The Nurture Effect

How the Science of Human Behavior Can Improve Our Lives and Our World

A fascinating look at how nurturing environments can increase people’s well-being in virtually every aspect of our society — from early childhood education to corporate practices. The author, a research psychologist in Oregon, is one of the nation's leading experts on how to prevent behavioral and psychological problems in children and teens. The author explores a wide range of topics, hypothesizing that if we can tackle smoking as a nation, then we can create a society where every person can thrive. It’s a compelling read about the potential of behavioral science to help solve critical social problems.

252 pages. ©2015.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted October 10, 2019


A great book. It gives simple solutions to complex societal issues. By nurturing people we can help reverse ills of society. It is a great read! We can all have the happiness we do desperately want and need, personally and globally.

Annette Leong

Review posted October 9, 2019


Tony Biglan's book, The Nurture Effect, was inspiring to read. It aligns perfectly with my work in training Parenting Educator's to use positive parenting approaches with teaching parents about the importance of children's dental health. His inclusion of specific action steps for a variety of stakeholders was welcome, and the scope of the book is impressive.


Review posted September 22, 2019


This book balances research, scenarios, and practical guidance broken into categories, from citizens and parents to those who make policy. It links studies to a wide variety of daily activities and societal approaches. This was so information dense that I found that it wasn't a quick read. Rather, it is food for contemplation, investigation, and consideration of action.


Review posted September 18, 2019


ez read the environment you are raised in follows you


Review posted September 17, 2019


This was a very helpful, insightful book.


Review posted September 5, 2019


Eye opening book

Christen Mansuetti

Review posted September 4, 2019


I love how The Nurture Effect included multiple elements of how human behavior develops. The broad scope of how how important families, schools, and society all play a role and are all responsible for developing well-being in everyone. I believe that with all of the violence and aggression our society has developed toward one another we could all benefit from reading this book. The book made the connection with how stress can affect our behavior and how mindfulness can be a big tool in our well-being. Kudos to the authors for putting the pieces together and helping to solve the puzzle of how to help us grow in empathy as a society.


Review posted August 31, 2019


This book was really helpful in my understanding of my work with children and how I will be a parent someday.

Patricia Jarrett

Review posted July 30, 2019


This book has helped me to understand how important it is to provide a good and nurturing environment for our children and youth, I learned that as a parent and teacher I can make a difference for our generations. Thank you!

onalee Mansor

Review posted July 23, 2019


This is an excellent book with practical methods of how to nurture families in our communities to raise standards of living for the poverty stricken. Doing this requires vested families, schools, community and business to improve outcomes for families and children and make our worlds healthier for all.


Review posted July 21, 2019


Excellent read


Review posted July 16, 2019


I like this book because it opens the world to a debate that has been questions for years and will be discussed for years to come. Nature vs. Nurture. This has helped me to understand the psychological aspects of children and how to connect with them on a better level of understanding.


Review posted June 6, 2019


Great book!


Review posted May 15, 2019


Nature vs Nurture? Great read on how we can made great strides in our societal outcomes by cultivating compassionate, positive, nurturing environments.


Review posted April 30, 2019


What a lovely book! I especially like Action Implications in this book. so helpful in helping the reader put it all together.


Review posted April 27, 2019


I work with a group if teens in a psychiatric residential setting. I liked this book but it is not the I depth topic I was hoping for. I would suggest it, but wish it was a little more focused.


Review posted April 23, 2019


Very good. Captures the importance of behavioral science.