Racism, Antiracism, and You

A reimagining of Ibram X. Kendi's Stamped from the Beginning, this book tells the story of racist ideas through history in a conversational style that can be understood by both teens and adults. Stamped is a history book that is "NOT a history book," that gets to the discussion of race and why we are where we are.

320 pages. ©2020.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted February 27, 2021


This book should be in every classroom and every student should be able to have access to it. It shows the importance of history. It shows progress as well as the areas that haven't changed and need to be worked on through anti-racist practices.


Review posted February 27, 2021


Not quite the flow of a good book but still informative.


Review posted February 25, 2021


I highly recommend this book. It is an eye opener.


Review posted February 22, 2021


Excellent read on diversity and inclusion. It was easy to pick up and I enjoyed the author's perspective on racism and specifically the topic of ANTIracism. As a white woman and mother in her 40s, I am seeking increasing information on how to be an ally and proactive in the community. I recommend this book.


Review posted February 7, 2021


This book was AMAZING! I definitely recommend anyone and everyone read this book to learn about the ways racist ideas are woven throughout United States history. I gained a new perspective on how these ideas were developed, perpetuated, and (in many cases) left unresolved. As the author writes, it is "not a history book". It is very easy to follow and does a great job of balancing providing historical context and applying that context to our now. The author leaves the reader with a sense of urgency to act, a feeling of hope, and a starting point for change. Loved it!


Review posted January 27, 2021


I really enjoyed this book. It provided me with brief summaries of historic events and provided me with details of people I will spend time learning more about. This book was written for a young reader I am thinking middle school. I think this book would be a great book for middle school students. I would recommend this book to others.


Review posted January 26, 2021


What a wonderful, important book. I read this with my 13 year old and work with other youth who I think would get a lot out of it (as well as adults). I really appreciate Jason Reynolds' voice.


Review posted January 20, 2021


Yes! This is the book we all need right now. I am so grateful for the telling of racism in America. We think we are “educated” because we went to school but this is the history lesson we all need.


Review posted January 17, 2021


This book was a condensed but insightful dive into the racist history of the United States, how it began up until most recent events. Because it's revised for young adults, it's really easy to follow and understand. Heavy terms are described simply and in ways to not overwhelm or lose kids. I think that Chapter 7 is missing from the audiobook, though. It starts chapter 7 at the end of CD 1 and then CD2 immediately begins chapter 8.


Review posted December 30, 2020


Well written and and a quick read! Thought provoking as well, and gives a different perspective on history.


Review posted December 21, 2020


A must read for every adolescent and former adolescent.


Review posted December 18, 2020


Great book for opening discussions with peers at work, as well as with teens at home.


Review posted December 17, 2020


Loved this book! I would recommend this for anyone looking for a better history lesson. It would be great for a high school history or English class to read and do a deep dive into how to be an anti-racist.


Review posted December 14, 2020


I was very excited to read this book and within days of receiving it finished reading it. I’ve spent the past couple of months reading various books on racism, anti racism, and the history of BLM and this book is one of my favorites. The structure of the book is engaging and entertaining to read. The terms used to explain concepts are easy to understand. Even though it does touch on history, the method of explaining keeps you engaged. By the time I finished the book I was surprised at how much I learned without having to stop to reread like other books. I highly recommend this book if you want to learn more about racist policies and ideas!


Review posted December 3, 2020


Stamped is surprisingly easy to follow along all while it imparts tons of knowledge, which makes Kendi's point easy to understand and move towards practicing. Stamped breaks down slavery and racism from the 1415 to today. The book breaks down how racism evolved and why the evolutions occurred during each social/political time period. Kendi talks about the major events and power figures during each time period and how they made laws and policies that impacted minority groups. Kendi breaks down the different types of racism and people's beliefs and ties them to time periods while explaining how they are helpful or hurtful to the goal of being truly antiracist. I thought this was an excellent read. The book engrossed me and I certainly finished it much quicker than I had anticipated. I'm sure that I will return again and again to this book as I need refreshers and the world continues to change.


Review posted November 28, 2020


Accessible and engaging. Written for a younger audience which was exciting to think about in addition to all of the information I was processing from the book itself. I appreciate the additional reading section and will be digging into those next!


Review posted November 22, 2020


I was very satisfied with this book and the historical knowledge it provided. And I am so glad I chose to read this version of Stamped, instead of the version intended for adults. I found this version of Stamped incredibly accessible. Especially for someone who finds it difficult getting through a history book (although the author emphatically denies that this is a history book throughout), this book was written in a way that was easier to digest than your normal run of the mill, dense history book. I also enjoyed that this book was written for younger readers but can be enjoyed by adults as well. I highly recommend this book to those wanting to gain an understanding of the United States's racist history (and present).

onalee Mansor

Review posted November 11, 2020


Excellent book! I discovered things I did not think about before regarding racism.


Review posted November 9, 2020


This is a superb read. Although the books is supposed to be targeted to a primarily young readership, it is a very educational and informative read to adults of any age. It offers lessons on the history of racism in America while fostering the cultivation of empathy toward ALL our fellow-citizens. Highly recommended.


Review posted September 29, 2020


This is an easy to read book written for young adults. Read it if you want a quick synopsis of Ibram Xendi's book Stamped From the Beginning. The print is large and the tone is tongue-in-cheek and entertaining while educational. The history of racism is introduced from Aristotle through today and you will be challenged to see and understand the difference between segregationist, assimilationists, and antiracists. If you are a young adult or if you know one, I recommend you have them read this to understand the history and current state of racism in America today.

[email protected]

Review posted September 29, 2020


Wow. What a way to understand something that I never knew hurt so so so much all the time.


Review posted September 27, 2020


This book was mind blowing. My previous knowledge of US history was thoroughly debunked [I was not educated in the US and my learning was in a 6th grade Social Studies class and through media]. If you hadn't realized it before, the system is broke. No matter how many laws are passed with regards to "equality", they mean nothing until everyone is an antiracist.


Review posted September 24, 2020


Great book detailing the racism of the United States. Heavy read but also very readable. Highly recommended for personal reading as well as for highschool students.


Review posted September 24, 2020


Fantastic! We have read this aloud as a family. My boys are 12 and 14. It has been great at igniting discussion and is informative. Highly recommend for adults and students both.