Never Too Late

The Adult Student's Guide to College

This book offers practical advice for adult students pursuing a college degree while also juggling work, raising a family, and managing other responsibilities. Infused with charts and checklists, as well as personal stories from adult students, it engagingly addresses questions like: What should I study? How can I afford college? Which college should I attend? What campus resources are available to me? The "non-traditional" college student is the new normal, and this book is a comprehensive resource for ambitious adults seeking a degree.

376 pages. ©2018.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted October 17, 2020


Turn on the 10 best book I could recommend if you want to go back to college and you’re a young adult


Review posted September 23, 2020


Very motivating for adults to go back to school. Gives a different perspective than the typical 18 year old going to college. Raises questions and concerns that adults have when considering college.


Review posted June 2, 2020


It is never too late to go to college. This a book for anyone feeling they need to return to higher education and need to find their way. It is valuable for any age group. Great book!


Review posted May 26, 2020


This book gave me so much information on starting school again. It gave me ideas for getting school work done while working.


Review posted May 17, 2020


very good information and came at a wonderful time as I'm considering going back form my Masters in Social Work


Review posted February 5, 2020


I am 33-years-old, work full time and recently started (1 class) college! I loved this book. It was encouraging in a lot of ways. They answered a lot of the questions that I had about how to balance the costs and time of having both a career and your education. I highly recommend this book for any adult who is thinking about taking college classes.


Review posted December 3, 2019


Found this book very helpful. Lots of questions to ask myself about returning to school at 56 and mobility disabled. Scary, but i want to work in a in the law/human services with inmates with mental illness, adovocate for them to have proper care and diagnosis.4


Review posted August 24, 2019


I’m so excited to go back to school after reading this book. Being a single mom with a son i was afraid I’d never be able to go back to school. But I have a sense of proud now


Review posted May 22, 2019


Despite the appealing title, this book lacks substance and the author clearly displays some disregard for the more traditional approaches to education. Perhaps I was expecting a more inspirational book, but in the end I realized that this title was produced with a particular strategy to capitalize on the current adult education market for the fundamental and dominant purpose of education these days: profit.


Review posted May 15, 2019


For older adults, this book was spectacular. It’s an easy read, filled with exactly what do. Takes the fear out of later in life learning. It was a joy to read!


Review posted March 13, 2019


This book has been written for the Non-Traditional student; it addresses how to choose an institution, reviewed accelerated credit options to consider and what institutions offer them, as well as military options. I appreciated the stories from the adult students. I recommend this if you are an adult who is considering going back to school.