Winning Grants Step by Step

The Complete Workbook for Planning, Developing, and Writing Successful Proposals

This hands-on, user-friendly workbook guides the user through the basic grantwriting process. It is modeled on creating proposals for program funding and can be adapated easily for general support and other proposals. The book targets this basic truth: A grant proposal must clearly articulate a well thought-out program that both inspires confidence in the nonprofits ability to implement it and fits within the interests of the funder who receives it.

128 pages. ©2019.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted February 27, 2023


I took a few grant writing courses a couple of years ago and we had this wonderful book that gave examples and details on the process but I have sense lost this book and was hoping for something similar when I ordered this book. I was beyond excited to see that this book was actually 10 TIMES more helpful than the previous book. I really appreciate the way the book is structured as it literally breaks down each step of the process for you so even if you haven't ever taken a course or had experience in grant writing; this book will/does cover any questions you might have about the process. The sample writings are not only useful but provide you with a great stepping stone into what information is expected and how the wording of your proposal can make a HUGE difference when attempting to apply for grants against others. I have already started my first couple of proposals and am so fortunate to have come across this gem as it is already a game changer for me!


Review posted February 22, 2023


This is a nice description of what is successful.

[email protected]

Review posted February 6, 2023


As a "entry-level" grantwriter, I am finding Winning Grants Step by Step extremely helpful as I write the first grant I will submit on my own. I appreciate the worksheets provided in the book; they are very useful.


Review posted January 25, 2023


This is a great book if you want to learn how to write grants. This information is going to be useful for myself personally and professionally. Can't wait to put it to use!


Review posted December 12, 2022


I have used this book to start writing grants. I have not submitted any yet, but I feel they will be accepted.


Review posted October 22, 2022


This book makes grant writing easy, even for a complete novice! It’s just packed with good, step-by-step information. A must read for educators or those working for a non-profit.


Review posted August 28, 2022


This workbook is a simple read and a wonderful help.

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Review posted August 10, 2022


The worksheets are an excellent resource. I value the questions as well. It is well laid out and self-directing. An excellent refresher for even seasoned grant writers.


Review posted June 26, 2022


Great book full of tips on how to win grant awards.

Cinamon Zink

Review posted May 2, 2022


Very helpful book for anyone looking at writing grants. Easy to understand and a great resource.


Review posted April 13, 2022


I think this book would be helpful for both the new grant writer and someone who is wanting to brush up on their skills. I really appreciated the tips, examples and resource list. Nice addition to my library - thanks!


Review posted March 14, 2022


Very thorough and insightful book! Definitely helpful during the writing process.


Review posted March 3, 2022


Very helpful and educational. Learned a lot.


Review posted February 28, 2022


This helped me understand how to write grants that will have defined goals and objectives that are in line with a sponsor's requirements.

Linda K Joyce

Review posted December 16, 2021


This book will be in my home library forever. It has every tool you need for grant writing. Thanks to the Ford Family Foundation for a great selection.


Review posted November 15, 2021


It is a good book on grant writing.

taylorevans 148

Review posted November 2, 2021


This book is a lifesaver! Or should I say, nonprofit saver? For those who are brand new or just stumped on a grant or project proposal, this step-by-step process is wonderful. I am not a very creative writer so I really enjoy having this guide!


Review posted September 30, 2021


This is an excellent book for someone wanting to start or continue learning how to prepare a good grant application. Like so many nonprofits our staff perform duties across the spectrum and often want to learn grant writing . This is a good place to start.


Review posted September 1, 2021


This book had good infromation and I can use it to start my grant writing and then ask other people for their feedback before I submit it.


Review posted August 24, 2021


This was an excellent primer on how to apply for grants. It offered both the strategies for, and the nuts and bolts of the process. I especially appreciated the bounty of resources it provided.


Review posted April 30, 2021


This book is fabulous to help work through how to answer typical grant questions and put together a solid request!


Review posted March 17, 2021


I didn't realize how valuable this information was until I came full circle with writing grants to the tune of 3 a week. Wow, I found this information very valuable.


Review posted February 26, 2021


I'm an experienced grantwriter, but my philosophy is that I can always keep learning, which is why I ordered this book. I did learn a few things, such as the importance of the sustainability section of the grant request. Also some tips on deepening the relationship with the funder.


Review posted January 17, 2021


This was a great step by step guide to planning out grants. It was nice to have the worksheets to make a plan before applying.


Review posted January 12, 2021


This book provides practical advice about applying for grants. However, if you already have experience writing grants, this book does not provide much new information.


