Get Together

How to build a community with your people

Get Together walks the reader through simple, actionable steps on how to build community with people — not just for them. The authors share authentic community building stories from real communities facing classic community building challenges. Each chapter reflects on the lessons they have learned through community building work.

192 pages. ©2019.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted October 26, 2022


As a new Park Operations Mananger, I am looking to build community. This book lists past examples of successes of people getting together over what they care about. It helped me back up, listen, to the people that we are building parks for. Thank you.


Review posted August 11, 2022


Great read with unique ideas and proven methods.


Review posted December 3, 2021


A basic community building read with actionable steps and great insight. I recommend this book to anyone that is looking to create or strengthen a community. It may change your perspective for the better.


Review posted November 8, 2021


Get Together is a good primer for anyone who wants to build communities with common interests and empower members of the communities to take on leadership roles. The style and writing is very accessible and it's set up with space for notes and thoughts about how you can build your own community. Topics include figuring out your group's purpose; finding your people; engaging people; cultivating the group's identity; creating and empowering leaders; and celebrating. The examples the book uses are largely from urban and large online communities, but many of the ideas could be adapted for smaller and rural groups.