Sharing the Rock

Shaping Our Future through Leadership for the Common Good

The author presents an innovative leadership model designed to cultivate a worldview suited for today's interconnected global society. He offers a framework for people aspiring to live for the good of others because they know that is ultimately the only way to thrive. Through concrete exercises, Sharing the Rock helps readers determine their deepest values.

224 pages. ©2011.
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Reader Reviews for this Book

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Review posted June 30, 2020


I found the book interesting...


Review posted February 24, 2020


Bill Grace's book is likely useful for inspiring leadership trainers to use his concepts, such as the third-circle in which lies mature leadership for the the common good of all of us who share The Blue Marble that is our planet. Exercises and Discussion question at ends of chapter will be useful in work sessions on inspiring action for social justice.


Review posted January 30, 2020


Still in the middle of this but enjoying it


Review posted October 7, 2019


It is time we start thinking about the fact that we share this planet with others, and need to leave a livable rock for the generations to come.


Review posted September 23, 2019


Interesting point of view. Good read.


Review posted August 6, 2019


Great book, shows how to be a better part of the world


Review posted April 16, 2019


The leadership book I’ve been waiting for. Rather than manipulate our animal instincts to establish dominance — which is the crux of many leadership models we see today — Bill Grace shows how we can foster the human need to gather and find meaning in a common cause.


Review posted March 19, 2019


This is a beautiful and simple book, outlining seven "Common Good" leadership practices which, were they to be followed, would naturally lead to a more peaceful, just, and joyful world. Author Bill Grace sparked a fire in me to work toward this Common Good!


Review posted November 14, 2018


When every issue of Time magazine arrives with Trump’s name or likeness on the cover and stories of deceit and corruption inside, this book is like a meditative retreat of kindness. Average people can change so much just by changing themselves and their expectations for their world. We do not have to accept rudeness as the norm. We can model appropriate leadership every day, and expect more from those who claim to lead.


Review posted October 17, 2018


Good read, always wonderful to open your mind to ideas.


Review posted October 3, 2018


a good read to help learn more and encourage the next generation of ecologically conscious citizens


Review posted September 21, 2018


I personally appreciated how much the author values authentic relationships and authenticity in all parts of life.


Review posted July 12, 2018


This book is very humanitarian based, creating a whole as people instead of all the stigmas. Making a model that is value based and for the good of everyone's future. great read.


Review posted June 10, 2018


Sharing the Rock taught me how to use gracious space to talk with people who I disagree with or have a different point of view.


Review posted May 24, 2018


It starts off with a strong religious/spiritual overtone that does not carry throughout the entire book. Holds some valuable perspectives and catalysts for consideration of your specific role and how that creates global effects.


Review posted May 16, 2018


Very good read. Reminding us that we are sharing this space. We need to work together to share it with grace. Privides good tips and guiding principles.


Review posted October 24, 2017


Powerful, and full of wonderful insight. Rather applicable to the line of community building work.


Review posted August 7, 2017


Bill Grace effectively provoked a strong philosophical conversation internally about the purposes and expressions of serving a global community. What I appreciated most were the everyday analogies and the several examples of high-profile historical figures, wherein Grace explored the underlying principles of his book within historical actions and results. I also appreciated that his dialogue was not only social and philosophical, but focused on personal growth.


Review posted May 2, 2017


finally a leadership tutorial focusing primarily on values and working together! I loved the ideas in this book, and it was quite motivating for me.


Review posted November 6, 2016


This was an okay read. Didn't find the leadership model particularly innovative although the exercises were a useful reminder on perceptions.


Review posted October 23, 2016


I appreciate the intent of the author, but I have gotten bogged down in the reading of it.


Review posted September 16, 2016


I love the concepts Grace puts forth in this book. Leadership for the common good is an important and necessary approach to thinking about how we work together. Made for some very interesting discussions in our book group.


Review posted June 1, 2016


This book was insightful and shared alot of information that spoke to me in my community and in my line of work.


Review posted May 2, 2016


An excellent book on transformative leadership for the twenty-first century. The author shares stories that guide the reader to a vision of new possibilities for a more humanitarian approach to leadership. Recommended.


Review posted April 23, 2016


Important book. We have the solutions to the worlds problems, we just need to learn to work together effectively.


Review posted March 4, 2016


Great book!

Sandy Braden

Review posted February 28, 2016


Currently involved in an organization undergoing changes, this book provides valuable insight into leadership experiences in moving groups toward revised goals.


