Dealing with People You Can’t Stand

How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst

 Whether you’re dealing with a coworker trying to take credit for your work or a family member who knows no personal bounds, this book gives you the tools to bring out the best in people at their worst.

288 pages. ©2012.
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Reader Reviews for this Book

Angie Alden

Review posted January 13, 2020


The People You Can't Stand are divided into 10 categories: The Tank, Sniper, Grenade, Know-It-All, Think-They-Know-It-All, Yes Person, Maybe Person, Nothing Person, No Person, Whiner, Judge, Meddler and Martyr. Each is described carefully, and approaches are delineated to effectively deal with each. Also included are skills to develop in order to communicate well and understand each other, such as cooperating, listening, speaking, and changing your attitude. While I found potential in the approaches and methods had potential, the authors seemed to assume a foundational goodwill and reasonableness in others, not malevolence or even evil. So if the problem between two people is a difference in style and approach, the methods outlined are likely to work. If the problem stems from jealousy, resentment and alienation, one may just be spitting into the wind. The book itself got a little too repetitive as well as "cute" for me, in the end, where each category of People You Can't Stand was addressed. For example, the chapter on the Judge used courtroom personnel and analogies until the illustrations were walking on all fours. This is a book I may periodically consult when having difficulty with an acquaintance or coworker. I think it doesn't address deeper issues that exist when things go wrong with friends and, especially, family members.


Review posted January 10, 2020


I wanted this book for work. I work with 15 women who all have different personalities. It is hard sometimes to make everyone happy. Well, know I understand how differently some people can be. So many different aspects to the human brain and how we think. This book is a must-read if you work with a lot of colleagues. It not only helps you with collaboration, but also everyone else :)

Hilary Barfield

Review posted January 6, 2020


Great book!


Review posted December 27, 2019


Great book to deal with difficult indivduals


Review posted December 10, 2019


I loved this book. I was able to identify each of the people in either my work life or my professional life. When reading it, I found myself thinking about a specific person and how I could use the techniques during my next interaction. I said my intent when my husband and I were talking about our next trip. It became less about the destination and more about the time we will spend with each other. Wow, what a difference it made!

Juliet Hyams

Review posted December 10, 2019


I liked this book. It helped me be more creative and patient in dealing with a difficult person.


Review posted December 10, 2019


I found this book helpful in recognizing the needs of different types of people. Observing people before reacting to things they say or do has helped me in my work place.


Review posted November 25, 2019


Very helpful:)

Tesa Mack

Review posted November 16, 2019


This book was very well wrote. I did learn somethings that I will put to use when dealing with individuals that may not be at their best.


Review posted November 6, 2019


I cannot tell you how much this book has helped me a little personal background I am currently going through a nasty custody battle and my ex is a tank and if you read this it will completely change how you interact with a person like that unless you already know. It also gives you a few other personality types and the information is absolutely amazing I've never been great at people interactions because of my anxiety and now I can practice the tips that they give you. Because it's not just this is what you do this is the kind of person it is, no they reiterate at the end of the topic and they give you a list of things to go over and remember about what they told you. So if you have a problem with one or more of these people if you just take the end notes and carry them around with you you will have the best information you can. It may look weird if you're carrying around a note but if you have anxiety or other issues and can't seem to get through to these people bust out the note cards and they may give you a weird look but if that's what you need to get your point across because you keep getting run over then do it. I can't recommend this book enough I have read it twice and every time I read it I learned something different that I missed before.


Review posted October 23, 2019


Insightful. Gave me information to ponder.


Review posted August 31, 2019


Very good information to use in an office setting. It’s was interesting reading the descriptions of types and seeing those people in my life, and now knowing how to approach them better!


Review posted August 15, 2019


The book was just awesome of a read and I recently figured out how to deal with people and things I can’t stand


Review posted July 20, 2019


This book is easy to navigate, provides good visuals, and a plethora of information. Not only is the language easy to understand, it is also written in a way that makes it easy to follow along with. I really appreciate the brief synopsis at the end of each chapter that helped to provide a summary of what was contained in the chapter.


