State of Giving

Stories of Oregon Nonprofits, Donors, and Volunteers

This book offers an overview of Oregon’s toughest challenges and a plan for greater civic engagement, including the crucial role that nonprofits play. The book includes profiles of civic leaders, grassroots organizations, donors, and volunteers who are working to combat some of Oregon’s most enduring problems. If the name Greg Chaillé sounds familiar, here's why: He served as president of the Oregon Community Foundation for 24 years.

312 pages. ©2015.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted June 20, 2017


This book is eyeopening regarding the breadth of nonprofit work in Oregon. Inspiring!


Review posted May 30, 2017


This book uses the stories of Oregonian leaders, funders, and volunteers to tell the history and current state of philanthropy in Oregon. These stories highlight the range of solutions philanthropists have used to answers to some of Oregon’s most critical challenges. They are engaging and propel the reader through the enduring problems and civic engagement that have shaped the state. The collection of stories the authors chose outlines the diversity of nonprofit work and the variety of their structures. It also illuminates the plethora of the tools leaders have used to create organizations adapted to the unique structures and values in their communities. It makes this text a valuable resource to anyone interested increasing the capacity of the nonprofits in Oregon and across the United States.


Review posted May 20, 2017


An excellent and comprehensive book on civic engagement and philanthropy in the State of Oregon. A great resource for anyone involved with nonprofit organizations.


Review posted February 20, 2017


was a very good book that showed a lot of the challenges that Oregon faces. I was amazed at the resources that are there for non profits and ways that we can make and build Oregon to be a better place. Living in a smaller community it is mostly ran by volunteers so to see the problems of others and ways to fix them together is a good way to build working partnerships


Review posted January 9, 2017


Interesting overview of the state.


Review posted April 7, 2016


A must read for anyone working to understand the landscape of philanthropy in Oregon. A great history and intro to who's-who in Oregon giving.


Review posted March 24, 2016


I found this book to be very interesting as I have just starting working at a non-profit.


Review posted March 3, 2016


This book would be useful for anyone wanting a history of philanthropy in Oregon. The book encourages philanthropy and volunteerism and reminds us all that we can all give something regardless of our income levels. After hearing the authors speak at a public event, I was hoping the book would make a compelling case for addressing the inability of philanthropy to solve the big underlying deficiencies and inequities present in Oregon communities. It mentions this problem, but does not provide suggestions for how to build support for non-philanthropic, ie public, investments in creating better economic opportunities for those who cannot afford adequate housing, education, transportation, food or health care.

Josephy Center

Review posted November 18, 2015


This book is an incredibly insightful look at the history of Oregon's trusted leaders, philanthropists and their duty at civic engagement. They don't limit the types of non-profits, instead it ambitiously includes all of them and shows the people that are behind the scenes finding ways to improve the state and the communities that lie within it.


Review posted November 13, 2015


The book was an easier read than expected. Not a page turner, per se, but intriguing.


Review posted October 3, 2015


This is an outstanding book for all Oregon non-profits to read. It does a great describing the landscape of giving in our state.


Review posted September 11, 2015


Excellent collection of some of the successful nonprofits in Oregon. Will refer students who are exploring nonprofits with their MPA degrees to get a primer on Oregon nonprofits. Will also suggest the book to faculty who teach in our specialty of nonprofits.


Review posted September 4, 2015


Very informative for anyone doing nonprofit fundraising in Oregon.


Review posted August 6, 2015


Great book! I really enjoyed it. Lots of useful information.


Review posted July 30, 2015


A great insider's guide to many different nonprofits in Oregon. State of Giving takes you right into the Living Room of donors and lets them share why they give and to what causes. The book is organized with each chapter representing a different cause : urban-rural divide, education equity, hunger and homelessness, sustainability, racial and cultural inclusion and the arts. I learned about some great nonprofits and the techniques they have used to stay competitive within the market. great overview of Oregon's giving history


Review posted July 16, 2015


Reading this book took me forever to read- not because I didn't like it but because I was constantly being inspired and had to put it down to mull things about. I would have thought the format of talking about each non-profit- what they do, what help they need- would bore me like reading a textbook but the people and the stories behind each one gives readers a connection. I was definitely introduced to people I would consider heroes and to causes and organizations I want to reach out to. It gave me a new way of seeing Portland. The names of some buildings and other structures are now familiar to me because who they were dedicated to. This book is a necessary call to action. It also serves as a reminder to myself and to others: Look for the good in the world. Be the good in the world.


Review posted July 15, 2015


What an excellent book! Stories about the Oregonians that contribute to making this such a special state. I really appreciate the author's efforts to present stories from across the state; so much of what we read about Oregon is dominated by Portland. Thank you for writing the book, and thank you to FFF for making it available.


Review posted June 15, 2015


Interesting book about philanthropy in Oregon. Gives insight into why people give, and what's important to donors.


Review posted June 1, 2015


“State of Giving” reminds us that solutions exist and they begin with each individual. Mr. Chaillé and Ms. Anderson are ambassadors who take us through Oregon; some places are familiar, others are the roads less traveled. All of them inspire. More importantly, after the journey, they leave us with the roadmap we can unfold on our own to continue our own journey and create our own landmarks. This is a book that everyone can learn from, thank you for writing it!