We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live

A set of catalogs featuring the art of the 2010-2013 Hallie Ford Fellows in the Visual Arts. This set accompanied a traveling exhibition of the artists' work. They capture in photography and words how 12 accomplished Oregon visual artists pursue their respective creative practices.

125 pages. ©2014.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted April 15, 2018


A beautiful exhibition book. Wish I'd seen the show!


Review posted March 27, 2018


This was a very revealing book. The photographs are extraordinary!


Review posted February 8, 2018


This book is a compilation of interviews with artists. Each interview leads with a question about how storytelling relates to the artist's work and proceeds to take different forms thereafter based on the answers given to previous questions. The artists responses were enlightening to gain perspective on the thought-process motivating the production of various works of art. One of my favourite parts of this book are the inspiring images that grace many of the pages. At only about 100 pages in length, this is a relatively short read. I was anticipating a more cohesive narrative about storytelling in art in a more conventional form.


Review posted February 6, 2018


This book offers an artists perspective on their work and a glimpse into the artistic process.


Review posted December 20, 2017


A wide diversity of artists. Amazing variety of mediums, and interesting how the 'stories' developed as the works progressed.


Review posted October 18, 2017


I loved reading about each artist's intention and approach to the work. These artists describe the space of duality by playing with those tensions in a way that stirred my engagement in both the object and the concept. Also, the theme of the universal as reflected in the deeply personal was simply brilliant. What a powerful gift to bring these artists (two of whom I've personally learned from!) to a larger audience.


Review posted September 23, 2017


Powerful book

Josephy Center

Review posted August 30, 2017


Beautiful book with gorgeous photographs and interesting artists.


Review posted June 17, 2017


I thought this was a neat collection of artwork supported by the Ford Family.


Review posted December 26, 2016


I do not understanding how and why this book became available in the mostly excellent offering of the Ford Family Foundation select books program. As far as informational value to nonprofit operations is concerned, the book is bereft of content.