Do What You Are

Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type

Useful for anyone seeking a meaningful career and especially young people. Readers determine their Personality Type, then identify occupations popular with each Type. The book offers each Type’s work-related strengths and weaknesses. Read a full review.

432 pages. ©2014.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted February 19, 2023


Extremely useful for people who are motivated to make a move.


Review posted February 17, 2023


If you are unhappy in your career or questioning your current occupational status, try this book!


Review posted November 16, 2022


This helps to identify your personality type and jobs that would be good for you. This is helpful in knowing the different types of jobs and understanding how your personality traits complement the jobs.

Diana Molina

Review posted October 10, 2022


Interesting to see how personality types gives you a guidance for career types.


Review posted October 1, 2022


Great book most reviews are accurate. Helpful and is similar to myers briggs personality test. I found this helpful in deciding what I want to next in my career it also helped me in my current position as a manager. It's helped me with conversations with my staff & encouraging them to take chances to move up in our agency. I've loaned it to others who like me are considering a 2nd career after retirement. Keep an open mind. If you can't have the job you love, live the job you have.


Review posted August 10, 2022


This book is great for middle school or high school level students.


Review posted July 3, 2022


This is an overwhelming book! However, since I was already familiar with my Myers Briggs Personality type, that helped me to work through how to use the book. Of course, my type was familiar to me. So, I started there. It was interesting to learn about the hierarchy of functions into how my strengths I am willing to share with others, versus what I keep to myself. I was able to help a few others identify their personality type and then consider how their type may influence their satisfaction in their work. It was fun to go through the possibilities for myself as well as with a couple of others. I think this could be good for someone who is really clueless on what they want to do with their life, at least as a jumping off point. I know it is only that since I do not have a job that fits my type. Oh well! Nevertheless, this book is a good way to find some direction for the directionless.


Review posted May 26, 2022


Super! Great! Very helpful. Information was useful to my teenager in choosing career path.


Review posted May 18, 2022


great book! My teens and I read this to see what they want to do in the future, working towards a career that is more than just a job but can be a passion as well.

Justin Chin

Review posted May 16, 2022


Solid resource for career development professionals.


Review posted February 25, 2022


This book really gets you thinking. For some reason I had a hard time getting into it as I would fall asleep after the first few pages. This book gives you great perspectives on what work suits you.


Review posted February 24, 2022


The book was easy to follow and confirmed that I am in the right field for my personality type.


Review posted February 18, 2022


This book walked me through the different personality types and I thought it was spot on with mine. I am going through school for a degree in the line of work I've wanted to do for a long time and it was awesome to see that this book agreed.

[email protected]

Review posted February 18, 2022


This book relies very heavily on the Myers Briggs Test Instrument (personality test). The meat of the book is one chapter on each personality type. If you fit squarely in one of the 16 types, then there's a chapter intended for you that could be pretty instructive. If you fall near the middle between say extroversion and introversion or between judging and perceiving, then you have to exercise a lot more discernment to figure out which parts of which chapters might be relevant to you. If you're considering a career change, I think that reading books like this can be valuable. Even though they're imperfect, they can spark ideas that maybe you wouldn't have thought of on your own.


Review posted February 15, 2022


I recommend this book to anyone starting out in their first career or to anyone thinking about switching their career. This book is based on the personality test and it discusses your strengths and weaknesses based on the results of the test. It might suggest careers that you never thought of before. The only reason I am not giving it full 5 starts is because even the information in this book provides an insight into and will help, it also can be easily found elsewhere, without having to read the entire book.


Review posted January 15, 2022


This book gave me some valuable insights into what I might be interested in and good at. I enjoyed the discovery, not only of my own personality type but of others as well. My son read the book and said it gave him several ideas he intended to pursue.


Review posted December 17, 2021


I am an INFP, reading through this made me smile, all the careers I used to desperately want as a kid are listed. I am at a point in my life when I am deciding what to do with my life, at almost 40! I am very appreciative for the info in this book and plan to share it with my office and clients.


Review posted December 14, 2021


I was looking for a simple read/resource for my middle school students. Often struggling students ask 'what's the point' of certain classes. Helping them see the relevance in what they are doing to help them reach where they want to go can be motivational. I was disappointed this book did not offer the actual Myer Briggs assessment (or shortened version even). Instead it shows the personality 'clusters' and offers an explanation that one could deduce fit them. I can still find a way to use this resource but it lack an actual personality assessment which I would have found much more useful.

[email protected]

Review posted December 7, 2021


I love learning about the personality types and how to pick the perfect career for your type, it is so revealing and personal! Thank you for sharing these books!


Review posted December 6, 2021


It was a good book but you had to go through a lot to get what the purpose of the book is in regards to finding out different ideas as to your ideal career path.

Amy L Nelson

Review posted November 15, 2021


I've been learning so much about not only myself but others as well and how they best work in groups and on projects. I'm so glad to have read this book.

[email protected]

Review posted November 2, 2021


I found this book to be really helpful in both my work life (nonprofit work with youth organizations) and my personal life as a parent of four young adults. This book helps youth identify "who they are" as per a personality type and then explore options that would align with this "type". I found it to be a tool that takes youth beyond the "obvious" careers and to help present other options that are a better fit with what they like to do and their skill sets (strengths) as well as potential weaknesses. I wish a book like this would be part of a curriculum in every high school as I feel way too many youth graduate from high school, without a plan for their future or an idea of what their strengths are and how they could capitalize on those gifts. If you are a parent of teens or pre-teens or someone who works with teens, get this book and get it in the hands of the teens you know.


