Southern Oregon Timber

The Kenneth Ford Family Legacy

This history of Kenneth Ford's life and legacy extends beyond the timber industry to include an account of the Ford family's early philanthropic work and the formation of The Ford Family Foundation. The collection of stories and photos were curated by a Roseburg resident and family friend over a twenty-year period, then woven together in written form by a local writer and historian. The book provides a valuable window into a very specific chapter in Southern Oregon history that might not otherwise have been told.

160 pages. ©2015.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted March 8, 2021


This was a great book to add to my collection of local information stories. The timber/lumber production in southern Oregon is our mainstay and provides a crucial economic asset.


Review posted February 24, 2021


I read this book while I was at work. I was surprised about how many of my co-workers were very interested in this book because their families were involved in the lumber industry. I didn't know much on this topic, so I learned a lot.


Review posted October 12, 2020


Donna Watkins and R.J. Guyer have collected extensive research information regarding logging in and around Roseburg, OR with a particular focus on Kenneth Ford and the Roseburg Lumber Company. The book is an interesting read though at times the sequence of events is difficult to follow. Further, the title is misleading in that the book does not include the billions of board feet of timber harvested in Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Klamath and Lake counties. Nonetheless, Watkins and Guyer have given us a useful volume for gaining an appreciation of Kenneth Ford and his lumber empire.