Review posted January 2, 2021


Great book for beginners. User friendly with some nice visuals.


Review posted December 14, 2020


good work book for first time nonprofit grant writer


Review posted December 6, 2020


Lots of good information. Couldn't wait to start writing.


Review posted November 17, 2020


This book was the first I have read on writing grants, and it provided a thorough overview of the process. It provides descriptions, templates, guiding questions, and examples of each portion of a grant proposal. Being new to the process, I would have appreciated more depth in the section on researching grant opportunities. However, overall I could see this being a useful tool for a first-time grant-writer and great reference material for a seasoned expert.


Review posted November 10, 2020


This was a terrific primer and and incredibly useful densely packed informative read. I am so grateful for the Select Books resource!

Review posted September 16, 2020


This book is great! It is clearly written, has a reasonable size (110 pages of content) plus resources. It answers what a foundation is, how to research funders, and has resources for grantseekers along with many worksheets that could ultimately assist groups to create needed community development thought processes. I recommend this book for small and medium non-profits along with non-profits that want to help educate staff about the whole process of grants.


Review posted September 9, 2020


Useful - we already received one grant after reading :)


Review posted July 2, 2020


This was super helpful for my grant writing class at the UO!

Lissa Davis

Review posted June 25, 2020


An excellent resource for a variety of funding types. Easy to use and full of strategies that can be used for multi-faceted organizations like mine. Will be a good reference for both small and large grants as well as local, state, and national. Our program assists unhoused individuals transition into self sufficiency through utilizing local resources. The last several months have been exceptionally difficult for our clients, but has also provided a number of funding opportunities in direct response to Covid. This book will stay in my library until it's worn and (electronically) dog-eared.

Coastal Range Food Bank Incorporated

Review posted June 23, 2020


Sorry to say not too impressed. I write grants for our very small non-profit and am surprised but proud to have gotten every grant we have pursued. I was looking for possibly a new BRIGHTER more contemporary way to relate to the board members that have to read all these requests but not in this text. Found the interaction with their computer data the same lack luster.

[email protected]

Review posted May 7, 2020


Well organized thoughtful guide which I believe will Impact my grant work with positive momentum.


Review posted April 16, 2020


The book provided valuable information. I am able to write better grants based on the information provided. I would recommended this book to anyone who is starting to write grants and do not know where to start.

Laura Kadelbach

Review posted April 14, 2020


This book is easy to understand, has good examples, and tips on completing grant applications that were very useful. The chapters on Defining Clear Goals and Objectives and Developing the Strategies were especially useful to me.


Review posted April 9, 2020


This workbook was incredibly useful for walking myself and a board through the grant writing process. It's clear, well-organized, and easy to refer to as you begin working through a grant. Wish I'd read it a long time ago!


Review posted February 19, 2020


As someone new to grant writing, I found this book to be very helpful. It was written in terms I could understand yet detailed enough that I was able to use the information to find and complete 2 grant applications thus far.

Neal Lemery

Review posted February 8, 2020


This is an outstanding and very complete resource. I've been a successful grant writer for several years, benefitting from an extensive workshop and classes. This book fully captures the elements of successful grant writing, is complete, and insightful. The worksheets are excellent and helps one fully prepare for the prep work and the gathering of information, the assessment of capacity, and the strategies that need to be employed to initiate a successful application. This is a great resource.


Review posted February 7, 2020


A great book for an introduction to grant writing! The clear examples and helpful worksheets make the guidebook extremely useful, and it's a great handbook for those who are just getting started with writing proposals. It also gives great definitions for those who might not be comfortable with the language typically associated with grant writing.


Review posted January 17, 2020


This book is my new grant writing bible...very informative and helpful!


Review posted December 30, 2019


This is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to learn how to write a successful grant. I work for a school district and I am always looking for grant opportunities. Thank you Select Books for your amazing program!


Review posted December 14, 2019


A little book with a lot of information. Helps break down grant writing in an understanding way. Contains sample forms with instruction how to fill them out. Everything thing helps when it comes to grant writing. This one helps!


Review posted December 13, 2019


This has been very helpful in outlying the steps to a successful grant. I will use this as reference book for all of my grant submissions.


Review posted November 26, 2019


I really like the layout of the book and that it has a section on sustaining funding


Review posted November 6, 2019


Very helpful. Love the templets


Review posted October 29, 2019


I thought this book was a great asset to any organization looking to seek Grant funding.


Review posted October 17, 2019


This book has been a great resource for my organization as we start navigating the wide world of grants.


