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The Hallie Ford Meeting Room

To communicate effectively with remote entities, The Ford Family Foundation has multiple videoconferencing solutions. Please contact us for guidance on which solution will work best.

General guidelines

High-speed Internet connectivity is required. Satellite internet connectivity will not work. To test your Internet speed, go to and click on "Begin Test."

If possible:

  • Use a LAN cable connection. Do not use wireless Internet connectivity; it will decrease quality.
  • Use a headset, with or without microphone, to enhance audio quality.
  • Have a speakerphone nearby in case needed to improve audio quality.
  • Turn your computer on at least 30 minutes before the meeting to ensure all updates and virus scans have been completed to ensure maximum processing power.
  • Close all applications (especially email clients) except the application you are using to videoconference.


We use Skype for informal one-on-one meetings. Contact The Ford Family Foundation to share your Skype username. Skype usernames for The Ford Family Foundation:

Skype username for Roseburg Office:
Skype username for Scholarship Office:


We use Webex when we need to view and collaborate on documents such as presentations.

The Ford Family Foundation Webex Portal:

You will need to click "Join" and enter your name, email address and meeting password, which you should have received by email. If not, call (541) 957-5574, and our staff will assist you. You might be required to install the Webex plug-in. Follow the directions and install all the components.

High-Quality Videoconferencing

We use a Radvision H.323-compatible Room System for high-quality videoconferencing with multi-site capability between videoconference units (such as Tandberg and Polycom). We have both audio/videoconferencing-bridging capabilities with desktop-integration capabilities.

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