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The North Umpqua River, just east of Roseburg Photo: Gordon Cotrell

The Ford Family Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation located in Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg lies in southern Oregon where the North Umpqua and the South Umpqua rivers join — timber country. Started in 1957, the Foundation now manages large, internal programs and offers scholarships. In addition, the Foundation makes grants to public charities predominantly benefiting communities in rural Oregon and Siskiyou County, Calif. Our heritage comes from such communities and the men and women who created them.

Did You Know?

We are completely separate from Roseburg Forest Products Co., a family-owned company, which continues to operate in more than 80 communities throughout the United States. And we are not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company or The Ford Foundation in New York.


We primarily serve rural communities in Oregon and Siskiyou County, Calif. We define “rural” as communities under 35,000 in population not adjacent to or part of a metropolitan area. 

The Scholarship Programs offer assistance to residents of rural and urban Oregon and Siskiyou County, Calif. 

The Visual Arts Program offers assistance to individuals and organizations throughout Oregon (rural and urban).

Our History

Kenneth W. Ford

In 1936, Kenneth W. Ford pursued a vision with a single sawmill in the southern Oregon community of Roseburg. From his tenacity grew Roseburg Forest Products Co., one of the largest, family-owned wood products manufacturers in the nation. The same ingenuity and capacity for hard work that brought Mr. Ford success in the business world also characterized his commitment to “building community.” 

Hallie E. Ford

Hallie E. Ford was a teacher. Like Kenneth, she believed in a complete and continuing education. Hallie was also a painter, and in later years a patron of the visual arts, leaving a legacy of support to the Oregon “arts ecology.”

In 1957, Kenneth and Hallie Ford established a then-modest foundation to give back to the timber communities of southwest Oregon. It grew in size, scope, and geography to become The Ford Family Foundation in 1996, with its main office in Roseburg, Oregon, and its scholarship office in Eugene, Oregon.

Kenneth Ford at the Dillard plant (1959)

Watch a four-minute video about The Ford Family Foundation.

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