Taking Care of Your Child

A Parent's Illustrated Guide to Complete Medical Care

For 30+ years, this go-to guide has helped millions of families keep their children healthy. It’s now updated with the most recent advances in health care. Look up a symptom to find an explanation of probable causes, how to treat the problem at home, and when to see a doctor.

574 pages. ©2015.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted March 1, 2023


Both my children are old enough to read and they understand this book very well. I like how it is broken down into sections, it defines most common medical words that apply to every family visits. I believe this is a good source for parents and caregivers to have at home.


Review posted February 15, 2023


I love the way that this book is formatted/organized, it is very logical and easy to understand. I think it is very smart that it starts with the life stages then goes into a "encyclopedia" of common ailments. The flow charts are easy to understand. Some cons- I wish there were more data tables explaining their reasonings for items, and I wish that they would put references/footnotes in the body of the book, it would be helpful to verify information. I also noted that some of the information in the book is now outdated as of February 2023, such as not including in the Safe Sleep section the recommendation to not have any items in the crib with the child, or their information on episiotomies is not best practice standards currently. Only explains soybean formula as an alternative and not including formulas with pre-digested milk proteins. These are just a few examples that I noticed, but the general content is helpful and the current advice is not harmful, especially given the disclaimer at the beginning of the book. I think it is a good starting point for families, and that they trust but verify all information just like they should from any source.


Review posted September 5, 2022


This is a very helpful for parents to determine when to treat their children at home, see a doctor, or go to the emergency room. Each medical scenario features a neat workflow diagram and easy-to-follow. Highly recommended for all parents!


Review posted July 16, 2022


I wish I had this book 10 years ago when my oldest was a baby! So many health questions arise when you are a parent of young kids, often leaving you with the decision to wait and see or seek medical treatment. This book is easy to navigate, allowing you to find information on topics/health issues of interest with ease. It includes charts to help determine when it’s appropriate to seek out help from a medical professional. It helps you feel more confident in home treatments when that is an appropriate course of action as well. Overall, a great resource!

Cinamon Zink

Review posted June 21, 2022


Very easy to read and look up information. A great resource for when we need it!


Review posted May 6, 2022


This book reminds me of a medical book we had in my childhood home before there was the internet to look things up. It utilized arrow maps that you answer questions to find an answer to an illness or injury. This book does the same thing and simplifies it, easing your mind when you are not sure what to do. The book is of a good size and new parents would benefit from having it on their bookshelf!


Review posted March 30, 2022


A nice book to add to my collection.


Review posted December 16, 2021


An excellent overview with practical information for the parent on caring for a variety of illnesses for their child


Review posted December 11, 2021


Good information good book


Review posted December 3, 2021


This book is so helpful for ALL Family members! A great resource to have on hand for any new parents.


Review posted November 18, 2021


Great reference guide for new and experienced parents!


Review posted September 20, 2021


During a pandemic, I really would like to avoid taking my kids to the doctor whenever possible. This guide helps parents make good decisions about what criteria to use to make good health decisions for your child. It provides "if-then" scenarios, and good advice when you need it. I highly recommend!


Review posted September 6, 2021


This is such a helpful guide to have around. Wish I would have gotten it sooner.


Review posted February 13, 2021


Lots of useful information and very user friendly.


Review posted February 5, 2021


Perfect gift for new parents. Out of all the gifts they got they spent the most time going through this thorough guide.


Review posted December 16, 2020


Very thorough and helpful!


Review posted December 9, 2020


Most reassuring and informative book. Thank you for making this important information available.


Review posted November 19, 2020


As a first time parent this book has helped immensely. Any scenario your child might encounter health-wise, this book has guidance to either help your child yourself or advises you to seek medical care.


Review posted November 15, 2020


This was a very informative book. I really like the back where you could pick the illness and then follow the yes/no chart to find the best way to address what is wrong with your child.


Review posted October 15, 2020


Really great resource!


Review posted October 2, 2020


Lots of good information to be found here. The flowcharts in the second half of the book are very useful, and they already helped us in one late-night situation when we were on the fence about whether to visit urgent care in the middle of a pandemic. That said, the book is a little scattered in terms of its organization, I think. The first portion of the book, with its longer-form essays about various subjects, rambles a bit. It still has lots of good and useful wisdom, but it feels like a different book than the second half of the book, where the flowcharts are all business. Still, definitely readable, and a very useful book to have around the house.