Review posted October 30, 2021


The information is time-tested from back in the days of 'What Color Is Your Parachute." The material is anecdotal and the process is cumbersome. I want to filter through the facets of personality in more methodical way.

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Review posted October 16, 2021


This book is excellent. I would highly recommend it to anyone who works with preadolescent or adolescent students. As a facilitator, you can use it as a tool for career readiness skills, college preparation, and self-discovery.


Review posted September 25, 2021


Even retired I found new self awareness with this book. I then shared with my unemployed daughter. Invigorating her job search!


Review posted August 6, 2021


This book is going to be such a great resource for working with students! As a busy high school counselor, I have wanted to go a little deeper in career exploration and to focus more on what suits their long-term satisfaction, not just what will support their desired lifestyle. On a personal note, being a counselor is high on my list of professions as an ENFP. What I love about this book is that it goes into why it’s a good fit and what challenges/strengths I bring to the profession. I will be using this resource often!!! Thank you!


Review posted July 26, 2021


I loved being able to use this book with my 4th grade students as we discovered new careers for them to explore! The layout was clear and easy to use.


Review posted June 29, 2021


I really appreciated the straight-forward approach to this book. It helped me learn a lot about myself, in addition to helping me narrow down what type of jobs I would be good at.

Kate A. Wilkinson

Review posted June 17, 2021


Very easy to read and use. This book does a good job of helping the reader think about various jobs/professions and how to find one that fits your personality. I enjoyed the approach and I learned some valuable insights about myself.


Review posted June 17, 2021


It is better for entertainment value more than anything. The attributes or careers are general. It couldn't tell me anything I couldn't find out from my horoscope. It can help you spin bs if you need ideas for writing someone a letter of recommendation.

JoAnn Sayer

Review posted June 15, 2021


This was a fun, informative and insightful read!

Bre Rose

Review posted June 11, 2021


This book has helped multiple family members discover well suited job fields they ever considered before.


Review posted April 12, 2021


It was most interesting to realize, I have been trying to live the life of an extrovert and that our society values extroverts. As a teacher, I would like to make introverts more welcome in schools.


Review posted March 23, 2021


This book helped my high school kids learn more about their personalities. They had so much fun with this project.


Review posted March 8, 2021


This is a fun book and very informative! I think it can be useful for everyone, regardless of where they are in their job journey. It was interesting to see where I fell personality-wise in regards to my current job, and what other options would fit well for me in regarding the possibilities of changing careers.


Review posted February 22, 2021


The content is well written, organized, and presented in simple to understand terms and concepts. The book is laid out to help a reader understand the background of how personality types came to be and their gradual progression, what they are, how they can help, and goes into great detail on each of the 16 types with suggestions, examples and case stories. Overall I found the book to be insightful, on-point with my personality type of ENTP and fun to go through with family and friends.


Review posted February 16, 2021


This is an easy book to read and to use with others. It easily breaks down the different personality types and why they would excel in certain careers. I like that it shows personal stories and talks about strengths and areas of growth for each personality.


Review posted February 10, 2021


I enjoyed this book and sharing it with my son to help him look at interests.


Review posted January 13, 2021


This comprehensive work is built on the sixteen Meyers-Briggs personality types. Each type is explored fully as to how the individual's strengths and weaknesses relate to employment. The authors provide in-depth analysis--it truly is a compendium for any career coach, employment advisor, or trainer who has access to the individual's personality type. I will use the information in "Going Rogue," a class based on discovery, implementation, and exploration of employability soft skills. Part of the curriculum in the module "Self-Discovery through Inventories, Surveys, and Assessments" is a Myers-Briggs inventory. Following the participant learning their type, the content of this book will inspire additional activities supporting self-understanding and give additional insight into applicable employment opportunities.


Review posted November 22, 2020


This book works off the Jungian idea of personality type as developed by Briggs/Myers. It allows the reader to type themselves without taking the MBTI. It provides detailed descriptions of each personality type along with career and positions/occupations within multiple industries. It is focused on American industries. I think this book is useful with vocational rehabilitation clients. It provides a blueprint of action and helps focus a career choice based on personal strengths.


Review posted November 16, 2020


Great resource for home visitors to use with families when they are looking at careers, for supervisors working with staff, and for the general person to use with their own family.

Forever learning

Review posted September 4, 2020


It was difficult for me to finish reading this text as I have trouble staying engaged, but I found it worth the time to read.

Trish McCracken

Review posted August 6, 2020


Super easy to use book to guide you through discovering your Personality Type and your Temperament. It explains each really well, then gives tips to be sure you are accurately represented. Once that's done, there's a whole section on jobs that are well suited for YOU. What was most helpful is this book is meant for any age person, at any point in their lives.


Review posted July 27, 2020


This book is based on the Myers-Briggs personality types. However, it does not come with a Myers-Briggs assessment. The book does go well beyond the typical Myers-Briggs resources in explaining other aspects of personality theories. In terms of understanding yourself, it is a fairly good book. But as a career book, it is not a great book. Much of the career content is based on profiles of a person with that personality type, but often those are in such radically different fields that it can be hard to see yourself in them.


Review posted June 22, 2020


This book is useful in guiding individuals through self exploration and discovery of what their are interested in, good at, and guide them in making career choices.


