Energizing Entrepreneurial Communities

Pathway to Prosperity

In this follow-up to their first book (Energizing Entrepreneurs), the authors offer tools and resources to help communities create a supportive ecosystem for their entrepreneurs.

196 pages. ©2014.
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Reader Reviews for this Book

Roger Gifford

Review posted November 27, 2017


This is an excellent resource for growing and developing community entrepreneurial motivation. I would recommend the read for anyone.


Review posted June 26, 2017


This is a good read on charting an economic development course for rural communities. It provides a roadmap while offering tools and resources to help rural communities of all sizes to create a supportive ecosystem in which to thrive.


Review posted January 11, 2017


This book was filled with good and useful information. I particularly liked the parts about creating a game plan, providing value, and having a sustaining impact.

david grant

Review posted October 26, 2016


This book is an excellent first step to have your community become entrepreneurial..however, I would have preferred a "Work Book" approach but ...the authors point out that each locale is different and as such needs a specialized approach... The benefit ia their e2 University which has a more comprehensive papers.


Review posted September 19, 2016


Marvelous book, full of useful, practical steps for communities to take to reach and build up their entrepreneurs! As a small business owner in a rural community, I found a wealth of ideas for my own company, and some great talking points with which to engage my community's leaders.


Review posted February 27, 2016


It's frustrating that many resources and case studies refer to a website. It's difficult to find some of this information on the e2 University website. Some tools like the entrepreneurial asset mapping could easily have been included in the book. There is good information in the book but it's not easily accessible when you have to have the website open to get the whole story.

Suz Ybarra

Review posted January 23, 2016


I majored in Sociology and my favorite class in college was "Urban Geography" and so I thought this book would fit with my interests. After looking over the book, I agree with its tenant that "People and organizations make economic development happen through private and collective decisions,"(page 27), but the book itself does not capture me. On the other hand, my city just hired a person to develop our economic community. I will pass this book on to her. I think the book's real-life examples and thorough study of the topic will interest her.


Review posted November 29, 2015


"The contents of this book are crucial to your community's future success." What you will discover in this book is an action framework with the elements needed to move a community toward entrepreneurial status. Including how-to's for creating, measuring and sustaining entrepreneurial economic development over the long haul. Likening the pioneer spirit to the entrepreneurial spirit strikes a familiar cord with rural residents.


Review posted November 19, 2015


This book should be seen as a gateway to exploring the topic of building entrepreneurship structures in a community. It offers many suggestions for accessing online information, in addition to providing historical and current perspective and suggestions for methods. It would be most appropriate for those in a position to bring about change, perhaps as a means to build a shared knowledge base and approach.


Review posted November 15, 2015


This book go's along great with the leadership project


Review posted August 29, 2015


This is exactly the book I have been looking for to help our group of food entrepreneurs develop our own startups while also planning to support those coming behind us. Our local community college, TBCC, has gotten our group off to a great start with their new Recipe To Market course and now we are each discovering the issues we face in bringing our projects to fruition. This book is the guidebook that will support our next efforts! Thank you FFF for providing this book to us.


Review posted April 27, 2015


There was some good info in this book, but I am hoping to find a better book on this topic.


Review posted January 11, 2015


This book was very informative and helpful in my day to day work in economic development business retention and expansion. I really appreciate the e2 university to see how these topics continue to be relevant and are being used by leadership throughout the industry. There are too few resources on this topic. I am using this book as a sort of road map for my group's planning and implementation work.