Review posted July 18, 2019


Great read!


Review posted July 16, 2019


This book is excellent. I would highly recommend it for anyone who has to deal with the public in any capacity. It is not written in a way that suggests you should look inward, but I could easily identify where sometimes, the person they were talking about as an example, was me. Great book.


Review posted June 28, 2019


The title of this book is catchy, but I found the content much harder to digest. The theories seem kind of theoretical and hard to apply to Everyday Life.


Review posted June 5, 2019


Very helpful in the work environment. Helpful with engaging with clients that can be difficult.


Review posted June 4, 2019


A fun read for those working with colleagues


Review posted May 31, 2019


So far, at the end of chapter one (I also read the ToC and introduction), the book seems canned and the particular diagram which represents "the point" seems arbitrary. The same information is distilled again and again in different form and it feels like the whole idea is a thought experiment that should have been turned into a pamphlet instead. <cont.>

Lacey Henneke

Review posted May 30, 2019


This is a great book for any professional setting. It can work especially well for those having to professionally collaborate.


Review posted May 25, 2019


Reading this book helped me find a better place to work, because frankly we do not need to be disregarded in our workplaces as useless or incompetent. I read this book in an attempt to understand a work related phenomenon which appeared as bullying, and a toxic work environment. However reading this book, with all the detailed conflicts and personalized offered no insight into the real life problem I faced. While I enjoyed reading this book, it wasn't the most useful format for my situation. Now that I interact daily with difficult conversations, I wouldn't dream of categorizing someone 'as a grenade' or something else negative. I think the communication issues are internal and that as professionals we owe it to others to review our biases. The best part was the beginning sections about listening and communication. I have found those to be useful. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sherry Maceira

Review posted May 21, 2019


Must read for anyone that works in social services.


Review posted May 7, 2019




Review posted May 5, 2019


This book gives some strategies for dealing with life in humorous delivery.


Review posted April 18, 2019


Requested this book following a workshop on a related topic. Recommended for anyone who works with volunteers, in a public facing position or a difficult work environment! It was great to pick up skills to work on for interacting with different personality types, but also take a little time to reflect on how I'm also sometimes a "difficult person."


Review posted March 21, 2019


I thought that book was very well written and I loved the examples that were given for each strategy. For me, actually seeing (reading) how to use the strategies will help me and make me want to try these out with others. I would recommend to all.


Review posted March 15, 2019


It was a challenging read, but gave good insight into relationships and expectations. I was able to take away some tools for dealing with difficult people in my life and better understand where we were coming from and where I wanted to be.

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Review posted February 13, 2019


I enjoyed reviewing the reasons why people communicate and I have found myself more patient with others, especially in meetings. I passed it on to a student who is having a positive experience with these concepts.


Review posted February 12, 2019


Did not find the book to be that useful. Much of the info is overgeneralized and subjective ideas are presented as if they are facts. Dealing with difficult people in real life is usually far more nuanced than this book implies. Could be a useful refresher for some, but many will find this book to be of minimal use.

Review posted February 10, 2019


This book provides a model and fleshes it out with lots of examples and specific suggestions. Like any such model, small parts of it seem a bit arbitrary and the character types accompanying them fit a bit awkwardly, for me, into the overall model. Nevertheless, most of what is described in the model resonates with my experiences. They certainly address the main kinds of difficult people I encounter in life. The suggestions are concrete and specific. Although there a cross-cutting paradigms, there are too many suggestions for me to remember all at at time. But this is the kind of embarrassment of riches that makes it a very useful book. And it's at its most useful when you focus on one behavior at a time--picking the difficult people that you most frequently have to deal with. In this way, it is a worthwhile read.


Review posted February 8, 2019


It has some very useful information and I liked that it gave specific examples of the communication problems the book was referring to.


Review posted February 6, 2019


this book was very hard to read, it had a lot of repeating information, it read like a text book which is hard for me to read.