Review posted June 19, 2020


This book was okay. It was a bit too generic.


Review posted June 1, 2020


It was not a book that I’d really read again, but had interesting information


Review posted March 15, 2020


I really enjoyed this book. I now is reading it with my daughter.


Review posted February 25, 2020


great to read with your kids


Review posted February 19, 2020


I have taken the Myers-Briggs test before, but never have applied it the way the book maps it out. I wish I would have had this book when I was raising my kids and teaching. I could have helped my children and students choose a career path that was more meaningful to them. Love this book. I am going to use it when I meet 1 on 1 with my team members.


Review posted February 18, 2020


This is such an inspiring book! The way personality types are used to articulate and identify skill sets and strengths is reassuring.


Review posted February 17, 2020


I already knew my MBTI Personality Type before reading this book, but it still helped me find options for future careers and get insight. The section on careers based on Personality Type was extremely helpful. Would recommend highly.


Review posted February 2, 2020


This book is really interesting if you have taken a personality test, because it tells you more about your personality type (ENTJ, INSP, etc). It speaks about the weaknesses and strengths of each personality type, as they relate to the workplace. The examples that make up the bulk of the book were not very interesting. And, there is some repetition of text and descriptions for the different types (extroverted thinkers share similar traits, so the text repeats). Overall, a pretty good read, and fun to share with coworkers.


Review posted January 17, 2020


what a great book to help you plan and think of options for a great career.


Review posted October 22, 2019


This book is based off of the Myers-Briggs personality types. If you have had a hard time figuring out which type you are, this book may not be as helpful to you. Each personality type chapter has lists of jobs and at the end some suggestions for things to do to be more successful.


Review posted October 18, 2019


Very interesting book and a lot of good insights. This book helped me understand me better and how to work with others that are not like me. I would recommend this book to others.

Gina Paoletto

Review posted October 11, 2019


This was a resource book that can be easily used to support young adults and adults to explore their ideas for a career. Sometimes people feel stuck in their jobs and want to learn how to get out of a "work rut" and I think this book can help.

[email protected]

Review posted October 7, 2019


This is an amazing resource for any person at any age. It can aid you or help you guide others. I would strongly recommend this book to those who work in or attend middle and/or high school.


Review posted September 23, 2019


I enjoyed this easy read. It expanded in depth what my likes, dislike and beliefs. What type of setting I prefer and where I see myself. It embarked on the notion to start right now and not wait for tomorrow. Change occurs when you are living your perfect self now. It was an interesting read.


Review posted August 15, 2019


Defining my personality has helped me be a better person I say this book is a definite good read.


Review posted August 12, 2019


Love this book. Very informative


Review posted July 3, 2019


Uses MBTI to help match personality to job, if not familiar with MBTI this might be a very good book but I did not gain a lot of new knowledge and found What Color is My Parachute to be a bit more helpful for gaining new insights into what career possibilities may exist for my personality. However, this book is an easy read and could be very helpful tool in trying to find your niche.


Review posted June 13, 2019


This is a very in depth exploration of the topic. More involved than I wanted, and more reading than I expected before getting to the results.


Review posted May 17, 2019


Good read and insightful information regarding career options and made for good self reflection as well.


Review posted May 13, 2019


Good, but I was expecting more than just a meyers-briggs break down. I've already done that sort of analysis, so it wasn't very helpful to me but it wasn't bad information.


Review posted May 2, 2019


This book was very insightful. Discovering my personality type and how it affects the work I do. Having a job that fulfills me has always been difficult, and now I know why! I have been on the wrong career path. Moving forward, I will now be applying and trying some new careers. I have recommended this book to my partner as well who is also struggling to find fulfillment with his employment.


Review posted April 19, 2019


I didn't find this book all that helpful.


Review posted April 17, 2019


It's all about the formula. For me this book enabled me to see where certain personality types fit in to certain job fields. Once I figured out what my personality type is, and what jobs I would excel in, I found it difficult to continue to read other types.


Review posted March 26, 2019


Do What You Are was a very insightful read. It offered reflection upon my own skills, strengths, and weaknesses. From a professional standpoint the book also gave me the tools to better understand friends, family, and coworkers. Do What You Are helps you to identity your personality type and offers a variety of careers that may best suit it. It also "shadows" an individual during various stages of their lives; early 20s, 30-40 range, and again around retirement. It outlines career paths and reassured that while some people do the same thing(and love it) for their whole life, many jobs require advancement, adjustment, or in some cases a completely different field of work. Reassurance is comforting. This book offers encouragement and an argument to both stay the course or to forge ahead. Wherever you are in your career I believe that you can take something away from Do What You Are. At the very least you may better understand why you do what you do, or identify why others have known exactly what they were going to be when they grew up.


Review posted March 21, 2019


This book has been a great choice for me! I work with Special Education in the high school setting and having new ways to interest my students in thinking about their futures is always so difficult. This book made it way easier to get buy in on thinking about their future and outlining what types of careers they might be good at. I found it interesting listening to what students' thought about the results and getting the reaction of "I never thought of that before!" This book has led to interesting conversations between students and between me with them. I appreciate the stories of real-world individuals which provides even more "buy in" I am planning on using this book with all of my students now and moving forward.

Sherry Maceira

Review posted March 6, 2019


I was amazed at the results of the Career I should be doing for it was exactly what my family, friends and teachers have always said I would be good at. I am not in that career but use a lot of the tools in my current career.


