The First Oregonians

The First Oregonians is a uniquely Oregon text, an edited volume of 17 chapters involving 18 authors. It tells the unique stories of Oregon’s nine federally recognized tribes from their perspective. The first edition stemmed from a three-year heritage recovery project, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, that focused on the native peoples of Oregon. The second edition, updated for the 21st century with support from the Oregon Council for the Humanities, shines a light on some important changes in Indian Country between the two editions. 

360 pages. ©2007.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted December 15, 2020


This is a beautiful book with lots of good history. I would recommend all read this book.


Review posted December 9, 2020


It was very informational and easy to read.


Review posted December 4, 2020


This book provided the perspectives that are so often omitted from history books- the perspective of the subjects. Growing up with Chichimeca ancestry (Zacatecas), I was discouraged from claiming my heritage out of the need to fit in. Reconnecting as an adult has been rewarding and empowering. Reading about the tribes whose lands I occupy was heartening.


Review posted December 1, 2020


The First Oregonians is a great resource and would be especially helpful for those who teach social studies in early grades. Very detailed with chapters from tribal group perspective and by topics (language, for example) I hope an update will be available to continue the story. I wish I want to know more to honor the people who were here first and understood their connection to land resources. I wish there were more maps. Thank you for opportunity to learn.


Review posted November 23, 2020


I wanted to read this book because we moved to Oregon 4 years ago and I wanted to learn more about the Native Americans who live in Oregon and their history and culture. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone to learn more about the nine federally recognized tribes in Oregon. Each chapter is written by a tribal member sharing stories of their people. They discuss art, linguistic heritage and their different perspectives. Their values, including great respect for the earth and it's creatures, provide valuable lessons for all of us. There is also a good list of additional resources, including websites, events and pow wows in Oregon where one can learn more and experience some of the celebrations of music and culture. I plan to use this book as a resource when we travel to various parts of the state to hike, camp, and visit museums and cultural centers.


Review posted November 18, 2020


Good quality, good read, love this program.


Review posted November 15, 2020


I have always been interested in Native American culture. Now since I live in Oregon, it was nice to read about the Native Americans here. I think it was very effective using the Native American perspectives and having them tell the story in their own words. I think this book is very relevent today as we are now looking at racial inequalities. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read the "real" story about the Native American culture.


Review posted October 30, 2020


A very informative resource of our Oregon told by through the eyes of original inhabitants.


Review posted October 28, 2020


I love the detail of this book! It’s well rounded and explains so much! The integrity of the book is wonderful