Fundraising for the Long Haul

A straight-forward guide to sustaining a long-term commitment to social change, no matter how understaffed or underfunded the organization.

161 pages. ©2000.
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Review posted October 27, 2022


Great 10/10


Review posted April 2, 2022


Fundraising for the Long Haul is a quick and interesting read. Insights into what to do and what not to do..... it is a bit "dated", but not really outdated. A lot of face-to-face examples and utility for the "asker". I am not working with a grassroots organization - (per se) so not everything addressed is fully relevant to what I am doing. Worth your time!

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Review posted December 6, 2021


I am using this book as a long term resource. I especially found the chapters about obstacles to fundraising very valuable. The ideas of founder issues and veering away from our mission are excellent. A worthy read for fundraisers.


Review posted August 18, 2021


This is a great primer on long-range fundraising, especially for agencies establishing a new fundraising program.

T Kilroy

Review posted September 5, 2020


Fundraising for the Long Haul is a great resource to have in a nonprofit tool kit. This book provided ideas and direction for a small nonprofit to make a big difference as they attain their goals.


Review posted May 19, 2020


Overall I found this book giving many good pointers for long term fundraising for a non profit organization. Because I live in a small community the first part of the book really did not seem to apply, but the second part did give useful information. The book is well written and easy to read and I will pass it on to others in my organization.


Review posted March 26, 2020


This book has GREAT style, and definitely some useful information, but it's a bit dated by this point. I'd love to see an update, because the author has a great attitude and personality.


Review posted February 6, 2020


Very informative.


Review posted January 31, 2020


This book was very helpful with both work and community fundraising projects that I oversee


Review posted January 6, 2020


A good resource for nonprofits, helpful and well presented.


Review posted November 26, 2019


This is a really easy read. It makes fundraising seem simple and dare I say somewhat enjoyable with practical tips and real-life lessons to learn from.

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Review posted May 7, 2019


"Fundraising for the Long Haul" is an excellent resource for building capacity by organizations such as Oregon Rural Action that are committed to organizing for progressive social change and realize that change does not come overnight but requires building ongoing organizations of committed, concerned citizens. Fundraising is essential to this process. I recommend this book to persons wanting to secure funds for long-term organizing for social justice.


Review posted April 20, 2019


While starting to become a bit dated, this book provides a good overview to the basics of nonprofit fundraising - formulating your ask, practicing your ask, engaging your board in fundraising, developing a diversified strategy, etc. The one area that the book lacks (given it's age) is guidance on web-based strategies (Facebook donations, text to give campaigns, e-appeals, etc.). That being said, if you need a refresher on the basics or you're onboarding someone who is new to fundraising, the core components of this book could be helpful in framing the general work.


Review posted April 9, 2019


Provides a good start for ideas on how to create sustainable fundraising where you need it most.


Review posted February 14, 2019


Initially I was interested n this book for the information about establishing an endowment, however there is so much more to like about this book. From the first section, "You Can Learn from My Mistakes" to the information about healthy fundraising, common obstacles to healthy fundraising, and using different strategies over time, I found the wealth of the author's knowledge and sharing amazing. A wonderful and easy read, I highly recommend this book for anyone entering or established in non-profit fundraising!

Lyle C Miller

Review posted February 10, 2019


Very constructive.. I picked up several new ideas for organizing my fundraiser programs


Review posted February 7, 2019


It's a bit helpful- but this is for much more established non-profits than mine is at. More relevant to a group that already has a staff and isn't only volunteers and trying to start their first real fundraising efforts

Camerina Galvan

Review posted January 22, 2019


This is a good book for beginning fundraisers and for those who need help with specific issues in their development office. For me, the most valuable pieces of this book are the stories Kim tells about her experiences and those of other nonprofits. These stories give life to the tips and tricks Kim shares.


Review posted December 26, 2018


An extraordinarily useful book.


Review posted December 19, 2018


This is an informative book on fundraising. I have found it helpful in learning how to rely on fundraising in the future more to benefit our mission.


Review posted December 17, 2018


This book offers wonderful advice on fundraising. I am delighted to have implemented some of the tips. It is without a doubt super important for those who are working for a non-profit to have this information.


Review posted November 28, 2018


This book has created a new thought process and experience in fundraising. The ideas and concepts have proven to work and are consistent with my organization's goals.


Review posted October 7, 2018


Wonderful resource that is full of wonderful information to help with fundraising. We are using this in a rural community to help fundraising efforts for small non-profits. I am already sharing this title with other local fundraising volunteers.


Review posted September 5, 2018


There was a lot of good info in this book, and I'll probably return to it again, but it wasn't exactly the info I needed right now. It has a lot of good info on major donors and in person asks, but feels a bit dated when it comes to technology and contemporary giving culture.


Review posted May 7, 2018


Fundraising for the Long Haul is very informative and a great resource for small, rural non-profits and larger entities as well.


Review posted May 3, 2018


As a relatively new development associate fundraising can be intimidating but this book had some great tips! It was easy to read and informative.

Kelly Crane

Review posted March 27, 2018


This book was really useful, particularly in the areas of thinking through avoiding mission creep and connecting fundraising to strategic planning. My only criticism is that the audience for this book is really orgs who already have fundraising programs, such as major donors, in place already - not as much those orgs who are launching new fundraising enterprises.


Review posted March 3, 2018


I expected this book to be a bit of a slog, as many fundraising books are instructive but not engaging reading. This uses a ton of real life examples so you can imagine yourself in the same situations to inform your decisions. I highly recommend this easy read. Only downside is it predates social media.

Elena Lininger

Review posted February 12, 2018


The author shares her own experience in fundraising through storytelling. But it doesn't go into details on some topics. I also expected a better structure.