[email protected]

Review posted August 31, 2020


Excellent book for parents and resources for staff members.


Review posted July 28, 2020


I love this book, it has given me insight on the next stages of raising my children. Thank you!


Review posted May 8, 2020


Great resource; easy to find what you are looking for.


Review posted March 25, 2020


This book is beyond helpful, especially right now. The diagrams are fantastic and easy to follow. I would recommend this for every parent's bookshelf!


Review posted March 14, 2020


Has a lot of very useful information that is more reliable than the internet.


Review posted March 3, 2020


Love the information and help the book gives.


Review posted February 20, 2020


What a wonderful resource! It's like having a hard copy of google in your living room with the exception that you know the advice you are getting is legitimate. The topics are comprehensive, and there are flow charts that walk you through the decision-making process of what steps you should take for various conditions/illnesses. A must have for any family.


Review posted February 20, 2020


This book is fantastic. It's a great resource far anyone with kiddos at home! I would highly recommend.


Review posted December 19, 2019


This is a great book to have on the shelf when raising a child, especially when it's your first. It's very resourceful.

Lacey Henneke

Review posted December 3, 2019


I really enjoyed this book. It's an excellent resource. Thank you.


Review posted November 6, 2019


This book is pretty awesome it has so much information and like everything you need to know when something happens or your kid is sick ect.


Review posted November 5, 2019


Book is really helpful and easy to find information with the table of contents. Wide range of useful information from approximate size of lice to how to work with your child's doctor and find a medical organization that cares

Bre Rose

Review posted November 5, 2019


This book definitely had more information than I expected to be honest. I enjoyed reading through the different home remedies but would have like to see more homeopathic alternatives. Overall great resource for a center or family.

Emiliya King

Review posted October 10, 2019


It's a very informative guide


Review posted October 1, 2019


Pretty good ideas, most of them can be found with googling if you don't want to look through a book.


Review posted September 21, 2019


Love how this book is so easy to Comprehend!! Must have at home


Review posted August 25, 2019


This book is going to come in handy down the road as I'm expecting my first child. This book has more helpful information than I thought it would. I thought it was initially just for medical care but it touches on substance abuse, puberty, discipline etc. Great find!


Review posted August 21, 2019


This was a great book, it has a lot of helpful information in it, a lot of stuff that can be used daily, I keep referring back to it whenever my child has a health problem


Review posted August 6, 2019


This book has it all!! I was so greatful to have such a handy resource.


Review posted June 26, 2019


This is a wonderful reference book to have available in the home for friends and family. It is well organized and easy to find subjects quickly. I also like their use of flow charts to help make decisions about whether to use home treatment or seek medical treatment. I have used it numerous times as a quick go-to when I have a medical question.


Review posted June 10, 2019


A very helpful resource! Easy to use.


Review posted May 5, 2019


Great resource for parents!


Review posted February 3, 2019


This book was even BETTER than I thought it was going to be! And it came at the perfect time also, as I have been dealing with sick kiddos. This book covers health from A-Z and is SO easy to understand!


Review posted January 28, 2019


This book is more than just "taking care of your child", it is a complete go-to guide if you have questions about your child in any sense. From behavior to adolescence, to calculating percentile in the back, I genuinely love this book and the information it contains as parents can never stay too informed about their children. I recommend this to anyone who has a child or is pregnant. It is a must read!


Review posted January 22, 2019


The book Taking Care of Your Child is a well-organized and compiled book with a lot of interesting health information that is presented to the reader. As a new parent, I feel that the organization of this book answers many questions I did not even know that I had. The book includes many visuals and charts that help to give a picture of what is actually occurring, as opposed to just leaving this to the imagination. I appreciate that the book covers topics that range from birth (such as feeding issues and breastfeeding) all the way to issues that are still applicable as adults (such as birth control and how to maintain a healthy diet). I feel that because of the wide array of topics that the book covers, it is one that should be held on to and kept around throughout the child’s life as a reference guide. A minor criticism of the book would include the separate parts of the book are not as easy to identify at a glance than others. Part IV begins to divide the book into sections that are easily identifiable from the outside, and convenient for the avid Post-It-Note user to gain quick access to a marked section. The sections as they are located in the book would be easier identified if they were in separate colors, much like Part IV is identified through the blue tabs noticed on the outside of the book. As a whole, I find this book to give good insight into many potential problems that can occur in children, from water safety and helmets to rashes and choking, the book has many topics that allow it to be a great resource. The visuals, charts, and flowcharts that are provided throughout the book appeal to the visual learner and the variety of topics throughout the book are there in such a way that it provides parents with some much needed peace of mind.


