The Origins of Our Discontents

The word "caste" is a term Americans generally associate with other countries. Author Isabel Wilkerson uses the concept to help readers gain new insight into how some of the deepest injustices in our own nation have come to be. Race is rarely mentioned in this book, but readers will gain new perspectives on racism in the United States. 

496 pages. ©2020.
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Reader Reviews for this Book

Rachel Nelson

Review posted May 6, 2021


This book should be required reading for all. This book clearly lays out three major caste systems in the world--India, Blacks in America and Jews during the Holocaust. The information is shared in a way that does not feel academic and is very approachable.


Review posted April 30, 2021


I found this book so enlightening. I have been on a kick reading WW2 books lately and I really found it eye opening how the author tied in the Nazis ideology with the Indian caste system and the American institutions of racism and slavery. This author reveals how the Nuremberg Laws were modeled after the US! This was astonishing. I learned many thing and began to see the world differently after reading this book.


Review posted April 2, 2021


Such an amazing book. Every white person should read.