Review posted February 23, 2019


This is a very thorough book for discovering what your personality type is. I've done this type of analysis before in a workshop and it was very interesting to review the process. There is a lot more information in this book beyond what we covered in the workshop. Also, the book talks about how you may between a blend of several different types. I liked how the books profiles actual examples of people in each of the personality types explaining how their careers work for them and also pitfalls to look out for. This is a really good book for someone who really wants to pinpoint a career which will be fulfilling and satisfying.


Review posted February 19, 2019


I enjoyed this book, and it's quite helpful. It is based around the Meyers-Briggs personality types. It's helpful to have already taken the test but if not, they have a smaller version in the book so you can figure out about where you are. I like that the book has "fill-in-the-blank" spots so you can customize it and remember what careers and goals are right for you. It's much more than just a list of jobs for specific people. It's categorized nicely so you can see different types of jobs for any of your interests. For example, in the 'medical' field your personality may fit more with 'medical engineer' or may fit more with 'pediatrician'. I found the results to all be accurate. My whole family sat down and looked at theirs individually and the career types fit them all well. Some are already working in the careers that correlate with their personality. If you're feeling a bit lost in what you want to do career wise I think this book is great for you. If not, it's still a fun read. It goes more in depth of the types of goals you should be setting for yourself, jobs to avoid, what you need in a work environment, your values, etc. All in all, a solid entertaining, informative book that I'd recommend to anyone.


Review posted February 10, 2019


This book is such a wonderful tool for anyone trying to determine what career might be the right fit for them. I love that the Myers-Briggs is included, along with in-depth explanations and many case-study examples. I highly recommend this book!


Review posted February 3, 2019


I enjoyed discovering my personality type and found the description describing my personality to be mostly accurate. I thought it was easier to decide which type I was using this book than taking the actual Briggs Meyer test, where I often felt the questions weren't clear enough. Although, at my age, it's a little late to choose a new career, it was fun to see that all of the jobs that I've had and that I currently have are listed as suited to my personality type.


Review posted December 29, 2018


This book was an interesting read. Reading about the diffrent personality types and how they are categorized was an eye opener.


Review posted December 14, 2018


I’m only a few chapters into it but I already feel like this book has taught me more about self discovery than I know. I’m currently trying to find my place in the world and want to use my talents to help in society. This books is a useful tool for doing so. Should be required reading for people starting college.


Review posted December 5, 2018


This book isn’t one I read cover to cover. It is a great book for high schoolers trying to find what they want to do and it is easy to find sections that interest or apply to them. It is helpful and makes the decision making process a little easier or at least makes makes the reader more knowledgeable about their personality and careers of interest.


Review posted November 27, 2018


This book is very interesting! When my daughter and I read through it, we were very surprised at how accurate it is! We would both recommend this book to anyone who may not be certain which path they are wanting to take in life. It matches you up with careers that fit your personality!


Review posted November 26, 2018


Although I found this book insightful, I don't find it entirely accurate. Looking at the personality traits and inside characteristics, I find in both myself and others to be on about 80%. This book could be used as a guide for those who don't know what career path they'd like to take or have no idea what they'd like to become.


Review posted October 22, 2018


It was fun to read about different personality types and how you can apply it to your daily life and career choices. There were times I thought something specific about myself, and I was actually something different. Made me rethink how I evaluate myself.


Review posted October 3, 2018


Great tool to have. Every HR department needs a copy of this, and should use it to understand skill alignment for positions better.


Review posted September 18, 2018


This book is a classic resource for assisting individuals in identifying rewarding careers at any time in their job search life. I refer to it often, and guide customers, friends etc to this book as a tool. Its great that you don't have to read the entire book, just go to your Myers-Briggs indicator type. There is a great section on creating your personal career path.

Toby Abraham-Rhine

Review posted September 12, 2018


The sheer size and breadth of this book would most likely intimidate teens and young adults so I would not recommend it as part of a career guidance curriculum. It goes into almost too much detail, making its point early on and then continuing. The subject matter is very valid and intriguing, but like an inspiring sermon that goes on too long, an abridged version would better serve young people. This is more of a tool for a teacher, counselor or parent to use in guiding students, which was my goal in ordering it.


Review posted August 22, 2018


This book provides great insight and guidance in finding a career fit you can feel good about. Read with an open mind and expect to do some self-discovery. You get out what you put in.


Review posted July 17, 2018


great way to work with people on figuring out a career path utilizing their myers briggs score.


Review posted June 29, 2018


A very good review of Myers-Briggs Type and how it affects your career choice. I wish I had read this while in high school, it would have prevented two major changes. It is a must-read for those who want to understand how Myers-Briggs works and/or want to discover their perfect career.


Review posted June 29, 2018


I liked this book. I work with youth and I feel that it was helpful in having them decide the career path they want to take.


Review posted June 18, 2018


This is a good book of about 433 pages with a plethora of information on what career you would be a better fit going by your personality trait. This book would greatly benefit whether young just beginning or older who are not happy in the career path they selected. Based on the Myers Briggs personality test, the authors go into each type more fully. It also shows why two or more can have the same personality type yet be different. Environment, life events and more can change us and though we stay the same type it evolves or adds to. It doesn't give the actual test but has a formula you find your type. The MBTI is a great test. I've taken it five times throughout my career and college days and always came out INFJ. In this book, I do as well. The book will help you find your passion; however, doesn't go in enough detail for on job searching but it does give the best jobs for your type.


