How to Make Your Community's Economy Sizzle

A Handbook for Reshaping Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Creating Jobs in the Process

This book will help you reshape your community’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Author Jim Schell, an entrepreneur himself, covers how to build an environment for entrepreneurs to succeed and create jobs. You’ll learn how to find the right champion to lead the reshaping process and the six key elements of every successful ecosystem.
92 pages. ©2017.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted January 31, 2019


An excellent read that puts into context of "making awesome happen". I've heard people say that Bend, OR was the greatest 20-year-overnight-success story, this book tells that story. With any luck, you can take what you learn here to your community.

Review posted August 16, 2018


I truly enjoyed this book! It is a great handbook that is an easy read, about Jim's history of development in Bend, OR. but more importantly, the components of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. I recommend this book especially for Chamber of Commerces in smaller towns! There are many key "nuggets" throughout the book that made me think, "A-ha." Chapter 8 includes resources that could help you as an entrepreneur!


Review posted July 23, 2018


This is an excellent quick read on what it takes to develop a community's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Covering several aspects of business ranging from education to marketing, the author conveys in simple language the strategies to inspire entrepreneurs at the local level. This 92-page book is packed with good information.


Review posted May 6, 2018


Not a casual read, this book informs the reader to organize, organize and organize. Our community is much smaller than Bend, OR so we won't have as much talent to draw on as he recommends however we will utilize the addresses found in the book.