Review posted February 5, 2019


I think this is a great book to keep on hand as a reference guide for when you encounter people who you find yourself having challenging interactions with.


Review posted January 30, 2019


I found this book interesting, but found that it was somewhat simplistic and general in its descriptions of "difficult people" that it helps you work with. It does have some great points and the added humor helps make it an easier read than it otherwise would have been.


Review posted January 30, 2019


This book offered some intriguing ideas about difficult personality types and how to best handle them , mostly in the workplace. It ended up not being too helpful in my line of work but was useful for identifying how to work along with people who are vastly different than myself.


Review posted January 29, 2019


Great read! it does help show you how bring out the best in people you don't like but have to work with


Review posted January 28, 2019


I though it was a bit long and the use of a simple graphic was over used

Margarita Cavazos

Review posted January 15, 2019


The book was a wonderful tool to understand and be able to deal with people. It helped changed my mindset towards them.


Review posted December 29, 2018


The book identifies ten types; tank, sniper, grenade, know-it-all, think they know-it-all, yes person, maybe person, nothing person, no person and the whiner. It also asks if you see your own self in these types and what to do about it if so. The book is a fun read and helps you communicate with those you can't stand and that even includes your own self.


Review posted December 15, 2018


VERY informative, funny book on a topic no one ever wants to talk about. This book could literally save a relationship, whether personal of professional, from going south. Its all in communication!


Review posted November 20, 2018


This book is very good if you are having troubles understanding people and also yourself.


Review posted November 13, 2018


This book is a funny/optional way of dealing with people in a workplace who might be annoying/detrimental to your work. It model is based on understanding that person who is annoying you, then ways to deal with the ten most common unwanted co-workers. Someone going into a career that has to deal with co-workers or difficult people could get something out of this book


Review posted October 21, 2018


The title got me sucked in! I enjoyed the scenarios for helping you realize how to utilize the information properly. It is super helpful dealing with the public to remember how many different types of people there are out there and how to help make communication easier and a little less stressful


Review posted October 20, 2018


I began reading this book thinking that it would have little to offer me. I alsway thought of myself as "good with people". I was being a know it all. As I read, if ound that there are multiple gold nuggets in this book. I don't know everything about dealing with people. The techniques that the book describe seem like they will be uncomfortable to put into practice, but I found in dealing with a "Tank" that the discomfort was more on the other person than me. The strategy helped me maintain my composure and my integrity in being who I am rather than pretending to be someone I'm not. I will say that there is a lot here and it will take a second and perhaps third read to capture it all in order to put it into practice regularly, but I am encouraged with the success of the strategies I've been able to put into practice.


Review posted October 19, 2018


Absolutely loved this book! Most definitely has great advice and I recommend it for those working in customer service or working with the public. Very good pointers and easy to follow, without being cheesy and repetitive. Keeping this one for reference.


Review posted October 9, 2018


This book had been a real eye opener and is very relevant to my everyday work as it identifies the types of people we work with every day and helps us recognize our behaviors and how they can impact the individuals we come in contact with.


Review posted October 8, 2018


I was somewhat skeptical of this book; I liked the provocative title, but I cringed a little bit when I noticed that the authors where naturopaths and I wondered what could two "physicians" can teach me about communication. It turned out that the book is an extensive and detailed collection of anecdotes and effective techniques for communication. The techniques that they describe are not new, however, the way they are presented completely fit the intention of the book and make it an enjoyable and practical read.


Review posted September 26, 2018


I thought this book had some really good information. It is a little overwhelming though. I especially liked the scenarios as that seemed to really help me understand how to use the tactics in a real situation.


Review posted September 25, 2018


Dealing With People You Can't Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst was worth the read. I deal with a number of difficult personality types at work and in daily life that, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. This book has been a great help in teaching me techniques to reduce and avoid unpleasant conflict and that has helped me reduce the level of stress in my life. My oldest son is reading it now and we are having some good discussions on how to better get along with people we cannot stand.