Review posted January 9, 2019


This book is handy when it comes to basic care for illness, scrapes, ect. Easy to understand in a rush with a crying toddler.


Review posted December 6, 2018


It had been 39 years since I had charge of an infant. Now I was given the gift of a grand daughter. What to do - how to do it - it isn't all intuitive. This is a great reference for new parents and "returning" grandparents.


Review posted December 3, 2018


Thank you for this book it is full of helpful information to help me care for my little ones


Review posted November 30, 2018


This book is a source of great information on how to take care of my children, even adults. I highly recommend this book to anyone who encounters children or would like to brush up on medical care.


Review posted November 13, 2018


This book was a very good and informative in raising children. Very easy to read

Tasha Uber

Review posted November 7, 2018


It is a helpful book to reference when trying to figure out what is wrong with young kids when they can’t express what they want using words.


Review posted October 12, 2018


This book is an excellent resource for parents new and old. Not only does it have sections on stages of growth, but it also has a wonderful illness section, that can be utilized by people of all ages. Thank you.


Review posted October 9, 2018


Fantastic book with all the basics for health care at home. It also has information about pregnancy and birth, development stages, family dynamics, school, and growth charts.


Review posted September 10, 2018


Taking Care of Your Child is an excellent book. It’s full of all the information you may need to treat a sick child. Great explanations and advice.


Review posted August 29, 2018


This book is already proving to be incredibly helpful in our home. With 3 young kids, illnesses and injuries are a regular occurrence. This book has a lot of great information for so many different medical concerns and issues that might arise.


Review posted August 13, 2018


Good reference for anyone to follow!


Review posted July 15, 2018


I had the older versions when I was first raising my own children and it was so useful letting me know with the yes or no guide how to take care of what ailment that seemed to be going on. This updated new version is excellent and and wonderful baby shower gift idea for a new parent or give to new grandparents. As a grandparent myself, I'm happy to have the newest version and has already helped identifying appropriate actions to take.


Review posted May 25, 2018


The book has useful charts to follow for multiple different medical problems a child may experience. It also has step by step directions for CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. Although some of the medical advice is not up to date with current medical advice from doctors and first aid trainers. For example, the book says to treat a burn one should run cold water on it or use an ice pack. Current medical advice for burns in room temperature water, not ice. Ice can actually make the problem worse. Could be a good book for first time parents, who do not take every word for 100% truth.


Review posted March 6, 2018


This gives you a lot of good advice to help with your kids.

Gwendolyn Graham

Review posted February 25, 2018


This could be an excellent reference book for parents, but it is written at a higher than 6th grade reading level, which could limit its use. I've seen earlier versions, published 3 decades ago as a "Decision Tree," and I think that the current format is more like a "college level" parenting textbook than the easy-to-read "decision tree." The current version does contain some nice "decision trees," but they are smaller and buried in the midst of a lot of verbiage. All in all, the book is very informative from "conception to adolescence" and the decision trees have the potential to provide valuable assistance in deciding whether to take the child to a doctor or to treat at home. I only wish that those decision trees were more prominent and easily accessible for use at all educational levels.


Review posted January 18, 2018


This is a very helpful informative volume for any parent


Review posted October 15, 2017


This is one of those books that is passed on to the upcoming generation. It is sometimes difficult to find good and complete care for your children and for the most part, going to a doctor's appointment can sometimes be more for the parent and needed reassurance. Here is an in-house guide that any parent can use for that much needed reassurance and information from medical professions with years and years of the experience we want them to have. Use it as a baby shower gift.


Review posted August 26, 2017


Great reference


Review posted August 3, 2017


great book


Review posted June 19, 2017


Great reference book for families!


Review posted April 5, 2017


This book is extremely user friendly. It contains a comprehensive list of childhood medical situations and gives you a easy to use key to help a parent to decide whether or not they should treat at home or to seek further medical care. Easy to use flow charts are the highlight of this book, I would recommend it to any new or seasoned parent.