Dream to Go Far | Sonaremos Llegar Muy Lejos

Drean to Go Far is a joyful picture book for families to read together. Children of all abilities interact on the pages, playing together and finding that their friendships are their greatest strength. FACT Oregon, a go-to resource organization serving families across the state, provides an inspiring foreward that includes contact information and resources to empower families experiencing disability, developmental delays or special health needs.

21 pages. ©2020.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted November 9, 2022


I enjoyed reading this to my 2.5 year old son. Only downside is one page is English and the next is Spanish.


Review posted October 24, 2022


this is how we build cultural humility in our kids! I am so happy this book came into our lives.

Jan Diamantine

Review posted October 7, 2022


Interesting book and I read it to my Granddaughter.

Toby Abraham-Rhine

Review posted October 6, 2022


This is fantastic and absolutely perfect for our school. We are dual immersion and I so appreciate this upbeat, thoughtfully illustrated Spanish/English book. The best part, beyond the message, is the inclusive children in the book; all races and abilities. This is an excellent addition to any school counselor's library!

[email protected]

Review posted October 5, 2022


Cute book to read with your little ones.


Review posted September 17, 2022


great Resource


Review posted August 26, 2022


This is a wonderful story that helps kids think about what might happen when they dream about what they might accomplish. It features a variety of diverse characters in the illustrations. The tone is positive and uplifting.