Mentoring for Meaningful Results

Asset-building Tips, Tools, and Activities for Youth and Adults

Thinking of starting a new mentoring program or breathing life into an old one? More than 50 reproducible materials provide program leaders with ready-made tools.

120 pages. ©2006.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted August 24, 2018


Very helpful resource for adults you haven't had a lot of previous experience working with you and/or are looking to brush up on their relationship building skills. Not super useful for people already in the field of working with students/youth but a good resource to have on hand to give out to other adults.


Review posted July 17, 2018


excellent resource


Review posted June 22, 2018


It gave great activites to use with family and help them engage with their child/children.


Review posted April 2, 2018


Provides an excellent outline and resources to support successful mentoring.


Review posted March 23, 2018


I thoroughly enjoyed the layout of this book and its simplicity in regards to youth mentoring. As a Mentor Program Coordinator, I can incorporate multiple worksheets provided in the book to improve the quality of the program. I especially enjoyed the handouts that promote the mentoring relationship by allowing the Mentee and Mentor work cohesively.


Review posted March 15, 2018


This is a great workbook to engage in, it was not a book I was expecting. I was hoping for a book that would expand on how to mentor and work with individuals you are working with. However, it has some great activities, goals and worksheets to use and track goals. Quick and easy read!


Review posted January 29, 2018


As someone who works with college-aged students, this was such an awesome resource. The tips and tools are real -- I use some of these activities in my one-on-one meetings and they are so helpful!!!


Review posted January 28, 2018


This book offered some helpful tools, especially for first-time mentors. Will be sharing this tool with others.


Review posted January 19, 2018


Very helpful


Review posted January 11, 2018


The handouts in this book are great, and address concerns from three angles - family, mentee, and mentor. The only thing I would have added are some engaging curriculum ideas for presenting the materials, rather than just handing them to the involved people.


Review posted September 26, 2017


This book provided me with some great ideas on how to coach up the volunteer mentors in my program.


Review posted September 26, 2017


I really enjoyed this book has taught me some good asset-building practical tips and activities for mentoring. I will be able to use the easy steps to follow and print these for my clients that I work with on a daily basis. I feel that this will be a good way to keep communication going. Thank you for a great book.


Review posted July 3, 2017


Though an interesting read for those who are working in fields like Big Brother and Sister programs and young student did not feel as applicable to my middle school age students. There a bits and pieces that felt encouraging and supportive of my practices and others that were little gold nuggets, but the book had long gaps between these and was hard to continue reading through the gap areas.


Review posted May 7, 2017


I found it hard to apply to what I'm doing, which is mentoring an incarcerated youth. I did find a few ideas for activities that were reasonable, such as play a game of cards. Kind of a workbook style, which I wasn't comfortable with. All in all, fairly well organized for scanning through quickly as a reference for some.


Review posted April 11, 2017


This was a good book to use and adapt to my programming. It has some great ideas for handouts and worksheets. It is based on lower aged populations, but can be adapted.


Review posted January 23, 2017


This book has good information for all parties that would be involved in mentoring.


Review posted November 17, 2016


Great! We used this resource for our district mentoring program.


Review posted November 14, 2016


This book was great for first time mentors and mentees. The book was easy to read and had some very practical hands-on information that would make for good handouts for any mentorship program. I appreciated how the book also discussed what would be best practices for different age groups. The charts, in particular, would be very useful. I would have liked to see some research in their regarding successful mentorship practices.


Review posted November 1, 2016


I just received this book yesterday, and I've already read a bunch of it and made copies of several handouts to use in my mentoring program this week! I run a mentoring program in which college students are paired with youth in local Boys and Girls Clubs. Although my program focuses mostly on increasing college access, this book's list of assets provides a great framework to apply our focus to. The conversation topic squares and the handout called "Setting and Reaching Goals" can be easily geared toward college or modified a bit by mentors. I also appreciate the handouts for mentors, especially because I have had several who were either nervous before their first day, or became nervous after it was harder to connect with their mentee than they were anticipating. This book provides concrete ways for me to address those issues with my mentors, before, during, and after their mentoring sessions in order to get the most out of every hour.


Review posted October 6, 2016


Useful information and practical forms that can enhance any mentoring program.


Review posted September 13, 2016


I like it because it has a work book format, rather than just theory. I find handouts and exercises very useful and practical. The books contains just enough information for a beginner like me, without being too overwhelming. I would recommend it to anybody beginning their work as a mentor.


Review posted July 30, 2016


A useful book on a subject that can bring about deep change. Imagine if society valued relieving suffering and making the world a better place more than personal comfort and ease? My generation needs this.


