The Art of Gathering

How We Meet and Why It Matters

Author Priya Parker provides strategies for planning meaningful gatherings of all kinds. She offers insights into why some fill us up while others deplete us. Parker's common-sense tools transfer readily to a variety of settings. A wonderful storyteller, Parker offers delightful ways to make all meetings more purposeful, inclusive and satisfying.

320 pages. ©2020.
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Reader Reviews for this Book

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Review posted April 1, 2021


I really enjoyed this book. I liked the practical advice for planning different types of gatherings supported by antidotal accounts of actual events. I found myself taking notes for two events I have coming up, a meeting for a fundraiser and a more intimate dessert celebration for a friend-this book offered tangible and exciting tips for both! I am planning to pass this book on to an acquaintance that works at a nonprofit organization knowing that it will be very helpful to her.


Review posted March 29, 2021


Didn’t know what to expect but it was an interesting subject.


Review posted March 18, 2021


tips and techniques to keep meetings on task and relevant


Review posted March 8, 2021


I feel like connection and meaning are hard to come buy in the world we live in today. Jumping through so many hoops, the connection and meaning are lost in translation. I’m happy to use these real world suggestions for my family, my work and business gatherings. One of the biggest points of the book was to exclude with purpose. Having focused and purposeful intent, energy and enthusiasm for the reasons for gathering and communicating that intent with those participants is essential! Can’t wait to try it!


Review posted March 3, 2021


Amazing! Priya Parker is insightful and provide easy steps to support meaningful gatherings. I appreciate the advice from professional meetings to personal dinners/ parties. Coming out of a year of limited physical interactions, this book is a must read in resetting our meaningful interactions and find value with each other outside of zoom.


Review posted February 14, 2021


I first listened to the author, Priya Parker on a podcast. Once I heard her talk about this book, I knew I would love it. I enjoy learning about how to be a leader within my profession, which involved facilitating group gatherings. This book helped me understand the HOW, and more importantly the WHY. Humans are the WHY and I love learning about how to enhance our need to connect.


Review posted February 2, 2021


I enjoyed this book and it helped me understand human interaction and communication. It helped me to navigate workplace drama and become a better communicator.