Review posted February 23, 2016


Sharing the Rock: Shaping our Future through Leadership for the Common Good Bill Grace Bellevue, WA.: Common Good Works, 2011 Around the turn of the 21ste century the U.N. along with multiple other international organizations developed a list of eight “Millennium Development Goals” that, if implemented, would advance the common good in every corner of the world, according to Bill Grace. These goals, available from, certainly are worthy objectives. Eradicating poverty, insuring every child on the planet has opportunity for primary education, eradicating all diseases, and so on would obviously lead to a radically different world than the one we inhabit today. Bill Grace attempts to develop a pattern for training leaders that would serve in the achievement of these goals. Since defining the common good is a “moral vision, approachable through a moral framework’ (p.3). Beginning from what Grace identifies as the third circle of moral development, which is identified by individuals making choices based on “principle and with concern for the good of all affected by them” (pp. xxi-xxii). Leadership based upon these principles will express justice, care, inclusiveness, and the what the author describes as “the moral urgency of acting now” (p. xxii). This kind of leadership, he argues, can be developed. Grace offers seven leadership practices that when implemented, can attain to the common good as represented by the Millennium Goals. Each of the seven practices, choosing your personal values, embracing the wisdom of the margins, crafting a vision, creating generous space, claiming your voice, receiving hope, and acting with courage, are illustrated by examples of people around the world living out these principles. Each of those chapters closes with exercises to assist individuals in thinking through how they can begin to shape their own lives around these principles. Sharing the Rock begins with the picture many of us remember from Apollo 8 taken on December 24, 1968. This was the first picture of the whole earth taken from space. That picture ‘showed us that humanity shares a common home and destiny along with every other form of life on the planet” (p.5). This global views profoundly shapes the perspective of the author. Defining the moral framework that gives an opportunity to define the common good is a massive task, one that transcends any one person or even one single generation. Any moral vision should begin with the end in mind. Just what is the end, or the goal, toward which we are living? Nearly 3,000 years ago a writer named Qoheleth was asking the same questions. Searching for the common good in the pursuit of knowledge, pleasure, and creating and building the Teacher discovered that life was empty, or as he wrote, “Vanity of vanities, says the Teacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 1:2, NRSV). By the end of this ancient book of wisdom, however, the Teacher has discovered a simple solution to the vexing question: “The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God, and keep his commandments; for that is the whole duty of everyone.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13, NRSV). While Bill Grace may not agree fully with the perspective of the Teacher, having the discussion about the common good is healthy and helpful. The conversation needs to engage everyone in the community and the kind of leadership needed to create that kind of conversation can be enhanced by principles discussed in the book, Sharing the Rock.


Review posted February 14, 2016


This is a great resource for building the leadership skills necessary to address a shared vision that embraces future connections and ideals.

onalee Mansor

Review posted February 8, 2016


This book is uplifting and inspirational. "Us-them" thinking is devisive and weakens rather than strengthens human connection. Our current political leaders are still racing down this dead end path. Grace offers solutions on a personal level and a government level to eliminate this kind of thinking and to establish a values based perspective individually and world wide. Great ideas and solution based suggestions.

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Review posted February 3, 2016


I haven't read a book in years and the story about the Rock is so easy to read I I could not put it down every should read this book


Review posted January 22, 2016


A book that doesn't just point to the problem, but offers solutions as well. Sometimes his style rubs me the wrong way, and detracts from his message, but overall I would recommend the read to everyone.


Review posted December 9, 2015


I really enjoyed the book, Sharing the rock. I like the way the author evaluates the vision for the common good. Whether it honors the leader's core values, whether it improves the lot of people on the margins; whether it bridges the us-them-divide; and whether it articulate concern for the urgency of change. I liked the exercises and reflection questions in the book.


Review posted December 1, 2015


Sharing the Rock focuses on postive outcomes for the common good. I found the book to be an easy read, and flowed nicely. Concepts were well defined and provided examples to illustrate use.

Richard LaPlante

Review posted October 28, 2015


In a society plagued with self focus Bill Grace in this amazing book lays out in detail a vision for a world view that truly encompassed the common good for all. Clearly walking you through step by step into a transformation of your thinking with real world practical examples that you can live every day and make a difference.


Review posted October 16, 2015


A great read on how we all succeed when we work together to be better. The author asks the reader to explore your values and use heart and passion in determining how you lead.

Ann Mehaffy

Review posted September 6, 2015


Bill Grace’s Sharing the Rock redefines leadership and its approach by offering new leadership ideals and practices in moral behavior and ethic, all centered on work for the “common good”. Grace divides the book into two parts: 1, the fundamentals of common good leadership and, 2. seven Common Good practices. Throughout his beautifully written book he offers insights and practices for working for the common goal of a caring and just society. The book has been nothing short of pure inspiration. I will keep it near me as a reminder of what in most important and how to stay on track with my core values. .


Review posted August 16, 2015


This was a great book... a nice follow-up to Bill's presentation at the RDI conference. I wish every elected official would read it.


Review posted August 8, 2015


This is a book that you won't put down.


Review posted August 7, 2015


Great perspective on having a peripheral outlook on the world.


Review posted July 3, 2015


Great read, especially with what is currently going on in the world. Both economically and socially. Emphasizes on how the world needs to work together to make it a better place for everyone.


Review posted June 8, 2015


Using current and historical leaders as examples throughout his book, Bill Grace encourages leaders to work for the common good. He uses a circle to present his principles and describes making decisions from the third or “principle-oriented” circle, instead of the first “self-oriented”, or second “social-oriented” circles. The seven leadership practices -- hope, margins, gracious space, values, vision, voice, and courage -- guide the reader to lead for the common good. Activities help define how we as individual leaders can implement these practices. This book brings home the concept of stepping back and looking at the big picture when making leadership decisions. In my position that means not just thinking about my school-based health center, or the school-based health centers as a group, but all of our organization and the community we serve. To truly follow Grace’s teaching I would be making decisions with the healthcare of the entire country and world in mind.


Review posted March 23, 2015


This is a really good book:-)

Review posted January 27, 2015


Great book - highly recommend for those in leadership positions.