Review posted June 23, 2016


One of my best and most frustrating experiences was being a volunteer mentor with a Big Brothers/Sisters organization. I was a young married with little life experience but was a willing and enthusiastic volunteer. Had I had the resources and the training this little book provides my impact and influence as well as my personal satisfaction with the experience would have been multiplied tenfold. I was particularly pleased with how easy this book would be to use in a formal setting for training and resourcing. It was informative and insightful. It could easily be adapted for a variety of program use. My chief criticism is that the book did not come with electronic support. Have the resources available in pdf form would be invaluable. I would highly recommend to all mentoring program directors and to groups who wish to develop mentoring components in their programs.


Review posted March 25, 2016


Great book


Review posted March 21, 2016


Excellent. Had a bunch of great, easy ideas for connecting with youth.


Review posted March 3, 2016


This is an amazing book. It works for anyone looking to become a better mentor, supervisor, or leader. It has great ideas and worksheets that you can work on individually or with a group to help you understand what your mentees are needing from you. It has realistic examples and easy to understand concepts. I highly recommend this book to everyone!


Review posted February 9, 2016


Very useful advice for those interested in developing mentoring partnerships


Review posted January 11, 2016


The book broke out easy to follow steps for meaningful mentoring.


Review posted January 3, 2016


This book had several helpful ideas to get people/volunteers thinking about what benefit they can give to the organization.


Review posted December 5, 2015


I am mentoring a youth for the first time. This book has great information not just for me as a mentor but also information I can share with the youth I am mentoring. So thankful for the help!


Review posted November 30, 2015


Great mentoring book. It was informative and the techniques are useful.


Review posted November 4, 2015


This book is packed with superbly helpful resources for program coordinators, mentors, and more generally any people working with youth. The strengths-based and assets approach support the empowerment of youth, which is crucial to building social capital in our communities. The resources included are accessible and straight-forward. I will absolutely be utilizing this book for developing mentorship training materials!


Review posted November 2, 2015


This is a great book whether you are an individual wanting ideas in your mentoring as well as if you are part of a mentoring group. It really helps improve and strengthen the communication between you the the person you are mentoring. I highly recommend this book!


Review posted October 29, 2015


This book provides wonderful worksheets that are quite applicable to creating a mentoring program and are easy to use. It's great that they can also be reproduced.


Review posted October 18, 2015


This book was user friendly, both for mentors and for programs building mentoring programs. It has nice tools that can be copied and used by mentors, youth and family members. I know it was not advertised as such, but it would have been helpful to have some sections on how to plan or develop culturally responsive mentoring activities.


Review posted October 7, 2015


Good workbook for all aspects for developing and sustaining a mentor program.

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Review posted September 16, 2015


Helpful information and practical tips in your mentoring journey.


Review posted August 26, 2015


This manual has been very useful in practice. I have used the materials to train mentors working with adjudicated youth. It is ready to use with activities for mentors and mentees. The materials coincide with other research related to starting a successful mentoring program. It is very easy to use. I would suggest this manual to any organization which pairs mentors with their youth.


Review posted August 9, 2015


This book is a great resource for mentoring programs--and its principles are applicable to any age group. I enthusiastically recommend this resource material.


Review posted June 30, 2015


This book has been and will continue to be very helpful for our mentoring class and mentoring program where we train college students to mentor local youth who are involved in Boys & Girls Clubs of our local area. This is a very practical resource.


Review posted June 28, 2015


This workbook has sections addressed to organizations, mentors and mentees. It has sections with handouts that can be copied and used in activities with mentors, with mentees and with mentors and mentees together. I think this book would be most useful for an organization that pairs mentors and mentees and as a resource for that organization to have on hand. I found the most interesting part of the book was the discussion of developmental assets and the specific lists of those assets for different age ranges, pgs. 8-11. This workbook was not particularly helpful to me. I was looking for a book about mentoring and a discussion of the research of what works and what doesn't in varying types of situations. For example, the workbook focuses on a one-on-one mentor-mentee relationship that may last for years. However, I would like to read about situations where one meets with many students briefly over a short period of time and what kind of tactics might be most effective in that case.


Review posted June 19, 2015


Wow, this is one practical book! We are refining our mentoring program and the tools included in the manual will be the backbone of our design. Highly recommended.


Review posted May 15, 2015


I thought that this book could be useful for youth mentors (especially for mentoring younger teens). It wasn't exactly what I was looking for, as I am mentoring college level interns, and was hoping for a more practical guide on professional discussions, ideas, etc. This book is more to do with cultivating postive mentor boundaries and relationships through recreational activities.


Review posted March 31, 2015


It wasn't the book I thought it was


Review posted March 27, 2015


I felt that this book was well laid out and had a lot of useful information. I found it helpful and interesting.


Review posted February 5, 2015


Mentoring has been a significant part of my life for years. This book includes many reproducibles that I wish I had access to when I started initially mentoring. It has been useful in my work already.