The New Jim Crow

Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

By Michelle Alexander: This well-researched history of modern mass incarceration in the United States has become a classic in the racial justice literature. The author's background as a legal scholar contributes to the delivery of a profound and often disturbing... 336 pages. ©2012. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook

The Nurture Effect

How the Science of Human Behavior Can Improve Our Lives and Our World

By Anthony Biglan PhD: A fascinating look at how nurturing environments can increase people’s well-being in virtually every aspect of our society — from early childhood education to corporate practices. The author, a research psychologist in Oregon, is one of... 252 pages. ©2015. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook

What Unites Us

Reflections on Patriotism

By Dan Rather: In a time of deep division and historic challenges to our democracy, Dan Rather offers a calming voice. He presents a collection of essays that help us look back on where we have been in order to see the potential for a path forward. The... 304 pages. ©2019. | Available formats: Book, Audio CD, Kindle eBook