Dream to Go Far | Sonaremos Llegar Muy Lejos

By Fact Oregon: Drean to Go Far is a joyful picture book for families to read together. Children of all abilities interact on the pages, playing together and finding that their friendships are their greatest strength. FACT Oregon, a go-to resource... 21 pages. ©2020. | Available formats: Book, Spanish

Holdin Pott

By Chandra Ghosh Ippen: This book sweetly and subtly teaches both adults and children that bottling up emotions — “keeping the lid on the pot” too tight for too long — can be harmful to our emotional health. Holdin Pott normalizes and encourages expression and... 32 pages. ©2019. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook

I Can Make This Promise

By Christine Day : Edie is twelve and curious. Her mom is Native, and her dad is white. While she knows quite a bit about her dad's ancestors, the only information she knows about her mom's family is that she was adopted from an orphanage. Edie really wants... 288 pages. ©2020. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook

Josie Girl and Blueberry Blue

By Amy Howell, PhD : This book shares one child’s experience of loss and the emotions that follow. Her father’s sensitive response helps her understand and manage those difficult emotions. Everyone experiences grief and loss—in events both big and small—but it... 28 pages. ©2022. | Available formats: Book

Look Where We Live!

A First Book of Community Building

By Scot Ritchie: In this engaging nonfiction picture book, five young friends spend the day participating in activities designed to raise money for their local library. Along the way, they learn what it means to be a part of a community. A map opens the... 32 pages. ©2015. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook

Mabel and the Fire

By Alison Hinson, Illustrated by Erin Taylor: A story of a boy and his puppy who lose their home in a wildfire. This book helps children identify and name their feelings through Mabel the puppy's emotions — fear, confusion, sadness, boredom. And, finally, they arrive at a place where... 26 pages. ©2020. | Available formats: Book

Me on the Map

By Joan Sweeney: Me on the Map does a great job of teaching kids how to use a map, taking the child from the map of their room all the way out to a map of the world and back again. While the book helps children see their own communities as special, it also... 32 pages. ©2018. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook


By Airlie Anderson: Neither is a simple, quick read that speaks to the differences in all of us. The fun, quirky characters and the story introduce a serious topic in a playful way that will resonate with kids. Neither works as a picture book for younger... 40 pages. ©2018. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

By Andrea Beaty: This rhyming romp of a book carries an empowering message for kids: You can make a difference even if you're young. With diverse characters, engaging illustrations and a sense of humor, this tale of community improvement... 40 pages. ©2019. | Available formats: Book, Kindle eBook, Spanish


Racism, Antiracism, and You

By Jason Reynolds, Ibram X. Kendi: A reimagining of Ibram X. Kendi's Stamped from the Beginning, this book tells the story of racist ideas through history in a conversational style that can be understood by both teens and adults. Stamped is a history book that is "NOT a... 320 pages. ©2020. | Available formats: Book, Audio CD, Kindle eBook