Help That Helps

Help that Helps is a guide for parents about children's developing brains. With illustrations and practical tips, this tool provides ideas on creating safe and healthy spaces for kids to thrive. But the guide doesn't stop there — it includes reminders to the primary caregiver about care of self as a first step in caring for children. It's never too late to use this guide!

28 pages. ©2021.
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Reader Reviews for this Book


Review posted November 17, 2022


This book is an easily accessible guide for parents to partner with and support children. It is very simple and accessible and is a great resource I often direct my clients to.

Bailey Guido

Review posted November 16, 2022


This is a great asset to the Parenting Education World


Review posted October 27, 2022


This booklet has been so helpful. I have shared the website with parents at my school for their strugglign youth who could use this resource. Great information around brain developement and easy to read format, lots of though provoking questions.


Review posted September 5, 2022


i loved the graphics. mostly helpful, although i would have appreciated links or ways to learn more in each section. handy, accessible.


Review posted August 18, 2022


Quick read. Helpful quick reminders


Review posted July 19, 2022


A very short read, but a helpful refresher when you need to recenter your interactions with your child in challenging situations, or a reminder to just have fun. The booklet also asks questions regarding your childhood experience and how your upbringing may be surfacing in good and/or poor ways as you parent.


Review posted July 18, 2022


I think this is a very helpful tool for families learning how to handle life stressors in a healthier way.


Review posted June 27, 2022


Short, quick guide.


Review posted June 23, 2022


This book had great new ideas and tips to use with helping brain development. I found the information and tool very helpful and a new perspective. I would recommend this read

[email protected]

Review posted June 12, 2022


This guide was so well structured and easy to read. I liked how it gave places for reflection as well as ideas for changes to make that can build a child’s resilience. It seemed to be based in the latest research but was still easy to understand and gave practical strategies any family could use.


Review posted May 16, 2022


Great information for first time parents. It would have been nice to have a link to the ACES information not just a mention on how it could help parents understand why they feel the way they do about issues.

Toby Abraham-Rhine

Review posted May 10, 2022


Succinct and full of wonderful, practical steps to help our children lead healthier lives. It is surprisingly small, but if every person raising children was to read and heed the contents of this simple publication, I daresay that we would turn the tide of ACEs and disengaged children. I wish that I could get a copy for every family and encourage families to follow through.


Review posted May 3, 2022


This is a great little quick reference for parents on topics I regularly educate them about. It will be a great supplement to parent/caregiver education and resources.


Review posted April 13, 2022


Really helpful for new parents!


Review posted April 5, 2022


This is a very approachable guide that gives you tips for parenting that can be implemented ASAP. The quick spots for reflections and the note section in the back are very helpful.


Review posted April 1, 2022


dense little book. GREAT educational resource - valuable perspective!

Jasmine Jones

Review posted March 29, 2022


Love this book, it's super simple to comprehend, yet provides great insight on how to help your kid with their emotional outbursts.


Review posted March 13, 2022


Great booklet and guide for parents to reflect on their parenting practices. Could be used as an activity when working with parents. I think there is more benefit gained from this resource if parents are given some context around how to use the guide.

Michele Haga

Review posted March 9, 2022


I am/was greatly surprised by the text presentation in this handy helper! The layout is great. Not too wordy with graphics to help the "ideas" pop. I love that this Helper breaks down how the brain works into chunks for better parental understanding. Trying to know everything to raise kids is not easy but this certainly helps. This should be given to every parent at birth to reduce neglect and parental uncertainty.


Review posted February 27, 2022


This book has a lot of useful tips as well as interactive journaling. A great guide to share with others parents or even people that work with or around children.


Review posted February 26, 2022


This is a lovely simple booklet offering simple information about brain-based and resilience promoting parenting strategies, with opportunities for parent reflection.


Review posted February 8, 2022


This small booklet is packed with great information and ideas on how to manage the challenges of raising children either as a parent or other caregiver. I wish I had this information when my kids were young! Many tips and thoughtful ideas on ways to make family life more fulfilling for both the parent and the kids at any age. Kudos to Southcoast Together for creating this excellent guide for parents and caregivers.


Review posted December 13, 2021


This was a great book packed with information and a fast read. At first, I didn't think I would like it and got it because I think I needed it. I was pleasantly surprised that I do need it but I also enjoyed reading the information and learning about children's developing brains and how to be a better caregiver.