Review posted September 22, 2018


Well written, easy to read, lots of good examples of how to deal with all different kinds of difficult people.


Review posted September 21, 2018


Good book


Review posted September 4, 2018


This book is a good reminder of the differences between people in our daily lives and among those we work with. This book also assists us in strategies in overcoming our own difficulties in patience and communications with others.


Review posted August 19, 2018


Easy, funny read. If you've ever had someone in your life you just can't stand, read this.


Review posted July 18, 2018


I found this book very interesting, and helpful in understanding how to find peace in working with, or having relationships with difficult people. It also help me see where I am difficult, and how others could have a hard time working with me. This book helped me understand not only others but also my self.


Review posted June 25, 2018


Great book. Not only does it help you to deal with people you can't stand, but helps you recognize your own traits that might make you difficult to work with. Great eye-opening book!


Review posted June 19, 2018


Good book. Gave some useful tips on how to respond to the different types of difficult people. It gave insight on how the way we react feeds or stops the difficulty.


Review posted June 15, 2018


Well presented. Information is a combination of Common Sense and the two authors experienced insight. Very doable communication method. I will be returning to this book anytime I have a communication problem.


Review posted June 14, 2018


This book has a lot of good advice. I work with people that I really can’t stand and can’t wait to read all of it. Thanks


Review posted June 5, 2018


I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It comes in handy for any type of relationship and really provides tangible and solid recommendations for ways to interact with various personality styles.


Review posted June 3, 2018


I learned a lot from this book, it really helps with some of my conversations with guys at work that I don’t fully get along with.

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Review posted May 29, 2018


This is a fantastic, practical book! I binged read it while I was on vacation. Many practical tips on thinking about your role in the conflict and how to respond to difficult people so they don't hijack your emotions. Thanks for offering this book!


Review posted May 16, 2018


I appreciated the information and gave me insight on how to interact and bring better communication/skills to staff


Review posted May 14, 2018


I love the examples of the different personality types. Great descriptions.

Mrs. Weasley

Review posted April 30, 2018


I find this to be written in a very approachable style. It is very accessible to the lay person. I found many useful insights reading this book. If you are busy person who can't devote long intervals to reading, this book is great for you. You can read this book in short bursts and even out of order if you need to focus on just a few concepts. One of the things I really enjoyed was that the authors didn't patronize their readers and they have an awareness of real world situations.


Review posted April 23, 2018


"Dealing with People You Can't Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst" is an amazing book. It is an easy ready that makes you feel empowered. I like that in the beginning you can take a 'test' of sorts to determine what type of person you are. In our daily lives we often encounter someone that is difficult in one way or another. This book gives you the tools not only on how to be around them but also how to bring them up. As a manager of both students and adults I would highly recommend reading this book.


Review posted March 30, 2018


Must read. will help you understand people better


Review posted March 28, 2018


This is a great book! Let some coworkers barrow. Really helps in learning to accept what I can’t change and learn what I can do on my end I’m changing myself as I may not be able to change others.

[email protected]

Review posted March 16, 2018


This book has great real-life situations that almost anyone can relate to. The best/worst part is it helps you see your own "worst" behavior and how to adjust it.


Review posted March 10, 2018


This books shares information on how to work with a variety of challenging personality types. It even explores how we might be the challenging person ourselves, which leads to a lot of self-reflection.

Brenda Bailey

Review posted February 25, 2018


This book rocks. The layout is dynamic and keeps the information to easy to understand easy to remember as you progress. I found it helpful by using it against myself. Learning about myself and how I was the difficult person for others. It is a great book. For power per page value it packs a one two punch. I strongly suggest fellow select a book recipients take advantage of this selection. It is something that you can and will want to retain in your personal library and hopefully refer back to often. I took the book with me to Laundry Love (a free laundry service provided to community for those in need that my church participates in with 3 other local churches). I put the book down to help someone to find fellow church volunteer had commandeered it and already on chapter two. I have allowed her to borrow the book (cuz I am secure in she will return it).


