Look Where We Live!

A First Book of Community Building

In this engaging nonfiction picture book, five young friends spend the day participating in activities designed to raise money for their local library. Along the way, they learn what it means to be a part of a community. A map opens the story with each of the places the children will be visiting. Parents and teachers will appreciate that the author stresses the roles of all community members. For ages 4-6.


32 pages. ©2015.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted May 21, 2020


Our daughter loves this book.


Review posted May 7, 2020


This is a cute book. My 5 year old loved looking at the pictures and listening to the story. We talked about events that we have done in our community to help relate it better. It has a list of vocabulary at the back with definitions.


Review posted April 21, 2020


Look Where We Live! Was a great way to encourage ideas about the community with my pre-k learner. He loved the visuals and was making connections between jobs and people of the community that contribute to our safety and our basic needs. He was able to accurately identify and explain what most of the art was representing such as the community gardens/gardeners and the police officers. He loved learning about the facts within the book and talking about what the towns people where doing to contribute to society within the context of the book pages.


Review posted April 4, 2020


This book was a great introduction to a community for my kids. It was very informative and helpful.

Jan Diamantine

Review posted March 18, 2020


Wonderful. Great colors and story.