Review posted June 14, 2018


This is a wonderful compilation based on the Myers -Briggs personality types.


Review posted June 5, 2018


This book was a great read after I suddenly lost my career. I struggled to imagine life with a different one and had no idea where to look to start over. This book helped guide my into the right areas im good at.


Review posted June 5, 2018


This book was an easy read and very applicable to what I do with young teens. I thought it was excellent.


Review posted May 17, 2018


What a great fun and insightful book. It covers so much about personalities and career choices that I haven't even thought of. It seems as though that test in High School is still pretty correct with this book on what my line of work should be it's was quite interesting!! Great book for anyone questioning their path or direction in life!!


Review posted May 1, 2018


This book is a great tool for helping students gain an in depth understanding of the MBTI and how it can relate to careers & education. Lots of relevant and useful information. As a school counselor, I'll be using this resource quite a bit while working with students.


Review posted April 3, 2018


Amazing read to gain understanding of your personality type and what occupations may keep you interested and feeling like you never work a day in your life. I shared this with my 14 year old grand daughter and it held her attention and gave her valuable insight as to what she should focus on in her studies. Very easy read.


Review posted April 2, 2018


It's helpful but definitely harder for my children to navigate through.


Review posted March 13, 2018


This is a must as an elementary school counselor.


Review posted February 26, 2018


I found Do What You Are very helpful in understanding my personality and career type.


Review posted February 21, 2018


This book has been incredibly helpful in furthering my understanding of myself and others around me - Thank you TFFF!


Review posted February 8, 2018


This book is a great read for anyone who isn’t quite sure what careers they want to pursue and are open to some guidance. This book leads you on a different path to discover more about yourself and your personality. Through this you are then able to reflect on job aspects that are most important to you. The book then also recommends a variety of career paths that matches your personality and passions. I recommend it!


Review posted January 27, 2018


Good information on how an individual's personality type can influence their career path. Accessible to all readers, not too technical. A helpful resource!

Review posted January 24, 2018


I believe this is a great book for young people and people re-entering the job market or changing jobs. It contains the Myers-Briggs test which helps match the persons strong personality traits and interests with appropriate jobs. I loaned this book out after reviewing it to a young lady in her early 20's who needed some direction with vocation. This would be a good book to have at high schools and universities to guide people regarding their career choice.

[email protected]

Review posted January 18, 2018


Was an interesting turn around.

Tawnya Ballard

Review posted January 7, 2018


Very helpful. Some new insights.


Review posted December 28, 2017


I love this! I'm a huge fan of personality tests and this is a meyers-Briggs-type test for career planning. I got this book for my high-school son, who's struggling with what direction he should go. Being that I am 20 years into my career, I looked up my suggested careers, and found I am right on matching my areas of interest to the different things I've don in my life.


Review posted December 8, 2017


I had, in the past, heard great things about this book! It really is a fun read, and nice to have on the shelf for anyone in the family! We actually will be putting it to good use with our children to help them set out on a good foot as the enter the workforce.


Review posted December 1, 2017


I knew about personality type before, though not a whole lot. This helped me understand the concepts behind it much better, and it reinforced the results of those free online tests you can take to determine your personality type. I like that they repeat that not every single thing about a personality type is true for a person who falls into that category. Even with a system to categorize, we are all still different. This book was very handy in helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses better with regards to my career path. I've been unemployed since the end of May, and at this point six months in I've begun to lose hope of finding anything. This book helped me narrow my search for jobs though, so I'm not applying for anything and everything. Instead, I'm trying to apply for jobs that I am both qualified for but also think would be a good long term fit for me. It was also quite interesting to read about all the other personality types, and to recognize them in the people in my life. It can be quite helpful with dealing with different personalities if you understand what makes them tick.


Review posted October 30, 2017


Fascinating book that allows you to dive into your personality test further and enlightened me on what interests me and how that can be tied to the way my personality is set up. Would highly recommend.


Review posted October 25, 2017


this was very insightful. I learned which personality type I am, and lo and behold, I have the perfect personality type for what I'm majoring in! Such a good confirmation.


Review posted October 21, 2017


I found the book to be helpful in finding out what I need to change about my thinking in order to get my dream career.


Review posted October 11, 2017


I work with college students, and this book has been an amazing resource to talk with them about their career and vocation. There are so many fun examples and stories for them to learn from. Thank you for providing yet another amazing tool for my work!


Review posted August 22, 2017


A valuable source to getting it all sorted out.


Review posted August 9, 2017


I thought this book would be much more kid friendly. I wanted to use it with teenagers I work with. It is not easy to read. The information is good but just not written in a way that was to my liking.


Review posted June 30, 2017


This book is helping me as I determine the next step in my professional life.


Review posted June 16, 2017


This was a great asset to assist my grandson who is graduating from high school! Also, my daughter just graduated from college and both completed the Meyer Briggs and used this book to clarify the results.


Review posted May 25, 2017


This book, full of hands on exercises, was helpful in terms of self-reflection and generating more information about why I work the way I do and why I'm interested in particular careers, but it wasn't very helpful in a concrete way--I don't feel like I've discovered anything new really. I just solidified and justified things I already knew or felt about myself, and the actual job searching section was very slim and unhelpful. I wish there was more material toward the end about how to look for the types of jobs you've discovered are right for you and how to stand out in the application process, now that you've gone through the whole book.


