When You Wonder, You're Learning

Mister Rogers' Enduring Lessons for Raising Creative, Curious, Caring Kids

This book will transport readers back to the magical world of Mister Rogers Neighborhood and open the curtain behind the wonderful science of a childhood classic. Using this nostalgic backdrop, the authors explore the roots of learning to illustrate real-life, modern lessons for nurturing and raising curious, imaginative, and kind children.

Each chapter of this book connects the research and science poured into every episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood with important lessons that still remain relative today. Parents, families, educators and caregivers will discover ways to help children enjoy learning through the discovery of themselves and their worlds. This book will inspire parents, teachers and anyone working with kids with practical advice and tips to cultivate the love of learning just as Mister Rogers did many years ago.

272 pages. ©2021.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted February 11, 2023


Love this book. Such fond memories of Mr. rogers and it all makes so much sense.


Review posted January 6, 2023


This book was a great read. It was hard to put it down.


Review posted December 17, 2022


The gift of Fred Rogers keeps on giving through this book which encapsulates the wonder and wisdom of his philosophy and actions as they relate to child development and our treatment of others, no matter the age. The chapters include topics such as curiosity, creativity, communication, working together, and learning and growing. In each one, pertinent quotes are accompanied by narrative context and suggestions for applying the principles in daily life. A useful volume for parents, caregivers, family members, and anyone interested in enhancing the well-being of those around them as well as themselves.


Review posted December 15, 2022


I work with young children and I feel that after reading this book will help me connect and understand them. I like the simple interactions tool chart shown also. A sentence that stuck with me was “ knowing that someone is there for us can make our difficult days easier.” Such a true statement


Review posted December 7, 2022


Mister Roger's books always inspire me to look for the positive in all situations. Another book that can help shape wonderful children by using the words and techniques offered!


Review posted November 29, 2022


Wonderful book, I met the author through a work training this year and was blown away. Reading his words just made it more clear why I was so enticed and blown away by his thoughts and realizations.

Paula Jenssen

Review posted November 21, 2022


Great insight into why Mr. Rogers' was spot on in how he nurtured children!


Review posted October 18, 2022


Great book! Full of reasons Mr. Rodgers is so well known and respected. Great practical ideas for educators and parents.


Review posted October 17, 2022


Useful tips, well written


Review posted October 7, 2022


great book about learning and interacts with children


Review posted October 6, 2022


It was a very interesting and a very good book.


Review posted October 4, 2022


Absolutely lovely, a delightful read.


Review posted September 27, 2022


Love it!


Review posted September 23, 2022


When you Wonder, You're Learning brilliantly reviews the the philosophy of learning and human development behind Mr. Roger's neighborhood and shows how these lessons can help us raise creative, curious, and caring children now. This is a must read for every parent and educator, packed with the latest research on learning, curiosity, and creativity, and how we can cultivate that in our children.


Review posted September 16, 2022


A must-read for anyone with children. Parents, teachers....


Review posted September 16, 2022


I listened to a lecture about Mr Roger's and they used pieces of this book. I am excited to read the rest of it!


Review posted July 2, 2022


Mister Roger's is one of my favorite people/teachers in the world. There are so many enduring lessons in this book. Fantastic read.