Review posted October 11, 2019


This book has some great guide worksheets that are available online to print blank forms for future use. There is a lot of helpful tips and it is written in an easy to understand way so that even someone new to grant writing can have a good understanding of what goes into a proposal.


Review posted October 4, 2019


I found this book very helpful. I have been involved with habitat for humanity classes years ago volunteer with a few grant writing classes. This book has taught me so much more with the step by step guidance. I want to go back to school and work in non profit or start my own non profit for the community. I was homeless for over two years and want to help those in the similar situation i was in. Reading and working the steps is my first step towards helping others and my goal to give back to those in need. Thank you so much for this amazing book program. Now, more learning ahead. Thank you. Roseann Voigt


Review posted September 26, 2019


Good information for someone wanting to know how to be a grant writer. It does explain step by step.


Review posted August 19, 2019


Nice 12 step guide to getting grants approved. Also shows has the user think about the sustainability of the grant and the purpose of the grant.


Review posted August 12, 2019


A great step-by-step guide with practical advice!


Review posted August 8, 2019


Very well presented and easy to navigate through this important information.


Review posted July 10, 2019


What a great help this book gave. It covered all the steps needed. Thank you

[email protected]

Review posted June 28, 2019


Learning to write grants for The Marylhurst School has been an "all hands on deck" experience! Working my way through this book has been a life saver. The language is accessible, the step-by-step format is easy to follow, and the worksheets have offered opportunities for clarity. Thank you for the opportunity to learn something new through this program of offering books. I look forward, with fingers crossed, to submitting a first grant proposal. --Mary, Middle School Humanities teacher


Review posted June 14, 2019


This book was straight forward on how to wins grants. The step by step process lays it out for anyone trying to find funding for their project.


Review posted June 12, 2019


This is an excellent, very detailed book on how to write grant proposals. I especially love the questionnaires. I highly recommend it for anyone writing grant proposals.


Review posted May 6, 2019


As soon as I received this book I sat down and read it immediately = a GREAT resource and reference…..The book is a solid resource for anyone that works in grant writing or directly in nonprofit development. It has not just nuts and bolts of grant writing but also useful worksheet and down-loadable information sheet for planning and thinking through needs. The grant process has become more and more streamlined and repetitive via the internet, but this book will help anyone or any organization the ins and outs and know how to put together effective proposal. It then can be put into a foundation or grant maker’s specific format. Not sure why anyone would give the book a "one" star...... I think it is a five star!


Review posted April 23, 2019


The Winning Grants Workbook is easy to use and very helpful. I do not have a lot of experience with writing grants and this workbook explains the grant process and has worksheets that helps guide the process. I will use this workbook as a guide in my next grant writing adventure.


Review posted March 12, 2019


It is very helpful to have a handy guide to grant writing. I appreciate the tips offered by the author.


Review posted March 11, 2019


Helpful for writing grants! I recommend this for any educator or non-profit organization.


Review posted March 11, 2019


A good guide with excellent worksheets to go through. It's pretty basic though, so it didn't provide me with any insights- nothing there that I haven't seen before. But if you're just getting started with grant writing, or like worksheets to help you process through questions- this is a good way to go!


Review posted February 25, 2019


I felt that this book helped guide entrepreneurship in a small town setting, as well as in a big city metropolis. It was very helpful with budgets, too.


Review posted February 17, 2019


The book was fantastic. Very easy to use instructions!


Review posted February 15, 2019


I have never wrote grants before so when I was tasked with this at work I was pretty worried. I found this book and I hoped for the best! Wow, was I impressed. This book has so much helpful information and even came with a link to be able to print off the worksheets you need to help you! I can feel confident that I have knowledge about grants and what parts of grant writing are most important. If you are new to writing grants, I highly recommend!


Review posted February 12, 2019


This book allowed me to learn the step so I could write my first grant. I would highly recommend this to anyone learning how to write grants!


Review posted February 8, 2019


As someone new to the grant writing world I found this book to be extremely informative and a life saver. I feel more confident now and look forward to writing future Grant's. I recommend this book to all new grant writers.


Review posted January 4, 2019


This is a very practical book, which is exactly what I needed! I have a grant writing text that I kept after grad school, and it's good, but since it is also old, I wanted to see some updated information. This new book, Winning Grants Step by Step, is so much more user friendly. It has exercises and worksheets, good examples, and very accessible text. It really is a 'workbook' and that is very helpful for a writer with limited time.


Review posted December 19, 2018


This book was great! Taking a step-by-step practical and informative approach to grant writing.