Review posted February 24, 2018


The classic guide to bringing out the best in people at their worst?updated with even more can't standable people! Dealing with People You Can't Stand has been helping good people deal with bad behavior in a positive, professional way for nearly two decades. Unfortunately, as the world becomes smaller and time more compressed, new difficult people are being made all the time. So Kirschner and Brinkman have updated their global bestseller to help you wring positive results from even the most twisted interactions you?re likely to experience today. Learn how to get things done and get along when you?re dealing with people who have the uncanny ability to sabotage, derail, and interfere with your plans, needs, and wants. Learn how to: Use sophisticated listening techniques to unlock the doors to people's minds, hearts, and deepest needs, take-charge skills that turn conflict into cooperation by reducing the differences between people Transform the destructive behavior of Tanks, Snipers, Know-It-Alls, Whiners, Martyrs, Meddlers, and other difficult types of people Whether you're dealing with a coworker trying to take credit for your work, a distant family member who knows no personal bounds, or a loud cell phone talker on line at the grocery store, Dealing with People You Can't Stand gives you the tools for bringing out the best in people at their worst.


Review posted February 15, 2018


Great Book Useful information

[email protected]

Review posted February 10, 2018


Loved this, such great examples and explanations of why it is helpful to look at things a different way.


Review posted January 13, 2018


I appreciated how the authors addressed many different types of difficult people to deal with, since we are bound to deal with just about all types at some point in our lives. As I read about the "Tank" and the "Yes Person" and the "Martyr", just to name a few, I could literally picture people I know who are like them. It was helpful to be given specific strategies to make the most of my interactions with them. I am going to keep this book as a reference tool in my library.


Review posted January 3, 2018


Great tips on dealing and/or managing co-workers.


Review posted December 20, 2017


This book tickled my interest to the point that I've been lending it around to other members of a committee I'm privileged to be a member.


Review posted December 7, 2017


The book gives you a broad range of types of difficult people that you might encounter in a work place with tips on dealing with each type. I liked it.


Review posted December 5, 2017


This book was really easy to read and relate to with the listed personalities. I can see how it can help people entering the office space profession could find this book helpful in working with people of different attitudes and mind frames.


Review posted October 30, 2017


We can all benefit from this book. I tried to mentally prepare myself before I read it so I could, and would hopefully recognize myself in the examples given, rather than just envisioning someone else. Re-read several parts of it multiple times. Beneficial read for everyone.

[email protected]

Review posted September 19, 2017


This book was just great..


Review posted September 18, 2017


I really wanted to like this book, but found it to have too much of pat answers to what can be complex situations. Trying to empathize with the person you have an issue with is a no-brainer. If you are a person who picks this sort of book to get more educated on the topic, my guess is you need more out of the box suggestions than stock "solutions."


Review posted September 10, 2017


This is a very practical book with some interesting suggestions on how to deal with difficult personalities. In addition to offering useful advice on word choices and phrases when communicating with challenging individuals, it makes good use of analogy to compare people and situations that help understanding the message of the book.


Review posted August 31, 2017


This was a great book that had a lot of helpful suggestions. It is a book that is great to share with others as well as we all come across people that we struggle getting along with. I would recommend this book to others.


Review posted July 18, 2017


This was a good book... some of the situations were hard to understand. Then they were broke down a little further and that made it a lot easier. You really have to read this book on the chapter that fits your situation you are having issues with the most a few times to really understand & figure out how to cope and redirect your conversation to make it work but the book gives you good insight and direction to do this!!!


Review posted July 11, 2017


Good book on communication. It gave me a better understanding of difficult people and how I can deal with them. My favorite part of the book is on all the descriptions on the different types of attitudes/behaviors people have. Really concise on what makes people behave the way they do. MZamarripa,RMA/Care Coordinator


Review posted June 7, 2017


This book has a lot of great examples of extreme personalities that we run into in our life and how to interact with these people to keep conflict at bay. I think I would have benefited more from this book if tgey gave subtle examples of intolerant people rather than just the blatant personalities we can't stand. I appreciated that they shed light on how all humans can get into an obnoxious attitude when feing threatened. Good read but I didn't feel like it didn't give me concrete help woth dealing with subtle attitudes that are unproductive.