Review posted May 11, 2017


Great book covering the different personality types, strengths of each, and areas for growth. My one feedback would be that although the book is designed to help readers identify their "personality type", those who have already taken or participated in a Myers Briggs inventory and know their "type" in advance, have a richer, better understanding of how the book can help them as individuals, and explain the personality types and traits of those in their work environments.

[email protected]

Review posted May 9, 2017


This is a great book to help people understand their personality type and how it relates to the type of work they would most enjoy, your strengths, pitfalls, and various advice pertaining to your personality type. It is a great book for furthering your understanding of yourself and others. I work at a High School and it is a great book for students to review with thinking of potential career options.


Review posted April 14, 2017


Exploring one's personality type is fun and interesting interesting. Pair that with matching it to a career is also useful. This is a good resource for anyone wanting new ideas about what to be when they grow up, despite their age.


Review posted April 6, 2017


Very interesting.


Review posted March 3, 2017


I really enjoy this book. It is amazing how accurate the Myers-Briggs personality test is. I don't think people should test themselves. I have had it done twice and the process takes many hours. I like seeing how it predicts what career I should have...because that is the career field I ended up in.


Review posted February 3, 2017


Great book!


Review posted December 15, 2016


Loved this book. The Meyers Briggs personalities are detailed nicely, and applied to real life in a way that modern youth can understand. I gained a lot of career insight from this.


Review posted November 2, 2016


This was an interesting resource. My only hangup about it was the lengthy process that it would take to get through the activity. Also, if using the book with youth, if was not very engaging to look at.


Review posted November 1, 2016


Like What Color is Your Parachute?, Do What You Are helps readers figure out what they should be doing in life- in terms of a career. I would say even adults would find this useful. Even those who love their jobs may find this a good read.


Review posted September 12, 2016


A wonderful addition to our library.


Review posted September 6, 2016


This book was quite interesting. It really opened my mind to the type of personality I have. Along with what would suit me as a career. After reading this I have found I would like to be a doula an achieve my early childhood development degree.

[email protected]

Review posted June 15, 2016


Another great addition to my professional library. Great for following a new path or finding direction in your current profession.


Review posted May 25, 2016


I found the information useful as I am starting a career and figuring out what my interests are. I thought I knew my personality type, but this gave me a different perspective. It was very easy to follow and informative.


Review posted May 23, 2016


Good info on personality type and how it relates to work. I liked the insights on the strengths/weaknesses of each type and how to balance them. Also the different ways to "verify" your type were helpful.


Review posted May 18, 2016


I'm excited to share this information with students that I work with to hopefully guide them toward fulfilling careers.


Review posted May 3, 2016


Great book

Edie Reid

Review posted April 29, 2016


What a great opportunity to apply the Myers-Briggs personality type to career choices. The authors did extensive research and taught seminars to hone this craft. It was helpful and I am grateful to get this information prior to establishing my career path.


Review posted March 16, 2016


I find the concept intriguing and it would be nice to fit oneself into categories for easier selection of a career. If I were to compare my answers a decade a part, I might find that I am in a whole new category and in need of a whole new career. It is a nice first step for those that are curious and seek a starting point into knowing oneself, but not an end all be all solution.


Review posted March 4, 2016


Informative and helpful to find your personality type through paths to a "suited to you" Career. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing that we forget who we are; I'm glad I read this, it reminded me of who I am.


Review posted March 2, 2016


This gave me a great overview of what careers might fight my personality type and also provided some insight into other personality types. I will keep it as a reference book to help me understand working with others.


Review posted February 27, 2016


Very interesting information regarding coordinating MBTI info with career choices. I thought their information regarding the hierarchy of functions made the concepts easy to comprehend. I especially appreciated the information regarding developing skills as you age. It helped connect the dots on why I am feeling compelled to pursue things I consider outside of my core skill set. The profiles had great insight into understanding self and others. Thoroughly enjoyed.


Review posted February 27, 2016


Good read . Your personality does matter to your career

Gelindo L. Ferrin

Review posted February 24, 2016


This is a great book for helping you discover your true calling. there is a lot of useful information, but also a lot of info to look through before you get to the meat. All in all a great resource for finding the tools to your calling.


Review posted February 17, 2016


What an excellent book, two of our three teenagers read this book and have made some great observations of themselves. We are waiting for the third to finish and we will have a very lively family conversation around the nuggets they have gleamed from it's reading. I vey much enjoyed reading it as an adult, it opened up my awareness of the kids and the way they do things (each of them differently) I can't wait to see how my thoughts align with the conversation with them. I highly recommend this book, especially if you have older teens that are unsure of their potential.....


Review posted February 9, 2016


This book is a great book to get one started in the process of thinking of what type of work would be best, or making a career switch. Its easy enough to complete the process and I felt my personality type really did describe me! A great tool for those contemplating a change or who simply desire more self-awareness.


Review posted January 20, 2016




Review posted January 7, 2016


I have used this book with a few of my students and all of them have found the information valuable.


Review posted December 16, 2015


I recently took an online personality test and wanted to learn more about my type. This book offered not only a greater understanding of my personality traits but also specifically what my strengths and weakness may be in given situations. Being that I am changing my career focus, the tools and tips from this book will help guide my interview efforts in a whole new light!


Review posted December 9, 2015


Great Book! Easy to read and share with my students. I am a mentor who works mostly with high school students that want to be in health care but some are undecided. This book easily guides students to possible career interests based on their personality type.