Review posted December 18, 2018


This book has been a great supplement to my grant writing, particularly in how to approach funders and how to write effective statements.


Review posted October 28, 2018


This has been a very helpful book. I have taken a workshop on grant writing and this has made some of the things I learned there a little clearer. It will be a handy reference tool for me while I'm still new to grant writing.


Review posted October 18, 2018


This book is easy to use and so helpful and practical!


Review posted October 12, 2018


I have been attending a grant writing class and "Winning Grants Step by Step: The Complete Workbook for Planning, Developing, and Writing Successful Proposals" reinforces what has been taught and provides all the tools to succeed in the process. I recommend it highly as a go-to tool in your writing process.

Review posted September 28, 2018


This book was clear, direct, concise, and well-organized. It's focused on the practical aspects of grant seeking and writing. It takes a hypothetical grant and uses it to give a concrete example of each aspect of grant writing. It has a complete set of downloadable online forms. Published in 2013, occasionally it seems a little quaint. For example, at one point it references "Word or WordPerfect." While WordPerfect still exists (in 2018), it is rarely used. Some of the links in the downloadable online resources guide are out of date. These are quibbles. I would recommend this book either as an introduction or as a refresher.


Review posted September 4, 2018


This is a great resource for anyone working in development in a nonprofit environment. Either you're a seasoned professional or just beginning a career in the field, this book will prove to be a most valuable reference source of information to guide you along.


Review posted August 9, 2018


Once of the BEST BOOKS on this site!!!


Review posted July 19, 2018


Thank you so much for this amazing book! It has all the steps I need at a glance. I'm so pleased that you have this program.


Review posted July 10, 2018


Winning Grants Step by Step: The Complete Workbook for Planning, Developing, and Writing Successful Proposals is truly a step-by-step guide to the grant writing process. It was a quick and easy to read book. No matter what your experience level is, you will be able to gain from reading this book. There are also useful forms that go along with the book. These forms can be accessed online for personal use. This book would make an excellent addition to the grant writing section on the shelf in your office.


Review posted July 9, 2018


As a newbie to grant writing, this book offered step by step advice and great examples. It's long enough to give enough information, but short enough you don't feel like you're reading a novel. Great book to have as a resource. Only thing better would be if it wrote the grants for me.


Review posted June 18, 2018


AMAZING resource for grant writers!!! Most vital and helpful are the goal and objective exercises (pages 45-46) because ultimately, without a measurable outcome how do you know if your project / program was a success? A must have tool for anyone new to the grant writing world and a great resource for those who've been writing them for some time.


Review posted May 31, 2018


Very useful to anyone working with a group to gathering information for a grant application. The 'Problem Statement' portion and the Checklists are invaluable. BV


Review posted May 31, 2018


This is a must-read for all grant writers! This book helped immensely while writing my first grant.


Review posted May 19, 2018


Really helpful book, especially for folks who are starting to learn how to write grants. A useful tool for more experienced people as well because it offers tips and the things to remember in the grant research & applying process.


Review posted May 14, 2018


Useful handbook to help think through tough, competitive grant proposals. I will defiantly keep this as professional reference material!


Review posted May 10, 2018


This is great, and really does break down what to do and how to write in a simple and easy to follow way. The online resources are SUPER helpful. You don't even have to copy the worksheets out of the book. <3


Review posted April 25, 2018


This is a great manual for those of us that aren't professional grantwriters. Following the templates, I am preparing a Transportation grant and historic preservation grant for my city. I also appreciate the space devoted to foundations as well as for governmental entities. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to prepare a grant application whether large or small, private or public.


Review posted April 11, 2018


For those wishing to apply for a grant this book is the only way to go. It is a workbook to use not a book to read.

Brenda Bailey

Review posted April 1, 2018


I am only a board member atm to my local gleaners non profit and the lady who obtain 80% of our operating funds has recently stepped down. My hopes is that "Winning Grants Step by Step" will assist in securing a continuing future for my rural community's Gleaner organization.


Review posted March 28, 2018


This is a workbook that provides guidance and worksheets for every step of the grant seeking process, from researching what grants are relevant to compiling program information to preparing each component of the grant proposal. It's written in plain, easy to follow language, with examples for each component of a typical grant proposal. Some sections, like the program budget section, may be oversimplified, but there are resources listed in the appendix that can provide more detail for those who don't have experience in these areas. Overall, it seems like a good step-by-step introduction to writing grant proposals.


Review posted March 5, 2018


My favorite part about this book is not only does it have worksheets in it, but also has a website where you can download the worksheets from so you don't have to spend time formatting your own. Brilliant!