Review posted May 31, 2017


Very helpful. Solution focused.

Nicky Ripley

Review posted April 8, 2017


What a great read! As a teacher and Community Ambassador this has helped me to understand people, including myself. It is written in an easily readable format with language that we can relate to. Finding out the aspects of myself that may irritate others is invaluable in developing partnerships and lasting relationships in work and community organizations. Thank You!


Review posted March 26, 2017


If you deal with a lot of people, this is a great book for you. Helps you ID and deal with different personalities that appear at work.


Review posted February 18, 2017


Informative book on understanding communication styles. Saw myself in a couple.. (Darn it-☺️). have a better understanding on intent/priorities in relation to communication... Made me see it's not always about me and I certainly don't/can't control another's motivations.. Overall a good solid book


Review posted February 1, 2017


Makes so much sense!


Review posted December 10, 2016


Had I known this book was as informative and helpful, not only for those you must deal with but also knowing how you can and do react to others, I would have ordered this one first!


Review posted December 6, 2016


Pretty good book overall. Something I would've liked to read and used a couple times over the years, dealing with bad bosses/co-workers at work. Some good insights into a couple of personality types that would have been useful to recognize them for what they were at the time, instead of what they pretended to be. Descriptions of some behaviors, attitudes and outcomes were spot-on (if sometimes over-simplified or a little too pat). Easy to read, and zero in on some of the relevant types, with some basic approaches that might yield better outcomes in the future. Found myself in there under several categories, where I've been known to be a Tank or lob a Grenade trying to get something done. Even to the point of becoming the Nothing/No type after a long time in a toxic work environment, trying for good results and getting no positive, forward progress. Overall, though a good resource with some useful, insightful themes. Some things I will keep in mind going forward, and some perspectives that will probably be useful for making work and life better in the future.


Review posted November 22, 2016


I thought the title to this book was a bit intense. I work for a non-profit. Every person except me is from a different culture. However, if a person has to deal with day to day complaints and conflicts of a workplace, this is the book to read. I see myself in some of the 10 personality traits described in the book. This book has helped me to encounter human personality in a structured way. I can interact with people in a positive and productive way. If you are interested about finding solutions to working with or living next door to someone, then this book is for you. This book is not about short term solutions to customer service. This book is about building trust and solid foundations with people with whom you have a longer term relationship with.


Review posted October 20, 2016


What a fun read! Especially helpful was the way they categorized personality types with different traits that can be challenging, and how to broach conversations with said individuals. For anyone who works with, manages, or is around people in general, a great find for understanding the strengths and challenges of dealing with people.

[email protected]

Review posted September 15, 2016


Very helpful information. Grab a highlighter and some post it notes... there is a lot of information and I will be referring back to this book for years to come. Thanks Ford, for the select books program.


Review posted August 11, 2016


What a great book! It helped me understand that the dislike goes both ways sometimes, and how to bridge that. I highly recommend this book!

[email protected]

Review posted August 2, 2016


I have read this book several times - lots of very useful information. Very good theory and excellent practical applications in understanding and working with "difficult" people in " difficult" situations. I highly recommend this book.


Review posted July 14, 2016


This book is THE guide in navigating stronger and more productive relationships, whether with your colleagues at the office or a family member. Looking at more of a win/win outcome, the authors provide practical methods to bring out the best in the toughest of personalities.


Review posted June 10, 2016


Very good information and tools to use in the future!

[email protected]

Review posted May 1, 2016


Being from a small community and being involved with volunteer organizations is a double edged sword. Joy of working to improve your community and the frustration that comes with working along side others who aren't "like you". This book helped me to see some of the issues in working with others and how to deal with them. It also helped me to see some of my own issues, even though it is a little harder to see those that I have myself. It is a good book and I hope we have some tools to help overcome some of the inertia in our community. Thanks


Review posted April 29, 2016


I liked this book and will keep it to refer to in the future. I was hoping it would give me insight into a particular situation, and it did. I learned information I can apply to other people, too. Hopefully, this will reduce my frustration overall.


