Our Towns

A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America

“Our Towns” chronicles the authors’ five-year journey across the United States in a small plane. The husband-wife team visits dozens of towns to explore the challenges facing the communities — from economic hardships to the scourge of drugs. They also document the common characteristics that underwrite success in those towns — energy, generosity, determination, compassion and determination. The final chapter summarizes the 10 signs of a thriving city. The book is an uplifting look at the future and how problem-solving begins locally.
417 pages. ©2018.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted January 22, 2020


interesting read across America.. things you normally never read


Review posted January 10, 2020


After this book ready for a road trip such a pleasure to read appreciate their insight


Review posted October 21, 2019


I loved this book! I read it on an airplane on a trip cross country and was so inspired by the stories of rural/small city america. The writers are incredibly charming and I enjoyed hearing of their adventures and learning about what makes places and people great.


Review posted October 12, 2019


When I began reading "Our Towns..." I was not very impressed however by page eighty-six I was making notes about what authors James and Deborah Fallows had to say about some of the communities they visited. For someone casting about for solutions to downtown decay and feckless solutions this book may provide answers. Sure , many of the solutions other communities have adopted to revitalize their area of interest are not workable here the next page may reveal some very useable information. I like the book.


Review posted July 1, 2019


The cover of the book is nice and the idea of flying around the country visiting many of the small and medium sized towns sounds like a fun experience. I think it would have made a better magazine article than a whole book. i really enjoyed the story about their encounter with a government testing zone where the government was seeing if they could disable connections with air traffic control and radar. That would have been a scary situation and a potentially dangerous test.