Roque Barros

Director - Ford Institute


Provides leadership to the Ford Institute; focuses on community building; strengthens and builds community relationships and collaborations; supports capacity building in communities.

How to Contact Me:

e-mail: [email protected] phone: (541) 957-1530

Roque Barros has more than 30 years of experience in civic engagement and community building. At The Ford Family Foundation, he serves as the director of the Ford Institute for Community Building. The Ford Institute has adopted a community building approach that supports residents in taking the lead to create the change they want to see in their communities.

Roque is very familiar with foundations and nonprofits, having worked in the foundation field for two decades and in the nonprofit sector for 13 years. At the Jacobs Family Foundation in San Diego, Roque worked as the director of community building and served as interim president. At Los Niños, an international community development organization, Roque was hired as director of U.S./Mexico Projects and later served as executive director for 10 years. He joined The Ford Family Foundation in 2015. 

Roque has developed and directed sustainable programs that assist communities in finding opportunities, addressing their needs and developing solutions. He led resident teams to develop the vision and implementation of Market Creek Plaza in Southeastern San Diego. He also has also designed capacity building trainings and toolkits for resident-led community building efforts. 

In addition, he worked with a group of young artists to develop “Writerz Blok,” an internationally recognized graffiti art program in San Diego that includes an urban art park and social enterprise business. Roque was a member of the design team that produced the first-ever Community Development IPO (Initial Public Offering), which created an opportunity for low-wealth individuals to invest in a commercial development.

He has a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Redlands, Calif.

Other languages: Spanish

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