Review posted April 16, 2016


Despite the title, this book has some very gentle strategies including listening skills, working toward co-operative outcomes and working with specific personality types. A great read!


Review posted April 15, 2016


Great book! I personally think it should be a mandatory read for most people. Thank you Ford Family!


Review posted March 3, 2016


I love that this book gives you tools on how to deal with "those people" but what I really appreciated was the evidence provided to tell if I am one of "those people" to others! Love the different perspectives these authors provide.


Review posted February 17, 2016


I found this book very enlightening. The information provided has helped me in working with quite a few individuals in my volunteer group with a more successful outcome. I have also been able to decrease my stress level in working with these people.


Review posted February 8, 2016


This was an interesting book. It definitely refreshed on time proven skills to have and use. I am not quite sure it will be helpful beyond that though. I guess I was hoping to have an 'Ah ha' moment that would help me with my difficult person. And I didn't get that from this particular book, despite the title. I wish there could have been more examples that were more work-related rather than personal. I definitely can see myself as some of these people, so maybe just being more aware of myself will help the situation.

Gelindo L. Ferrin

Review posted January 21, 2016


Great resource for dealing with certain people when you really don't want to, but have to. Helps to also have a sense of humor when reading this book...Often in the real world, you may not want to deal with such people, but you may not have a choice.It may often be just that you need to look at the person, nod, smile and walk away!!


Review posted January 21, 2016


Excellent book. I have been passing it around the office and people are really enjoying it.


Review posted January 10, 2016


This gained me a few techniques and strategies to deal with and move forward in certain relationships where the offending party was long term in my life. Breathe..and move forward.


Review posted January 7, 2016


The title is very catchy and the book is filled with great illustrations to help in the entertainment value of the read. I think it is so important to understand varying personalities in order to be most productive in the workplace for everyone.


Review posted November 26, 2015


LOVE this book! Written with a sense of humor and wisdom. Easy reading and easy to apply. I found myself using these methods immediately in meetings and everyday communication.


Review posted November 11, 2015


I thought the descriptions in the beginning chapter were a bit overdramatic. But the descriptions in the rest of the book were really helpful in understanding other people, and gave concrete examples on how to work together with people who bring a completely different perspective and working style.

[email protected]

Review posted November 9, 2015


Interesting topic matter with some good strategies on dealing with difficult folks.


Review posted October 13, 2015


Excellent. I very much enjoyed the flow of this book, easy to read, entertaining and spot on with suggestions and education. I recommend it to anyone who has a difficult coworker or even a difficult home situation. I am passing it around to everyone! Thank you.


Review posted October 9, 2015


Helpful book which has helped deal with different personalities. Made me put in perspective differences and how to work with them to make it work


Review posted October 4, 2015


This is an amazing book that helps you sort out a whole lot of different scenarios that you have most likely been faced with. Well written, and very well put together to help you understand and move forward when working with difficult people. I give this book a 5-star rating and 2 thumbs up!


Review posted September 22, 2015


The example stories they give to define the behaviour styles are funny. I also like that the books does not just focus on the other person being the too can exhibit behaviors that others cannot stand.


Review posted September 20, 2015


This help me in my job of Ombudsman Thank you

Kathy Jean Hrywnak

Review posted August 16, 2015


This book was almost immediately helpful. Understanding that when a "tank" is trying to roll over the top of me by raising their voice & giving me stink eye I don't need to take it personally. They want to succeed & will do whatever it takes to try to control me. This was a great relief, I felt that a great weight had been lifted. As I continued to read, I recognized traits that other people, as well as I, exhibit & I gleaned strategies to deal with them. Thanks so much for making this helpful & very readable book available to me. please don't use my name if you decide to publish this review


Review posted August 10, 2015


I think this book took a pretty narrow view in dealing with difficult people. While the writing was amusing at times the practical information in the book was limited. I believe the book is talking about basic social skills that most people already possess. I don't think this book added anything new.