Review posted January 10, 2018


Sooner or later every non-profit organization in the country will find themselves asking someone for money. If they follow the advice found in Fundraising for the Long Haul they stand a very good chance of being successful. We're just finishing our first round of fundraising and miraculously did it without falling into the numerous pitfalls pointed our in this book. As a result of having read it I think our next round of fundraising should go even smoother.


Review posted July 13, 2017


Very insightful, great ideas. I already see problems I have been doing. Look at sustainability.


Review posted June 28, 2017


Definitely worth the read just in the area of the matrix system which will be helpful to any organization. The steps of going through self analysis on a nonprofits programs will make every organization better.


Review posted June 14, 2017


Whether you are an experienced fundraiser or new to the field, I think you can benefit from "Fundraising for the Long Haul." Klein gives a good overview, with current examples, that can advance a person's understanding of the field and the process of being a successful fundraiser.


Review posted June 8, 2017


I thought this was a great book! I really like how they did not give the name of other organizations but spoke about there stories and situations and struggles and strengths throughout the book. This giving real details and idea's of things that work and things that are failures or need to be restructured or rethoughout. Many other great idea's for small or large non-profit's with either a bid budget or small. I felt the book was very helpful. Thanks!!


Review posted April 25, 2017


I thought this book had some real practical ideas to use when looking for funding for various projects.

Annette johnson

Review posted April 10, 2017


This book has me rethinking how I approach fundraising and grant writing. With practical tips and numerous examples, including mistakes to avoid, the author stresses the importance of developing a five year plan and nurturing a solid donor base.


Review posted February 23, 2017


Informative for basic fundraising needs especially if you are looking to do the work long term.


Review posted December 30, 2016


Being relatively new to the development profession, I found this to be one of the best overall books I've yet read. Accessible, well written, practical. Highly recommend.

Josephy Center

Review posted November 22, 2016


This book was great! It gave me courage to ask for support and I think it will help my board too. I also appreciated her long and detailed account of working with different non-profits. It was illuminating!


Review posted July 22, 2016


Outstanding preparation for long term fundraising. Extremely helpful for out new organizations.


Review posted May 15, 2016


I attended a seminar with Kim Klein a few years ago and was thrilled to see that one of her books was offered at the site. It is a great book to read for small non-profits and boards that are in the first phases of forming a brand new foundation. It gives the reader a step-by-step process on how to form a healthy fundraising board with great case studies from Kim's career as a consultant. It is also a great refresher for non-profits that have been in the business for awhile. Her practical advice and humor was fantastic! It's a wonderful book to have in your library and an easy read.


Review posted May 13, 2016


This is a great resource for nonprofit fundraiser.


Review posted February 11, 2016


Kim Klein obviously has a wealth of experiences, both positive and negative, to draw on. Her writing style flows easily, the book is a light read with insights and case studies to highlight her points. I found the second half of the book (Sections 3 & 4) to be much more applicable to our small organization (1.5 staff and no development director) and provided some great ideas, lessons, and strategies for all types of organizations. The first half is useful, but as Klein states, presumes there is development staff at the organization, so some things are out of our grasp - at least at this time. If you struggle with the first half of the book, I suggest flipping to Sections 3 & 4 and see if you get more use out of them.


Review posted January 26, 2016


Great Book. There is a lot to learn with fundraising, I have been fundraising for a long time so I did skip some parts of the book. I thought the most important part that I learned was about the was know your history and create a case statement. I also really enjoyed reading about the characteristics of the fundraiser person itself. Knowing that I am a fundraiser it was nice to read about what I should be doing for myself to not get burnt out and what I should be focused on. Overall it was a great book and learning about the different aspects of fundraising and donations was great.


Review posted January 12, 2016


Mostly a reiteration and overview of standard development ideas. Not much written for the current landscape of fundraising in the electronic age.

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Review posted October 30, 2015


Kim Klein's manual is less useful for very small organizations, those without executive directors, paid staff, formal offices, and the like, than it would be for associations that have those luxuries. Until, that is, the reader gets to the sections on how to help a board of directors function successfully and on the nuts and bolts of fundraising. That's fully the last third of the book, and what a third it is! It should be required reading for every member of a board of directors and for every prospective board member. Every governing member of a non-profit should read the final sections of the little manual before embarking on a new fund-raising effort.

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Review posted September 22, 2015


Kim Klein shares helpful anecdotes and advice from her career as a fundraiser and fundraising consultant. I appreciated her insights into what makes a career in fundraising healthy and positive for a development officer over the long haul -- she emphasizes some good techniques to avoid burnout. Her book is a little out of date however, ie. a recommendation mentioned several times is that every nonprofit try to have at least one computer and one phone line available for development staff. Her advice might need to be extrapolated out and placed in a more modern context. I would recommend this book for anyone thinking about a career in fundraising and also for anyone struggling with burn out. Thanks to the Ford Family Foundation for sending it to me!

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Review posted August 27, 2015


We ordered this book for our board members to read if they wanted to educate themselves on the components of fundraising. They found in very helpful. From those who were new to fundraising to those who had been fundraising for non profits for 20+ years, they all were able to learn something new. Thank you for providing a vessel for people who want to make a difference in the world.


Review posted August 18, 2015


Great overview with solid examples. Great tool for the development toolbox.


Review posted February 11, 2015


Great ideas on what a "healthy" fundraiser and fundraising plan is, and most importantly, the kinds of things that can happen when you lose sight of your mission and vision as an organization.


Review posted February 6, 2015


This author provided a good foundation about non-profit fundraising including prospects, individual donors, foundations and fundraising events. Each topic was further illustrated with a personal example from the author's experience. As a new Development Director - the topics helped me understand the basics of various strategies and the importance of maintaining focus on the sustainability of fundraising efforts, and relying less on the immediate relief of non-recurring fundraising efforts.