The Inclusive Mindset

How to Cultivate Diversity in Your Everyday Life

Have you been looking for a book to bring people together across division? Something easy to read that invites more authentic engagement? This might be your next book. The author, Justin Jones-Fosu, is a nationally recognized motivational speaker who has inspired thousands to get more curious about diversity, listen intentionally, dig into deeper dialogue and exercise empathy. Written as if Jones-Fosu is speaking to the reader, his lessons come from the heart and blend humor with humility. The Ford Family Foundation staff read this book in 2021 and took on the Circles of Grace Challenge together. Will you join us in the challenge?

192 pages. ©2021.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted January 23, 2023


I enjoyed that the approach encourages the reader to "start where they are", extend grace to others as well as one's self, and celebrate progress rather than perfection.


Review posted December 8, 2022


Justin writes for real people in a clear and compassionate tone. The book explains the inclusive mindset as well as providing recommendations on how to cultivate the mindset. My favorite "Justin-ism" is "I often hear people say that unless you 100 percent agree with someone, you can't fully accept them, and this is simply not true. You can value that person as a person and still not agree with them 100 percent. This is an important part of society that we must regain."


Review posted December 6, 2022


This book is designed to help you on the inclusive journey. It asked great follow up questions, and gives great tools to check your own biases. Justin Jones-Fosu is a great writer and is very relatable as well.


Review posted December 5, 2022


Great book with helpful suggestions for being inclusive in your leadership


Review posted November 29, 2022


I enjoyed the conversational tone of this one — a straightforward and down to earth take on a challenging and sometimes divisive topic. The “action forward” questions were useful. This would be a good pick for work and book groups, too.


Review posted November 10, 2022


Good book to review what it takes for a community to be inclusive. I recommend reading this book with other books.


Review posted October 11, 2022


Relevant information to the current issues today.


Review posted October 7, 2022


Jam packed with information about inclusion. It's broken down in smaller easy to manage chunks, so it's easy to digest and to understand. Mindset, privilege and small actions are all things you can expect when reading this book. Highly recommend no matter where you are on your inclusion journey


Review posted October 4, 2022


Justin did a great job discussing the reality of diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion is a crucial topic in our society and Justin does a fantastic job of discussing this topic in a genuine manner. I had two key parts that were my favorite. First was the golden circle. Justin's explanation of the golden circle really opened my eyes to how I can be more inclusive to people that I believe may be outside of my circle. Lastly, his quote of "True diversity and inclusion is being able to disagree with others while still seeing their humanity.". This is a fantastic read and would recommend this book anyone.


Review posted August 28, 2022


I really enjoyed this book. It was full of great ideas to implement in your day to day interactions. I liked how the author incorporated his experiences. This is a book I will refer to and reread in order to create a more inclusive outlook.


Review posted August 22, 2022


Had a hard time getting into this one. Not bad, just challenging to engage with.


Review posted August 12, 2022


It was really informative and written in a very digestible way. It was an absolutely great read!


Review posted July 4, 2022


I really enjoyed reading The Inclusive Mindset: How to Cultivate Diversity in Your Everyday Life. It was easy to read and quick to incorporate small ideas every day for lasting change in mindset. The thought starters at the end of each chapter were provoking and would be a great read for any book club.


Review posted June 15, 2022


This book is natural easy read. The author brings a sense of humor and "real" conversation while addressing a, sometimes, sensitive subject. I used the book to engage in conversation with my leadership team as we navigate our way through three very different counties and six different school districts with many, many collaborating partners. I highly recommend for personal reading, team reading and simply to elevate the conversation.


Review posted May 26, 2022


Good introduction to diversity and inclusivity. The book is easy to read and the author gives a lot of examples and analogies to help people relate to the concepts of privilege and inclusion. There are lists of action items to take included in each chapter.


Review posted May 25, 2022


"The Inclusive Mindset" provided a thoughtful and reflective way to think about what inclusivity means and how to bring that about in my daily life. Each chapter ending provided some really thought provoking reflection questions and tasks to make sure that the work I am doing around being inclusive of others experiences is much more than just reading a book. The reflection provided while reading this book was empowering.


Review posted May 21, 2022


Great read, loved the tangible ways to cultivate diversity in various part of my life.


Review posted April 5, 2022


This book is an easy read. The style is relatable, smooth, and conversational. Real life perspectives from the author allow the reader to think a little more deeply about their own contribution to inclusivity. The book is a good fit for the inexperienced as well as the experienced.


Review posted March 25, 2022


This book is compassionate and practical. Especially useful are the questions and actions at the end of each chapter to extend the topic into daily life.


Review posted March 7, 2022


Not a fan of the cheerful, talkative style, but it had some good definitions and ideas. I liked the example of how systems favor (privilege) right-handed people.


Review posted March 6, 2022


I enjoyed reading this book. He reminds me of a friend whose favorite thing to say was, "Just be nice!" I wish everyone had that attitude.


Review posted March 1, 2022


Justin Jone-Fosu combines easy to read, impactful writing along with activities, which he includes at the end of each chapter, that really hits home and helps me to integrate what I am learning into my life. I appreciate his tone, he makes this topic accessible and approachable!! I have suggested that we use this book for our Equity and Inclusion Book Club!! I really can't recommend this book enough!! I look forward to reading other books by this author!!

Maria Duryea

Review posted February 11, 2022


Playful, provocative, and speaking directly to the heart of the matter of inclusivity, this book is written for *everyone* with curiousity about inclusiveness - what is it? Tools for you to explore it (on your own or with others!) And make up your own mind about it's value or significance in your world. Justin Jones-Fosu's tone is conversational, and this book invites you to engage in the conversation, too. I read it by myself, but I can't wait to share it with others to hear what they think of these ideas, too.


Review posted February 8, 2022


While I had ordered this book with a view towards having inclusion conversations with my team at work, it's also useful as a way to review my own biases and ways to see how inclusion practices should be incorporated into my personal life.


Review posted December 7, 2021


excellent. good read.


Review posted December 7, 2021


A quick read that keeps you captivated and motivated to learn. Highly recommend if you are looking to be more inclusive and gain insight on how to best do so in your daily routine.


Review posted November 7, 2021


Great book to read on diversity and inclusion