Look Where We Live!

A First Book of Community Building

In this engaging nonfiction picture book, five young friends spend the day participating in activities designed to raise money for their local library. Along the way, they learn what it means to be a part of a community. A map opens the story with each of the places the children will be visiting. Parents and teachers will appreciate that the author stresses the roles of all community members. For ages 4-6.


32 pages. ©2015.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted March 16, 2021


This book is great, for children to learn about transportation and their town around them.


Review posted February 25, 2021


Fabulous! What measurably effective ways kids can contribute to their communities! Engaging pictures, clear guidance. Makes me wish I was within the pages joining in on all the fun!


Review posted February 4, 2021


Great book that opens up discussion of the community around us. Kids really enjoyed the details and pictures as well.


Review posted February 1, 2021


This book explains the many ways community building may function to create a positive constructive life-giving environment. Delightful pictures full of action. I would suggest that when shared with a 4–5-year-old child to look at the pictures and discuss them. It is much more suited to reading to a 6–8-year-old and would lead to interesting conversations. I highly recommend this book.


Review posted January 30, 2021


This book was wonderful and opened conversations for children.


Review posted January 25, 2021


This is a cute book to introduce kids to just how much everyone in the community is connected. I like the questions in place to help engage the reader or listener in how they can help their own community.


Review posted January 7, 2021


Great book teaching kids about community, interacting with each other, and how we live.


Review posted January 6, 2021


A delightful book about community. My 4-year-old had many fun questions about the illustrations.


Review posted October 27, 2020


This is a great age appropriate book


Review posted October 15, 2020


I read it to my 5th graders and they actually liked it. We were able to transition into a discussion of the town we live in and I like how inclusive the book is .


Review posted October 14, 2020


I chose this book as I thought it would be a great way to break down community building- and it did! Look Where We Live! A First Book of Community Building is a book that is well done, has terrific artwork, and uses font extremely well. It has multiple ways each of us can participate in our community's well-being. For example, community cleanup is one of the items addressed. At the bottom of each "lesson", it states in bold type the result of our action. This is a great book for kids to learn about the community in which they live and how we can all make a difference somewhere no matter what our age!

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Review posted October 12, 2020


This is a sweet and informative book about five friends exploring their community. My children really enjoyed it and said it reminded them of pre-COVID when we got to explore our community. It encourages kids to be involved in their community! The drawings are very detailed and my young kids liked looking at them.


Review posted October 6, 2020


An engaging book to help young readers engage with what it means to engage in positive change in their neighborhoods and build community.

Alyssa Thompson

Review posted September 17, 2020


We loved this book! The diversity is exactly what I was looking for when adding books to our collection.


Review posted September 16, 2020


I absolutely love this book and how it explains to students the places around town in a way that they will understand.


Review posted September 2, 2020


Excellent youth-friendly introduction to community building! My 6 year old loved it and we hope it will be read for years to come!


Review posted August 31, 2020


I loved reading about this fun community. It made me nostalgic for the times before Covid-19. The art is very cute and colorful. So much fun!


Review posted August 24, 2020


My 3 year old LOVES this book! It’s such a great introduction to what a community is and what makes a community strong. He loves the adventure of the story:’following the kids and animals through their day raising money for the library. Such a special book.


Review posted August 6, 2020


My kids love identifying the characters throughout the story and answering questions asked throughout the book about the who, what, and where of their own community. The page about the community garden is their favorite!


Review posted July 27, 2020


Great book with lots of detailed pictures. My nearly 2 yr. old daughter likes it. It's a longer book, but she likes seeing the overall community map and all the things our community has too. Fun!


Review posted July 16, 2020


This book is a wonderful addition to my pre-k book selection. Teaching kids about engagement and community partnerships. I loved the activity at the end of the book, beautiful touch at the end.


Review posted July 5, 2020


This book is a cute book with great illustrations that was used in my class during our community helpers unit. It doesn't flow like a story more like a nonfiction book but that was what I needed it for so it was great. It kept the students engaged.


Review posted June 15, 2020


Neat little book. It does a good job teaching about community and ways to be involved in a community. Enjoyed the diversity of the characters and inclusion in the community for all.


Review posted June 14, 2020


This book is great because it shares the community that our children grow and see. I'm interested in the rest of the series.


Review posted June 13, 2020


A great book to promote local community and launch into conversations about who, where, what, when and how your neighbors create a community in your area.


Review posted June 12, 2020


Such a fun look at a community. My kids had fun looking for the kids on each page. I like how it covered important community landmarks and explained the important role they play in our lives.


Review posted May 21, 2020


Our daughter loves this book.


Review posted May 7, 2020


This is a cute book. My 5 year old loved looking at the pictures and listening to the story. We talked about events that we have done in our community to help relate it better. It has a list of vocabulary at the back with definitions.


Review posted April 21, 2020


Look Where We Live! Was a great way to encourage ideas about the community with my pre-k learner. He loved the visuals and was making connections between jobs and people of the community that contribute to our safety and our basic needs. He was able to accurately identify and explain what most of the art was representing such as the community gardens/gardeners and the police officers. He loved learning about the facts within the book and talking about what the towns people where doing to contribute to society within the context of the book pages.


Review posted April 4, 2020


This book was a great introduction to a community for my kids. It was very informative and helpful.

Jan Diamantine

Review posted March 18, 2020


Wonderful. Great colors and story.