepts tied to blue zones.