Review posted December 8, 2015


I enjoyed the amount of analysis and depth that this book provided. The careers that were correlated with my Myers-Briggs type were spot-on with what I consider to be the best choices for my personality/interests. I would recommend this book to any incoming college freshman or anyone who isn't sure that their chosen career path is exactly right for them. The one thing I would suggest is that readers also make sure that they take a real Myers-Briggs test, as the book only provides a self assessment, and I'm not sure how accurate that is.


Review posted November 23, 2015


This book was interesting on the personality types and gave good description on the types to make it easy to distinguish. Also good input on how to work with different personalities and how to handle it.


Review posted November 19, 2015


It was not usable in my class for middle school students. It may be a book for other age groups. I read a few chapters and began to lose interest. This would not be a highly recommend read for my teaching friends.


Review posted November 17, 2015


Entertaining but basic


Review posted November 15, 2015


I couldn't wait to get this book. This is a wonderful, go-to, self-help guide on finding one's own personality type (Myers/Briggs type indicator). You can use it alone, or as guide with other books or online personality tests. The easy to use step-by-step directions guide you through the process of determining what type of personality you are and the best careers that fit within those guidelines. As a volunteer college mentor, I will use this book as a resource to help students find the best college majors and/or careers that would interest them.


Review posted November 12, 2015


Additional tool for understanding MBTI. This book analyzes personality types by looking at how individuals process info, make decisions and interact with the world and indicates which type describes them best. What is really helpful is that the next part of the process is linking your strengths with numerous occupations that are popular with people of similar type. The book gives step-by-step instructions on how to use your unique strengths to narrow your job search.


Review posted November 4, 2015


As someone who majored in psychology and studied the theory behind Meyers Briggs typology, this book was amazing! It allows you a real in depth knowledge of the types and allows you, by guided discovery, to find out your type which is so much more meaningful than taking a inventory. Seeing my type and the thoughts, feelings, expression, and jobs that would interest me had me wanting to scream from the rooftops "Yes, this is me!" I am fairly new in my position and just went through a stage of finding a career and knowing that things I was doing right and wrong was almost reassuring. I may have bumbled along and fell into what I wanted, but this book helped me see the pieces of me that led me to this place.


Review posted November 4, 2015


I use MBTI and SII often when I do career advising, and I found this book as a great addition in helping me explain to my students/alums what might be causing lack of satisfaction in the workplace. I especially like to use this type of assessment to try and convince people that sometimes it might not be the job they are in, but it might be their communication style with their supervisor or colleagues based on their MBTI that is causing their lack of satisfaction.


Review posted November 3, 2015


Good book, I have shared with my students to get them to start thinking about career ideas


Review posted November 2, 2015


I love that this book looks at different personality traits and then looks at popular careers for those traits! The book also looks at strengths and possible pitfalls that one might encounter for each trait! I think high school counselors would enjoy using sections of this book with their students!

[email protected]

Review posted September 22, 2015


A good book with insights to help align life, skills, likes and dislikes.

Jackie LaBonte

Review posted September 16, 2015


This book is wonderful with insights I appreciate about Personality types. I always encourage students to pay attention to the truth about themselves and follow that course in deciding on a career. Helpful information and I enjoyed the profiles.


Review posted September 8, 2015


This is a great tool to work with students to identify personality "types" and look at implications-including career fits. It was interesting that I had done the full Meyers-Briggs assessment as a young adult and have found that I identify with a different personality type than years ago.. the quick assessment summaries will help to look more closely with students at their types and to use as a relationship building tool too. My 16 year old daughter was interested to look at her personality type and see what types of things she would be good at--which are the very things that she is interested in doing. I will definitely use this resource with students and coworkers in the future.


Review posted August 24, 2015


The premise of this book is that you can discover your ideal job based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. Because not everyone knows their Myers-Briggs, the first quarter of the book is devoted to telling readers how to figure it out. Then it goes on to describe the sixteen personality types. And then it devotes a chapter to each of the sixteen types to talk about fitting careers. It uses storytelling to illustrate points, which makes for better reading than just the facts. This is no "What Color is Your Parachute?" Rather, it is "Your Parachute is one of 16 Colors."


Review posted August 22, 2015


interesting. helpful tool.


Review posted August 17, 2015


This book was a source of information that would have been very well used several...(many) years ago. It is well worth reading by anyone wishing to understand why and how they have chosen their field, and/or what to choose. This was shared with my 17 and 20 year old grandchildren...they are making career decisions. Very easy to understand and follow as the information is provided.

mona Staehr

Review posted May 28, 2015


I work with Teen Parents, assisting them in finding ways to finish High School or GED. Over the past 2 years the reoccurring theme has been a lack of vision for the future. Not having a goal/dream of what you would like to do makes it hard to find the motivation to finish high school or GED. I acquired the book to use with the teens over the summer. My hope is that knowing your personality type will bring some creative options to the mind of the teens and give them a sense of hope for the work they will do now and in the future. I like the lay out of the book. It is easy to use and seems to be helpful. I am happy to report I am in the right profession although I could........ 


Review posted May 18, 2015


This book is an excellent resource for anyone either entering the job market or contemplating a career change. It guides the reader to identify his or her particular inclinations with occupations that are most suitable to different personality types. In addition, it serves as a source of inspiration for those searching for work that is meaningful, rather than a mere well-remunerated job that doesn't necessarily fulfills one's vocational calling. Recommended.