Review posted August 2, 2015


As an active volunteer in a large team, I have been avoiding some people that I just don't "click" with. I have applied the advice from the book twice now, with incredible results.

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Review posted July 6, 2015


This was a great book, with wonderful suggestions of how to work with folks that drive you crazy. It reminds one, that being nice can go a long way!


Review posted June 25, 2015


Very Informative, not only dealing with other people, but also recognizing those same traits in yourself and making the necessary improvements.


Review posted June 10, 2015


Very practical advice. I am using some of the ideas at work.


Review posted June 7, 2015


More on labeling problems than really giving me a solution. I may not be able to change THEM. I need to know how I can better accept their "problems".


Review posted May 24, 2015


Great book, you will see yourself as you learn the different types of difficult people you deal with. Learned some new tips and tricks to make dealing with people easier.

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Review posted May 17, 2015


I been enjoying this book. Has help me under stand people I work with better.


Review posted April 28, 2015


Working with a non-profit board means being willing to listen to everyone, even those who you may really not like. This book helped me to look for the positive in everyone and how to shut down the negativity.


Review posted April 28, 2015


This book is excellent. I recommend it for anyone who is working with a variety of personalities and trying to build a collaborative team to work in. Thank You!


Review posted April 25, 2015


The book was really well organized, starting from the types of "problem people" by their characteristics, then with an analysis of what makes them tick, and finally, problem solving ideas with each particular type. The introduction recommends reading the first 9 chapters, and then going to the chapter of the reader's problem person type, and that method works well. How useful is the information provided? I'm not quite sure. But was the book a page turner? Most definitely.

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Review posted April 20, 2015


I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's humorous and lighthearted, but also includes valuable gems of wisdom that I have put to use already. It's terrible to admit that there are people I can't stand, so the book is validating in its honest exploration of different kinds of people who get on everyone's nerves, not just mine. I don't want this review published because I don't want anyone I can't stand to know I am reading up on how to deal with them.


Review posted April 18, 2015


Most helpful and enjoyable to read. The chapter on Think-they-Know-It-All was really useful and offered ideas for dealing with them effectively. The Quick Summary at the end of each chapter provides a nice summary of key concepts to keep in mind when dealing with specific types of difficult individuals or groups.


Review posted April 3, 2015


A thought provoking book. Behavior can be a powerful mode of communication. A lesson in empathy and self awareness.


Review posted March 13, 2015


Loved this book. Gave good insight into others and looking at things in a different light. Great tools for dealing with people in many different situations


Review posted February 27, 2015


Amusing, easy read, useful.


Review posted February 13, 2015


Easy to read; includes many examples for identifying and responding to a variety of challenging behaviors laced with a healthy dose of humor. This is not a textbook and should not be approached or evaluated as such. It outlines thought provoking starting points for identifying and responding to difficult behaviors in others, and perhaps more significantly, personal behaviors that are just as annoying to others! I have certainly been mindful of the latter since reading the book. The book concludes with a section devoted to communication in a digital age; a practical and welcome bonus.


Review posted February 9, 2015


As a mediator, I was impressed with the definitions of difficult people, and the engaging, yet solid advice given to the readers on how to deal with them. The authors introduced a comprehensive diagram that visually explained different habitual behaviors, from passive to aggressive, and how these play out in work and home conflicts. They expand on the diagram as the various categories of behaviors are discussed. The book is illustrated with clever cartoons that drove home the authors' points. The only downside to the book was its lack of citations or references at the end.


Review posted January 22, 2015


This book has been incredibly helpful for understanding why people behave the way they done when under stress and how best to difuse the situation. I've applied several methodologies in the last month at work. It's also helped me understand why I'm behaving the way I do periodically to requests. Very insightful book that will be a great resource when I need a refresher on an individual personality.