When You Wonder, You're Learning

Mister Rogers' Enduring Lessons for Raising Creative, Curious, Caring Kids

This book will transport readers back to the magical world of Mister Rogers Neighborhood and open the curtain behind the wonderful science of a childhood classic. Using this nostalgic backdrop, the authors explore the roots of learning to illustrate real-life, modern lessons for nurturing and raising curious, imaginative, and kind children.

Each chapter of this book connects the research and science poured into every episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood with important lessons that still remain relative today. Parents, families, educators and caregivers will discover ways to help children enjoy learning through the discovery of themselves and their worlds. This book will inspire parents, teachers and anyone working with kids with practical advice and tips to cultivate the love of learning just as Mister Rogers did many years ago.

272 pages. ©2021.
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