Review posted May 12, 2015


I work in a Career Center and I am always looking for a quick tool to give to students to get them thinking about how their personality, interests, aptitudes and skills can help guide them toward a career. This book was easy for me to use with students. Lots of good advice regarding how to use your personality strengths and be aware of your potential "blind spots". Recommended!


Review posted May 7, 2015


This book may feel overwhelming and cumbersome if one is not familiar with Meyers Briggs. The size alone will deter those who want quick answers to what career are most compatible with their personality type. The book does a nice job of walking you through the Meyers Briggs section by section. It can be very affirming and stirring if you stick with it.


Review posted May 6, 2015


This book was an interesting discussion starter with my two daughters, both Ford Leadership graduates. One is attending college and the other is graduating from HS this month. They had both taken the MBTI during FILP and this furthered the discussion of what types of jobs/careers/work settings they might enjoy or be best suited to. Thank you for the opportunity to read and share these books. I am "old school" and appreciate getting to hold a book, turn the pages, and read the printed word. I mark certain sections to review later or discuss with family or friends. Love the Select Books program!


Review posted April 21, 2015


This book was great! It helped you to determine your personality type, then to match your type to different career fields. It was especially good for young adults who are trying to determine their career path.


Review posted April 15, 2015


I thought this book was very insightful into personality type. I think that delevoping self-awareness around personality type is very useful for thinking about a career path. The only downside to this book is the ease of use with students/others. It would be difficult to quickly assess them without having them complete the myers-briggs assessment on their own.

[email protected]

Review posted March 4, 2015


The book is very good. It covers careers, but also the personally types. I was reading it and I was able to find what type my friend is and the way they work. The book also covers what we are best at and what we need to do to improve on. I would say any age should read this book. Even if your not looking for a job. It will give more insight of who you are.


Review posted February 16, 2015


Very informative, thank you!


Review posted January 20, 2015


Very useful and informative book. The strengths, weaknesses, and 'love the job you've got' sections were very helpful.


Review posted December 30, 2014


Do What You Are does a really fine job of laying out the different parts of the Meyer Briggs personality types as well as discussing temperament, so the reader can discover the traits of their personality. This book is not and does not claim to be a "quick fix" to career issues and is not "one size fits all." It lays out some really practical ideas for thinking about a career search, career change or even how to make the career you have better suited to your personality and strengths. I like that the book does not treat everyone as thought they are the same. It really looks at the strengths and possible weaknesses of different personalities. Reading this book gave me new perspective bout whether or not to stay in my current field and try to make things better, or to look elsewhere. I highly recommend this book both as a way to better understand personality, and also to think about your career.


Review posted December 16, 2014


"Do What You Are," by Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron, and Kelly Tieger, explores how understanding the sixteen Myers-Briggs (MBTI) personality types can help match people to suitable career options. I was drawn to this book because I have an interest in how people construct concepts of self. I have struggled to understand the perceived value of the MBTI, so I am exploring it further to gain a better appreciation of what people find compelling about it. As "Do What You Are" is a widely read book that provides thick description of the Myers-Briggs model, including a variety of case studies showing how people apply the model to their own lives, it was a good resource to help me better appreciate the Meyers-Briggs model in one of its most popular contexts. After reading the book, I did not find the MBTI to be any more helpful to me personally; I still find that it amplifies perception of some qualities and minimizes others to the point of oversimplification for my purposes. However, I think I do understand better now what others may enjoy about it. I see that it can provide a systematic way to generalize about why others behave the way they do, rather like astrology, but in my mind better, since the source for the generalizations is more rooted in everyday human experience. The introvert/extrovert dichotomy is clearly useful in many cases, and the other dichotomies, though questionably applicable, do broadly teach that different people are motivated by different things. This overall message would be valuable to job seekers, who benefit from reflecting upon personal suitedness to different types of work.


Review posted December 9, 2014


‘Do What You Are’ provides the tools for determining your personality types and specific explanations and implications for each of the 16 types. I have used this material to support some of my high school aged clients in personality and career exploration. I also used this tool to evaluate my own personality type and assess my strengths and weakness in my own chosen career path. This book provides valuable insight on how to improve your career satisfaction by acknowledging weaknesses and providing tips on how to compensate for them while still remaining true to your personality traits. I also thoroughly enjoyed the real-world stories of individuals with the same personality type and how they are successfully advancing their careers. The Millennial section is especially relatable for my high school clients!


Review posted December 8, 2014


I thought this was an interesting book, and that it helped me learn more about the Meyers-Briggs types. The hierarchy of functions part didn't really make sense to me. It seems to me that someone's dominant function would have more to do with how strongly they scored in that function than with their overall type. For example, if someone is an INTP, this book says their dominant function is Thinking, their auxiliary function is Intuition, their third function is Sensing, and their fourth is Feeling. But what if they scored borderline between Thinking and Feeling, and very strongly on Intuition? It seems their dominant function should be Intuition, and that Feeling would come ahead of Sensing. The book doesn't explain why they hierarchy of functions is the same for every person with the same type, it just lists the hierarchies for each type. The chapters on what types of careers are best suited to each personality type was good, though there was a lot of boilerplate text that was the same in every chapter. That could have all been put in one chapter instead of repeated. Maybe the authors anticipated that people would only read the chapters on their own type. I found it interesting to read about all the types, though. Overall, the book gave me a deeper understanding of personality types and not only what careers are best suited to them, but why.